My GF and I have been dating for 2 month, and we're about to start a LDR and I don't think there is plans for either of us to reunite permanently.

We're 23 and 22. I told her I will try to maybe move back to where she is in the future, but she tells me to not think about it She says to just focus on my career and if it works it works. But I like her a lot, and a career isn't everything to me. I just want to be happy anons. Honestly I don't know what I will do if this doesn't work out.

What are your experiences? Can this work? How to maintain a healthy LDR? and what should we discuss before I leave?

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where are you guys from?

usa, we live in the east coast, I will be moving to the central

To be honest it can work but ldr is really really frustrating. Just make sure you guys talk daily and meet up every 3 month or so then it should be fine

Yeah, but like... should we have plans to get together at one point?
I feel if we keep a LDR for a long time... shit can go bad...

I can honestly say, without any doubts, that a long distance relationship absolutely fucked up my life.

>fuck user. can you share your story?

>Only been together for 2 month
>I don't know what I will do if this doesn't work out.
I have bad news for you bud. When women say shit like this "She says to just focus on my career and if it works it works" that's her way of letting you down gently, she doesn't see anything else coming from this relationship and isn't going to wait around for you. 2 months isn't shit, get back out there and get more numbers/dates.

You fucked up your meme arrows

Anyways, to put it simply, we were young, we were into each other, but were were far apart. Of course, we could not afford to relocate. Couldn't change states for college.
The burden of having her made me refuse all the other girls in late high school and early college. Such a fucking mistake. They were there. So fucking willing. But no, I had an "online relationship".
It retarded my progress as a man. My first face to face relationship was in my fucking 20s. That's fucking stupid.

A bird in the hand is worth twice in the bush. I never new how real that was.

Not all birds are the same tho user. When you find the right one you gotta hold on to her and try your best to make it work.

she also said "we'll make it work." "it's going to be hard...but it's not impossible"

You didn't write that in the op faggot. Do what you want but do not put your whole world on this chick, she will let you down and LDR's seldom work out in the long run, especially with how young you two still are.

Yeah. If you remember this thread, one day you will look back and think how you should have listened.
Undoubtedly I heard the same back then.

There was this cute girl in my first year of post high school. We met briefly when I had to use a pay phone to ask my parents to come pick me up (this was another time). She was doing the same. She wore this wonderful tight red turtleneck. She asked me for a quarter, which I gave her.
A week later we found ourselves in the same elective course. Rock climbing. We were both fit. Obviously into each other.
I denied all her advances.
I fucking shouldn't have.
Young people are fucking stupid

Should I ask her?
"I need to know, when you said "it works it works" do you see anything else coming from this relationship? is that your way of letting me down slowly?

You're telling me to end this relationship because yours didn't work out... I think its crazy... unless I'm misunderstanding smth

I'm saying take what is given when it is available.
Don't hold out for "If and when and maybe in 10 years, if we're together, we can maybe hopefully take a chance on meeting".

Fuck that. Take what you can get. Fuck everything else.
Which isn't to say that it is a compromise. I still have dreams about that girl in the red turtleneck. There was this one time, in the cafeteria, I saw her take out her hair elastic. She always wore it tight to her head. Her hair fell around her shoulders and for that moment, I actually couldn't speak. That's a thing that happens in books and what not. And it's only happened to me once. Now, she wasn't a beautiful girl. Most would call her horsefaced. But she was clearly into me. And that made her glow.

There's this line from the non-so-great Watchmen movie about how the past gets brighter and brighter as you get older. It's true.
I can't tell if drinking is making it worse or better.
Not willing to find out

>Should I ask her?
"I need to know, when you said "it works it works" do you see anything else coming from this relationship? is that your way of letting me down slowly?

Absolutely fucking not, that will make you look weak, and even if it's her way of letting you down she will never admit it and throw some other bullshit lines your way. Pay attention to her actions, not her words, she can't fake those. If I were in your position I'd start getting other girls numbers because this relationship is too new for her to care about committing to a LDR.

K, I'mma sidewind and go on a rant here:
Why do you guys do this?
What's the point?
Neither of you will get anything out of this.
Nudes won't make up for your non presence.

Relationships were made specifically to happen in the real world and where you both constantly meet. RPing and such without physicality means there's no point to manage.

Oh and don't defy me. Any of you who claims LDRs are real need to get laid. Friends are different, but actual relations are where lines are drawn.

She is the one who approached me, before we date she knew I was gonna leave why would she do this to herself

If women made sense you wouldn't be on adv. Hell half of the faggots on here wouldn't be.

Her parents have been together for like 15 years in a LDR. So I think she is trying to get smth like that...

Listen to this guy OP. Was in a semi-LDR myself. Fucking absolute waste of my time that I look back on with nothing but regret. Every fool thinks his girl is different, like shes a unicorn. Not only was the relationship NOT enjoyable by being long distance, but it wasn't even worth it in the end. The probabilities of it working out are so small. And even if it does work out, would it have been worth it? Wasting away months or years on a digital relationship when you could have fucked tons of girls in your area? Your girl will actually lose respect for you in an LDR because it seems like you have no options, and there's a good chance she'll cheat and you'll never know.