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>What do girls/guys think about ?
>Do like ?
There is no one answer. Preferences differ and worrying about some complex only ever makes things worse. In fact, worries like complexes are very often the real problem.

>I'm shy and afraid of .
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, bit by bit, step by step. You can't rely on some "magic moment" (or activity) to instantly change you.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out. "Signs" of attraction are basically meaningless.

>Where do I meet people for ?
Anywhere outside. Or online. Above all, leave your comfort zone.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me.
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, froyo, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, gallery, park, .

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When did you know you were in love with your boyfriend/husband?

When he punched me in the face right after kicking his dog.

Sounds stupid, but it really was love at first sight.

I posted this in another thread and got a good answer, but I’m unsure if the response was from a girl like I originally wanted, granted guys who have gone through this responses are welcomed too. I’m 23, and awkward/anxious around/nervous with women. I never dated as a teen. I’ve had a few hookups at age 20 and dated one girl, but have since reverted back to my awkward self. I now know it can come off as creepy, but how would you suggest I get past this and grow out of it? Is being visibly anxious and creeping people out just something I’ll have to face, knowing it will almost always result in rejection while I get over it? I’m asking if this is how it’s done or if there’s some other less obvious way I’m not seeing to fix this. It’s bad enough I’m even nervous with female doctors and nurses, so I’m willing to do just about anything if it means never being this way again and becoming normal

So I’m someone who grew up with pretty severe social anxiety. Eventually when I got to college, I decided to stop being afraid of everyone and forced myself to start to change. It took me about 6 or so years to go from literally being unable to answer doors or even speak up to order food at restaurants, to being able to drop myself in any random bar and make friends with absolute and total strangers (or both genders).

I actually wrote this line that’s in the OP, and it was tailored pretty much to your type of anxiety based experience (the someone’s altered the wording a little bit it seems):

>Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, bit by bit, step by step. You can't rely on some "magic moment" (or activity) to instantly change you.

Point is, it’s a grind. You need to continually push yourself in increasingly uncomfortable situations til you get used to them and build up a modicum of accomplishment and confidence, before you push on even further. You need to make this a habit. Something you do almost against your own conscious though, and just kind of push forwards with, against your own discomfort, because you’re used to it and committed to improvement, It’s kind of like working out. Sometimes you’re exhausted or just feeling fucking lazy, but you know if you want to accomplish your goals you gotta ignore that shit and push forward regardless, because once you’re actually there you know it won’t be nearly half as shitty as you’re thinking it is, it’s just taking that first step out the door is a pain in the butt.

Now before you freak out about me taking 6+ years, Your starting point is probably a lot higher than mine was. It was only when I hit about 24 when I started to be able to actually go out and try to date. And I approached that in much the same way I approached dealing with my socia anxiety, in small increments of escalating and confidence building.

It’s always possible to change.

So I asked out this girl yesterday and she said yes happily and told me to give her my number. She still hasn't texted me, did I get played? I've spoken with her friends a few times and they haven't even mentioned anything about me asking her out. What's going on here?

How do I stop being afraid of women finding me attractive?

You're probably not ever going to get a response. Find a woman that knows how to use a phone.

Yes being visibly anxious can look creepy. The desire to change, the will power to make yourself do it, and time enough to practice and learn to understand social situations and desensitise yourself are the only way to change yourself.


>imagining her checking her phone wondering why you haven't texted her

How well did you know this girl before you asked her out? Were you feeling pretty sure her response was genuine at the time, like did your gut reaction say she meant it when she accepted?

Women, which sounds worse to you:
>A 30-year old with mildly fucked up teeth
>A 30-year old with braces, to unfuck the teeth

I'm at that impasse, myself. I didn't get braces as a kid due to poor/irresponsible parents. Now I have the ultimatum of living the rest of my life with crooked teeth, or suffer for the next 4 or so years of being the grown man with braces.

I have considered invisalign, and while money is an issue, it's a moderate one. I'm more concerned that invisalign isn't as effective as regular braces, and requires longer maintenance than braces.

How fucked up are we talking? I don't think I've ever judged anyone for crooked teehh unless they were smoking meth. If it's a self esteem issue for you then go for it. I know a 50yo woman who just got the invisalign thing started and she honestly talks like someone with plastic over her teeth, so regular braces would be better in that respect. Can you get thhem fitted to the backside of your teeth? I've seen that done as well.

>How fucked up are we talking?
Going by pic related, on my upper jaw, I have lateral incisors hiding behind my central incisors. On my lower jaw, one of my central incisors is crooked.

>Can you get thhem fitted to the backside of your teeth? I've seen that done as well.
I never knew that even existed, and I am far more open to that option than standard braces. Thank you for sharing this with me.

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I've known this girl for a year and a half, we hung out a couple weeks ago and we had a good time. I went on a vacation and came back, texted her asap, she asked me how my vacation was, I replied and I haven't heard anything from her for a week. I would like to hang out again and I'm considering double texting to ask. Is this a bad idea? Also The Outer Worlds looks great, get fucked Bugthesda.

I just asked a girl out for coffee this weekend. She says she's busy this weekend.

How do I reschedule without sounding like a total beta?

Do women get shy and avoid overly handsome guys?

You should've immediately just asked when she is free. If she says she'll get back to you then she's not interested. Going back and asking a second time to reschedule is gonna be awkward now.
Look at me, the dating genius over here lmao.

That's a no mate.

I can't date because girls don't let me. :c

My therapist says you just gotta keep trying and also to just go for the hottest girls you can find because no other dudes are hitting on them.

Asked this in the previous thread (which is now dead) before seeing this one.

To the guys:

What is the appeal of sending random women unsolicited pictures of your dick? Do you feel like forcing us to see your junk will make us want to sleep with you? Is it an exhibitionism kink thing?


Shit. Since I'm fucked anyways, I'm just gonna have to wing it now.

She agreed to hang out, although two texts after that she used the word friend on me.

Is it over?

I think it's just a misreading of the reason girls send nudes. Of the girls I've dated all of them have sent nudes without ever having to be asked, and it's clear to me that for the most part they took those photos for their own gratification and then shared them with me for the affirmation of my reaction to them.

Guys misread this and send dick pics because they think girls are into nudes when the reality is girls are just boosting their own self esteem and aren't super interested in cock photos.

That said, I have sent a few photos when they've been requested but I always feel weird doing it.

If somebody has sent a dick pic, odds are that they do their thinking with their dicks, too, and therefore won't be able to give you a thoughtful answer.

I need to preface this with saying that not in a million years do that.
But I understand

A lot of lower men action is about feeling powerful and feeling like you're proactive. Catcalls for example. It's not about women. It's about feeling good.
It's about feeding the beast of sexual desire. All men have this monster inside us that needs to fuck.
Catcalling is making it a little quieter.

Dick pics is in the same alley. What's to lose. Best, she is impressed. Worst, she's hurt and she "deserves" it due to rejecting us.

Misplaced sense that girls secretly like it because of too high self-esteem. Simple as that.

>literally Hitler gives an answer than even feminists can agree with

I've heard a lot of guys say it's actually got them laid, so I guess it's just a low effort strategy.

I just found out my dick is huge. What should I do with this information?

Take a picture of it and send it to unsuspecting women, obviously.

for me is "how do i stop being scared of women i find attractive"?

How big we talkin' buddy?

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Learn how to use it

For a few months. She's very modest and not at all involved in social media, so I hope she's just waiting until she has time since it's finals week on Monday. Still, I would've hoped for at least a hello so I have her number.

Unless I measured completely wrong, about 8 inches.

How do I do that?

The right way to measure length is from the tip to the end while fully erect, without pushing down on your crotch fat.

I believe my bf (who has psychosis) raped me during an episode of his. I woke up one morning and he was on top of me fucking me. I pushed him off me and a few moments later he (allegedly) snapped out of it. When I asked him what happened he said he didn't remember. Is it mentally possible for him to have done something like that when he was "not there"? Usually when he has episodes he just blacks out and temporarily dies.

That's not really a gender-based question. This is more in the realm of personal health, and possibly law. Your concern is definitely legitimate, though.

Wrong. All the scientific data uses bone-pressed measurements to keep things consistent.

As women, we tend to get asked for nudes by men pretty often regardless of how attractive we are. It's possible some women expect men to ask them, so they just send them ahead of time.

lol but why though, you're not even using that portion of your penis.

That's what I did.

In that case it's probably closer to 8.5.

>As women, we tend to get asked for nudes by men pretty often
How often is it worded as "bobs n vagene plz"?

That's fair. In two of the girls I dated though they were definitely sending them for their own gratification. They'd send a photo and fish for a reaction and send more until I told them they were hot (because my usual reaction was to give a bantz-y response like 'oh I've seen better').

I was hoping there was someone in the thread with knowledge of psychiatric disorders.

I don't even know who to hate anymore.

Because your does shrink when you gain weight. It's actual medical data for things like hormonal deficiencies more than dick measuring contests, so they don't want the average skewed by obesity.


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>your does shrink
*your dick doesn't shrink

Hitler what is your conservative opinion on the fact that all the girls on instagram are competing to wear the smallest bikini possible for likes?

>It's actual medical data for things like hormonal deficiencies more than dick measuring contests
I don't disagree with that at all.

But when dudes measure their ding-dong, they're not usually doing it for the science, they're usually doing it to impress the ladies.

So obviously you want the largest measurement that is technically correct, no?

Instagram itself is the problem, what the whores using it do is of little additional consequence, when the 'service' by nature encourages that race to the bottom.

>8 inches
>doesn't know how to use it
Yikes. My vagina hurt just thinking about that. I think I'll pass.

Question for both, but do say if you're male or female so I know who gives what kind of advice.

What to do when sex gets boring? We used to do it every day but now its just not that fun.

>Like girl
>Chat her up and spend a bit of time with her whenever possible
>Quite literally out of nowhere her best friend is super nice to me now
What the fuck is this? Her friend went from literal who to being cutesy and saying hi to me.

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Online roulettes are fun. The idea is that it's fresh and unexpected, plus we have found a few new things we're now really into.
We can usually find some moderately kinky ones just by googling we can both enjoy without them being too hard or weird.

My pussy got wet after reading this

They're talking about you and want to get along with you. Is it that surprising?

What do you mean by online roulette?
I googled sex roulette but it came up with a dirty Omegle thing

A little yeah, this has never happened before, at least it means I'm doing something right.

Is it pathetic to be friends with a woman when there's absolutely no chance of anything happening?

I don't even think I like her in that way, but it's pretty cucked isn't it just being a friend to a woman

Look a bit harder. I prefer to use forums to ask members to come up with the roulettes, since that adds one more dimension to the whole thing, but there are dedicated sites for them.
Faproulette has some ok ones. The idea is to use a rng to end up choosing a combination of things to do from a list.

I'm very insecure. How do I make my gf feel otherwise?

I have been showing so many signs of insecurity and I'm worried she will start thinking "this guy had issues"

Why not just address your insecurities instead of trying to trick your gf?

Oh also does this mean I've already been friendzoned? It's not the worst thing, but I don't want to ruin anything.

How do I get my gf to not have incredibly low self esteem?
it's really sad and I don't know how to help, I just feel like I'm giving her the first by complimenting her instead of teaching her how to fish

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What? No. This insanely insecure question is what's pathetic.


If during a party, a girl ask me to sit beside her and then latter invited me to the dance floor. Is she trying to flirt with me, or show interest?

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>have a crush on a guy from work
>normally have no contact, but to see and talk to him occasionally when we pass each other
>get bullied relentlessly by my close co-workers (he is like, 5/10, super dorky, and they have absolutely no clue what I see in him)
>Christmas party yesterday
>gets bullied into dancing with him, after they poured tons of drinks on me
>end up sleeping in his room
I'm fried. I can't think, all I can think of is what stupidity I wrought on myself, and how I solve this now. I thought all of this sexual frustration I had towards him would go away if I tried to just ignore it, but then my co-workers managed to push us together, and now I have no idea what to do. Had it at least resolved some of the frustration I have towards him, but it made it worse. It's so much worse. I have very limited experience with this. So does he, but he is a guy, and I'm not sure how he'll even take this. People claimed he was a virgin (24, but I guess it's possible), and I legit have no idea, but I also don't know how much it matters. Morning felt super awkward, and I have no idea what I should do now.

I know work technically doesn't have any restrictions against dating (as long as it isn't a superior), but I am just so afraid of what to do now.

>TL;DR inexperienced girl somehow ended up sleeping with equally inexperienced co-worker crush, what do

How'd i deal with my ex at a mutual christmas party?

It's been on and off for the past 2 months, now we're on some no contact-ish situation
She's with someone else, most certainly, at least fucked someone else (stuck it to her dumb enough)

Ignored her at a party couple of weeks past, just so happened she was all around my ass and we made out

I don't want to ignore her, because i feel like an ass and i don't want that shit to happen again
But, being just "casual" feels wrong too

Depends on girl, but yes

Stop getting shoved around by lame coworkers, don't care about what people claim about him, and don't blame them for your actions (even if it super shitty for someone to bully someone else).

You should do what you feel is right after giving yourself some time to breathe and think. You come off like your mind is racing ten billion miles a minute- there's no need for that. Calm and give yourself some self care.

>don't care about what people claim about him
I don't care what others think of him, but I'm worried about what I am doing. I know him, sorta, but we exclusively talk at work. I don't even have his number, so I couldn't text or call him if I wanted to.

>come off like your mind is racing ten billion miles a minute
I'm panicking... I went from talking to him, and having the regular fantasies about him, to outright sleeping with him, and I have no idea what this will do now. I'm freaking out over what to do with myself until Monday, and what I should do once I get to work.

I've barely dated before, and I have no idea if he actually likes me or not, or just humours me when I talk to him.

Hey girls,

How can I tell if a girl likes me? I can't tell if girls like me when they are shy around me or if they are just shy in general.

Is it possible for women to be seduced by any man at any time, no matter how they feel?

If a woman like that exists, the inverse must be true.

>Is it possible for women to be seduced by any man at any time, no matter how they feel

Aren't people just animals? Won't she get turned on as long as the guy is confident and pushes enough?

You're the only animal here.


>Aren't people just animals? Won't she get turned on as long as the guy is confident and pushes enough?
Not to this extend, no.

Everybody has times when they are not possible to seduce at all, even by guys they would normally be completely okay with fucking them right then and there.

And everybody has preferences that aren't possible to change. Personally, I have a few types who are (apparently) traditionally "hot" and "sexy", who would absolutely never have a chance, just because I am a stubborn bitch.

You might find some rare, disabled girl, who literally can be seduced by anyone, but she is probably also too retarded to legally consent in the first place.

So I asked her out to lunch Sunday and she said pic related
That's a yes right?

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Calm the fuck down first. Seriously, chill.

This is not uncommon. Christmas parties are damn hookup parties for most people, and a lot of people doesn't even consider it cheating when you dip your goods on this day.

If he is inexperienced and awkward as well, try waiting it out on monday. Just relax, go about your day, and catch him at the end of the day. This does two things:
1. You let him approach you. He is still a dude, and if he is inexperienced, he is probably also hoping this is his chance. If you regularly chat, he probably had hopes something would happen too, and you ended up at his room somehow, so this was deliberate.
2. If he doesn't approach you, he might be worried you aren't actually interested, but just accidentially slept with him due to being drunk. Approach him at the end of the day, and if nothing else, exchange numbers, but try if you can get him to eat out somewhere with you, so you can talk over what happened.

But first off, you need to chill.

Just to clarify a few questions, in case I misunderstood something:
1. How old are the two of you?
2. What does inexperienced mean?
3. Do you base him being inexperienced solely on what you've heard, or what you felt in the bedroom? Assuming you weren't blacked out drunk of course.
4. Did you make it seem like you were panicking when you woke up? Could have made it seem like you regret the choice, and potentially make him fear rape charges. You'd be surprised how easily you can pull that sort of shit.

I think it's also a thing that a guy that does that in the first place becomes very unattractive.

Okay, I'll try something like this... I think I will be very unproductive on Monday though.

>1. How old are the two of you?
We are both 24 actually.
>2. What does inexperienced mean?
It means I had one "boyfriend I messed around with when I was like 13, and while we did try sex, it wasn't enough to really help now.
>3. Do you base him being inexperienced solely on what you've heard, or what you felt in the bedroom? Assuming you weren't blacked out drunk of course.
I remember everything pretty clearly, but it is both what I heard, that we struggled getting on a condom, he came like instantly at first, and then he was ready again a few minutes later for more, but it... sorta felt like we were both teenagers who was mostly going on what we had heard, and not experience.
>4. Did you make it seem like you were panicking when you woke up? Could have made it seem like you regret the choice
We kinda did it in the morning too... But we didn't talk much. It was really awkward, and I sneaked out of his room to go to my own room for a bath, too, and we avoided each other afterwards. I was really afraid of being noticed together with him by my co-workers, and he also seemed to avoid drawing any attention to "us". But I don't know. Could be he was just avoiding me. I'm honestly just trying to convince myself this wasn't just a one time thing at this point...

What kind of scents do guys like best on a girl? Would you rather your gf smell like peaches or flowers or vanilla? Ty for your time.

>that’s a yes right

Please tell me

You do not have a date with that girl in the near future

As long as it doesn't smell to strongly of chemicals or obviously fake scents (think of how strawberries taste VS how they taste in candy form) then I don't care. I do like having my gf's perfume on my bedding and clothes though.

I remember that a girl I already liked in high school once smelled like chocolate and I thought it was pretty cool.
Also I must point out that a girl that smells bad automatically makes me stop liking her. There was a girl I had a really crazy crush on and once she had bad breath. After that I stopped finding her attractive.

How do I know what I have to improve about myself if the girls I like go out with guys that I consider to be worse than myself?

Why do women wear revealing clothes and then tug them to cover up when they're in public?

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I guess that they wear them to feel confident but then too much confidence (or attention) feels uncomfortable? Idk though.
But yah it's retarded.

I don't want to hurt nobody. :(

Seriously, should I stop looking for a girlfriend if I will never be as good as several other guys the girl would have a chance with, and obviously she would eventually find someone else?

>girl sits in front of me
>can smell the scented shampoo in their hair
(I prefer peaches by the way)

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