Worked with girl I was infatuated with over time

>worked with girl I was infatuated with over time
>she in my classes at college a few years later
>really like her but didnt make a move because wasn't sure if she liked me or not
>she use to do things like fix my collar or straighten my jacket
>I talk to this chick in my class and she got up and almost cried
>she waited for me with an umbrella one time in the car park unexpectedly

>A few years have gone by and contact stopped, a few weeks back she deleted me off fb but still has my ex that I was seeing while we were working together.
>She useto tell me I should just end it with her once and for all when she knew we were fighting

>around the time she deleted me off fb I saw her drive past and looked straight at me and she looked like she was going to cry
>the last 2 days in a row she was at the gym, the 1 day I saw her I couldn't believe it was her. She flicked her hair and past me
>the second day it was defiantly her, she got off the treadmill in front of me and fuked around then went on the treadmill next to me. I was at the gym for over and hour and she was there before me - again she looked like she was about to cry
>as I got off my tredmill she got off at the same time

wtf is her go? Does she maybe like me? I am trying to sort of deflect any contact because to me this girl is so precious that I could not bring her down to my level. We are both from different worlds. Dont get me wrong, I would make her my wife in a heart beat but I dont think it would ever work out.

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No she used to like you, now she hates you. Tbh you're well out of it, she seems like an extremely vindictive person to be this pissed off years after not getting what she wanted.

Really? so what is the point of all of this?

Just to make it obvious to you that she was hurt by you being with someone else.

So you mean she didnt like me or plan on being with me but didnt want me to be with anyone?

No she probably did like you back then as was waiting for you to ask her out. When you went out with someone else that probably didn't feel great.

So she's upset because this guy couldn't read her mind?

Yeah, pretty much.

But she was also seeing a guy on and off during this period. So how can I just get singled out. Also why does it seem like she 'hates me' now or dosen't like me. the deleting on fb?

The second time I saw her at the gym why the hell would be wait over an hour ? Then look all depressed, she did look at me while i was on tthe tredmill but I just looked straight ahead

Because some people think that it's a punishment to force you into an awkward situation.

ah right, I get what your saying. But if she looks depressed wouldn't that indicate that she may still have feelings - I mean she did delete me so I just pretended I didnt notice her.

Does it seem like she may have liked me a fair bit being she looks upset and what not ? I mean if she had no feelings for me surely she wouldnt be upset about it

Fucking hell op, why don't you just ask her on a date you sheepish faggot? You'll have your answer point blank.

I dont want to bring her down just like that! this girl is someone I would marry hey. She is so precious I would give her everything I could.

Although most women find me attractive she is defiantly out of my league - I mean I'm big in structure and muscle but this girl is a friken model - not to mention my unsymmetrical face

Listen, you have two (2) options here, you either go after what you want or stay here on adv asking a bunch of fucking strangers what they think about your situation while remaining in a state of inaction. What's it going to be big guy?

>Out of my league
user I’m a 6/10 and if I grew a pair I could have been with a 10/10.
Turns out she liked me as well, but I thought to myself who would want me, now I regret my decision.

I get it but what does her actions mean, i dont want to look like a goof . If she has no feelings then why get depressed also why does she bother trying to put me in awkward when it does'nt do any benefits for her?

dude she loved you, just go up and talk to her

this, why do women do this shit???

Can someone go into the specific of this behaviour from her?

She must of been in some sort of obsession with you at the time - now she may like you but wants to be a cunt to make he feel pain for making her feel pain when you went with another instead of her. Sound like she is a very spiteful person

Thats what I think by the way she is acting now however, seems weird as

Risk it, or don't and lose everything you once loved

Two choices OP

American education is in a sad state.

if the other user is right and she is just trying to punish me / put me in awkward situation then I will look like a complete beta trying to ask her out now.

Also why the hell did she block me on fb. There's mixed messages here

Can I get a femanon to try and help please? Does is sound like she is just trying to punish me?

Also if these events you described actually happened as you have described them, you are a dumbass for even feeling you had to make the thread.

Quit being a dumbass and find out for yourself. If you can still delete threads here delete this thread.

>mixed messages

An user literally said before that it seems that am 100% out and all she wants todo is punish me and comes across as vindictive

What the hell - I am trying to get advice why would I delete this? It is blatantly clesr that these messages are mixed - she's fkn deleted me off fb , why would she talk to me if this is the case