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>be me

i found a cute escort, should i pull the trigger and be done with it? tinder and irl hookup stake way too much time and effort,i make 100 bucks an hour as a freelancer so money isn't a problem

also, is there anyone who has experience with escorts? how does it work? do i pay for 1 hour?

can i come twice in 1 hour?

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No. Paying for sex to loose virginity should not count. It is about conquering a woman not p in v.

Go for it. And as for if you can come twice, ask her. It's her decision.

good, than i can have casual sex without losing my virginity

I've fucked some. Book an hour, look that your hygiene is on point. These girls are professionals at making you feel good. If you're able to they'll make you cum 2 times in an hour. Talk about what you want to do, ask her what she doesn't like and respect those boundaries. Always use a condom I'd say you should ask her for a "girlfriend experience", which is normal sex in multiple positions+ kissing. You'll have a great time, there will be anons in this thread appealing to your morals that you should'nt do it but there's nothing wrong with it. Some guys lie to women and manipulate them to get sex, which is way worse.

thanks, she actually does gfe and has great reviews.

should i bring a condom or are they usually included?

Then you are a manwhore looser who has to pay whores to be a whore yourself. Thats terrible.

Losers don't go to prostitutes.

They usually bring their own, but if it's at your place you can have some for safety. Gfe is great, I recommend it.
Fucked a jamaican goddess with a perfect bubble but and a hungarian that fucked my brains out and looked like an instagram fitnes model.

i was planning to go in her apartment, is that a bad idea?

So how does this all go down in the US? Might do this when I turn 27 soon if it hasn't happened yet. I don't want to bring a whore to my place, hotels must be acceptable (preferable even)?

Whether losing your virginity to an escort improves anything or not is dependent on how shallow you are
If you're a sub 80 IQ NPC then losing your virginity to a hooker will vastly improve your life because you're so simple you think a vcard has held you back in any way, and the confidence boost will help you succeed.
If you have a modicum of self awareness it will just make things worse because you'll always guilt trip yourself for being the loser who had to pay for sex to lose his virginity


Yep. Good thing everyone here is dumb like a rock. Proceed op. Do it. It will change your life and fix all your problems.

This summarizes everything neatly. For most guys knowing that they get sex or gf experience solely because they paid for it and accompanying awareness that the girl didn't care about them at all and just cared about their money is heartbreaking. I know some guys here will say that the same deal with real gfs, but it's the case only with dumb thots, because a good girl will like you for more than just 100 bucks you throw her way to access her holes. Hookers won't replace real affection and emotional benefits of fucking a girl who likes you and whom you like back so if you care about that side of sex at all, don't do it.

how is it "hearthbreaking" if the whole point is that you pay her for sex? it's not like she has sex and the suddenly asks for payment

You are the other kind of people. You would not understand.

In my case: intimacy is something serious and emotional for me. Imagine a girl legit says i love you. How do you feel? Now pay some random chick to say the same. How does that feel? A lie, worthless and fake. And I feel similar towards intimacy and sex and whatever else.

but i'm not paying her to say she loves me, i'm just renting her vagina

Like I said. You would not understand because sex has a different value to you.

Ignore the guys here and do it. Although 100 seems a bit low per hour. I did it myself 3 weeks ago and i was a virgin at 28.

What people dont understand hereis this. Phsycial touch is a need somewhat like food and water, you actually get negatively effected if you dont have contact with people. A somewhat bad analogy would be food, it is better if somebody loving you cooks you a nice dinner but you still go to restaurants or eat take out.

I suggest booking for 2 3 hours minimum tough. This is in case you cant get it up at the start or cant cum after a while. It also allows you to get to know each other before with less time pressure.

Give us the link user, or send it through kik to me since i am curious and was in the same boat as you only a few weeeks ago. Kik: pgtfg

It will be an exciting time for you, i hope you enjoy it.

Hotels are better, although get a decent one that wont cause any problems. 4 star minimum.

Dont listen to this guy, sex is valueless and overhyped to hell, but you wont realize that until you get your dick in a puss. if you got to pay for it do it, I felt so liberated after taking a road trip to bang some whores and finally "getting it over with" I no longer cared about females, or their opinion of me which made me attractive to them. Go figure.

I'm 24 I lost my virginity last night, made a thread about how I didnt feel shit while doing it with a girl I liked. Dont even know how I'd feel like with a complete stranger

A touch of a paid up whore has little to no value. If you want to stick to food analogies, think of a difference between eating some old junk food made by some no-name poo-hands vs fresh, homemade dinner prepared by someone who truly loves you.

You dont starve so it has its value. And when i went through with it i did it proper, it wasnt some random whore. I picked somebody through an agency that i like the profile of. I fucking talked political theory with her before kissing her ffs.

Went through a dinner date and everything. Sex going to happen was already determinded but i spent 3 hours with her before anything sexual and got to know her better. And she was experienced obviously and thought me a bunch of things which i didnt or wont have the chance to learn at this point.

Sorry, it still has almost no value. Just overpriced scraps. If that was enough for you then good, but most humans need more to be satiate their emotional and sexual need.

>Most humans
>when we are living on a time where tinder, grinder and such things are fwb, ons exists.

No man, most humans certainly dont act like that. And you are acting too defensive, i never said having an intimate partner is valueless. But paying intimacy for money is not valueluess either, you have to be kidding yourself if a good amount of marriages are justexchange of resources.

Arent* an exchange of resources.

Yeah, you’re gonna get beat up and robbed

Oh yeah, in case this happens take just barely amount of money needed and dont take your car. Use a spare phone if you have to.

YES, do it!

>is there anyone who has experience with escorts?
I do. I also lost my virginity with one.
>how does it work? do i pay for 1 hour?
Usually, yes. You have to ask her.
>can i come twice in 1 hour?
The lazy ones don't allow that. Some succubi attack you for a second round, even if you don't take any initiative. These are the good ones.

>The lazy ones don't allow that.
i'm sure i'll come as soon as she touches me, that's why i'm asking, lol

OP, go get a nut and get it out of the way. Stop caring if people call you a loser, virgin, or whatever.

Just go beat some walls and get on with your life.

How much does a whore cost usually?

I've not been happy after a prostitute. You don't want to skip the condom, you don't want to kiss them; it's hasn't been worth it since visiting the Philippines.

Where the hell do you even find them

Its just pay 2 win scheme...

Don't ever go to a prostitute then. But that doesn't mean it's wrong when someone else does

This post reeks of S O Y

Yes dont listen to those who say otherwise this guy in particular.

a good one online goes for 140+ an hr

thats cause flip women are shite haha

>western women
pick 1

>flip women
Why the fuck. Why the fuck ever even, dude.
What could possibly even convince you. That's like eating out of a dumpster nearby because it's closer to you than your home. Come on, dude. You owe yourself better.

God I feel so bad that I will never get to fuck a hot piece of ass like that.
Not without paying for it.

While I think fucking girls for money isn't wholesome, he would literally be the opposite of a whore if he did that.

Go on don't forget to share her nudes. Oh don't try to impregnate her your faggot

you people are horrendous

Why do people think so lowly of flips