Sisters boyfriend hit her

And she claims its her fault. She valuable to me, but maybe not a night in jail valuable. Trips and I bash his fucking head in

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What do i do

Don't hit him, I think he is smaller than you if you act like this. Let him verbally suck your dick and show him how worthless he actually is. It doesn't matter if that works or not. Definitely talk to your sister about it. Maybe the boyfriend is "somewhat" right about his hit. Woman can be assholes too you know.

What if it was her fault, user?

Just show up and talk about it. I'm dead serious, and if he denies it you ask him if he wants to talk it over with the cops
And you tell him if you hear that he so much as flicked your sister's ear you'll be back and fucking feed him to the pavement outside

Let him know who's under whose protection.

She is in an abusive relationship. Abuse victims blame themselves, that's why they stay.

Hitting him might make you feel better, but will it really solve the problem?

Would you feel safe knowing the only reason her boyfriend won't hit her again is because he's scared of retaliation from you?

It sounds like you want to only help your self, not help your sister.

If you actually love your sister and want to help her, then you'll work with her to enroll him in anger management if necessary. But you really need to listen to her. She's a grown woman and can make her own choices. If she's saying words to you like "It's my fault" and meanwhile you're sperging out, then you're not giving her a safe space to talk. She'll never talk to you about this again if you overact all judgmental like this.

Basically. You have a golden chance to help your sister right now, but you're blowing it because you're too emotional and immature.

>Abuse victims blame themselves
That's a stereotype yes, but I have a hunch she's fibbing to quell OP's overreaction.

Sh3 said it was user, i told her hes no longer welcome around me or my family
and she chose to say that shes no longer welcome either. This is why i dont know if i should bash his skull in.
Thanks user, this seems sensible and mature thing to do

Im not sperging out my rage is very focused and i know who to direct it to.
Thats my sister, why the fuck should i be helping this retard with his anger issues? Ill wring his neck and let the rest sort itself out.

Fuck that nigga up, OP. Worry about the consequences after, it's clear you want to play some sort of hero and hope she runs into your arms. Or, she'll dump him for you. Either way, teach the fucker a lesson in humilitation.

File a report with the police.

>Thats my sister, why the fuck should i be helping this retard with his anger issues?
It depends who you want to help.

Help your sister?
Help her have a wonderful relationship with the man she loves. Cure problems.

Help yourself?
Get revenge because you can't control your emotions. Use violence.

See you're not helping her by being violent. You will not cure a man who beats his girlfriend by using violence against him. Before you do anything, you need to calm down and return to your thinking mind. The first thing you need to do is have a conversation with your sister. See what needs to be done. Then take one of the many (and much more effective) nonviolent solutions.

"This is the ultimate weakness of violence: It multiplies evil and violence in the universe. It doesn’t solve any problems." MLK Jr

>This is why i dont know if i should bash his skull in
No women should get hit - ever. There's always time for reasonable discourse, yes, people act out blindly and irrational at times but if you don't have that control, then you need help. It may have been her fault as she claims but the boyfriend had options to walk away and dewind, return later and talk it out with her to fix the problem. Not hit her. Nope. If that was my sister, I would've been done the deed of fucking his shit up and spent a night in jail. Fuck it. No more half-measures, Walter.

Listen you faggot, i only got 1 chance to maybe to get this right and maybe prevent my retarded sister from to future harm and pain.

I dont know where the faggot lives, my mother wants me to stand down.

Ha. Fuck you and your MLK Jr. logic Follow Malcom X mentality of "by any means neccessary" some people are beyond reproach.

It's ultimately her decision. You can encourage her to get out of this and provide her the means to do so (let her stay at your place etc.), but you cannot make a horse drink.

Set up a trap to where your sister calls him to come over and have her not be present during the altercation. When he asks "where is she?" say something along the lines of "I'm not trapped here with you, you're trapped here with me!" And fight the nigga, damn. Are you clean? If you have no prior criminal records you'll get a slap on the wrist and spend a night - one, uno, single time in jail. He hit your sister and you're conflicted over being a pacifist or fighter? Nah, shit would've gotten wrecked if I were you.

>prevent my retarded sister from to future harm and pain.
Even if it works, it won't cure the underlying problem, the only reason he won't do it again is because she has a proud brother who'll go nuts.

This man is probably thinking about marrying your sister and giving her a amazing life. Do you really want to show him that your sister comes with the baggage of a lunatic in the family?
Again, you care only about yourself and not for your sister. Calm down and return to you thinking mind, then actually solve the problems, if they even need to be. For all your know, the guy feels awful, will never do it again, and already called anger management course. You'd feel pretty stupid if you hit him then.

>my mother wants me to stand down.
Your mother loves both you and your sister probably, she's also older and dealt with men longer than you ever will. It's probably wise to listen to your mother, who wants the best for you and your sister both.

I'm not going to have a discussion about violence. Violence is unconditionally bad. No one deserves to be a victim to violence for any reason.

Kill him

Hey, we got an expert in hitting women here, I'd listen to him.

I already mentioned the nonviolent solution. Tell the man she's under watchful eyes and if need be, those eyes will intervene.
What's important is her safety, not everyone's ethical fabric. If buddy wants to hit her, he can get hit back. Seems like an equal opportunity sorta deal, don't it, Martin-Luther-Kaaaaaang?

If it comes to actual violence, just get the cops in there. Boom, problem solved. See, he doesn't have to HIT anyone. He just needs boyo to realize two things;
1) There IS no secret 'one time accident.' You hit her, you go on record, and there will be no second time.
2) Nobody's stooping to his level. If it's gonna be hill-billy trailer trash garbage fuck, then you'll just bring in the cops and they'll happily take him to a place where he can, uh, soften up. Starting with his ass.

Take your hokey "PEACE IS EVERYTHING" schtick and sell it to people who care.

>Do you really want to show him that your sister comes with the baggage of a lunatic in the family?
Don't listen to this faggot, OP. The answer to this is, yes. Right now it started with a hit and it'll get worse later on into their relationship. Make the fucker learn his lesson and rock his shit. Knock them down while they think they are invincible and can't be touched.

You’re trolling right? You tell OP it’s best to completely ignore the issue, yet in the same post say that violence is bad no matter what. So which is it? Is it okay for this man to hit OP’s sister without any consequence or isn’t it?

While that is efficent enough of a solution, what if the sister declines for that sort of intervention from the authorities? The boyfriend may feel like he won the lottery there. Again, I'll repeat: fuck his shit up into the next generation.

I would think it’s better to have a report linking as much info that you do know for when it happens again.

There is a distinct possibility he may be there when police do a wellness check on your sister. She may also see the light and tell the police where he lives...

>hey sis if you want to stay with an abusive fucktard imbecile go right ahead still know that I love ya!
The only thing OP need encouragement on is ending this dude's shit.

Your sister probably likes him more because he had the balls to hit her :^) I bet she is even going to have babies with him soon too.

>Seems like an equal opportunity sorta deal, don't it, Martin-Luther-Kaaaaaang?
Personally I wouldn't feel a sense of security knowing that the only reason a man won't hit my sister is because he's afraid of additional violence. I think real security comes in trusting a man's morals and character.

Say for example, OP attacks the guy and he never hits her again. He's so scared of OP that he wouldn't dare. Then one day OP gets a heart attack and dies. Will the guy still refrain from hitting the sister?

That's why it's so important to actually solve the problem. Not the fact he hit her, but the anger problems that underlie it. If he's in control of his anger, then he'll never hit. But if not, then he's just a guy who resists hitting girls forever but still has anger issues that crumble up in other ways. The sister will still be with an angry guy, just not getting hit by him.

This isn't a loving solution nor one that provides the best life for the sister. I'm focused very much on results and what works. I mean it's a pity that she was struck and I understand your emotional impulse for revenge, but we're human and we're better than that.

I never advised him to ignore. Quite the opposite in fact. See my earlier posts.

>I'll fight this guy and risk thousands of dollars on a medical bill, murder, getting killed, and a strike on my record
>if user rolls trips

>I never advised him to ignore
You told him to listen to his mom, who advised him to stay out of it, i.e. ignore the problem. Not only that, but you paint the boyfriend as a loving man who made an honest mistake, while acting like OP is being unreasonably upset. And you suggest that they might not even need to fix the problem.

slash his tires and pour sugar down his gas tank.

No, I didn't. Like I said, see my earlier posts.

>ignores my point
I love how you're so focused on the hitting. No, man, he's there to remind boyo that the sister has a brother and that people are in her fucking corner. God, do you even read or are you just so hopped up on the fumes from your own shit? I'm not gonna cut and quote my own goddam post, but I said right there multiple times that escalation = get the cops. They'll deal with it, the guy will never be a problem again. And that's the goal-- to stop. the. problem.
Who fucking knows, Peanut Butter? Maybe going over and confronting the issue directly opens some Jerry Springer shit and they all have a big ol family hashout and boyo fixes his path and everything's good. But you'd freely ignore that I meant for OP to go communicate to him that he's overstepped his bounds and you're focused on the fact that I told OP to be physically present and remind him that sister is under protection and fixating on the violence. Violence is a lot of things, boyo-- but I don't need to explain that to you since you're well and familiar with that. I once flicked my girlfriend's knee, but I apologized for that in turn. Don't worry, don't worry-- they have rehab in spades these days, you'll be fine.

But my degrading you aside, you're missing the fucking point. The point is to enforce a simple sort of justice here: she will be protected from further harm. The POINT is to find out what kind of man he is, but I can't give OP a list of all twenty thousand possibilities. He could fly off the handle and go at OP; he could hold girly hostage; he could flee the country in shame; he could prostrate before OP and beg forgiveness; he could do that same only to do it once again. There's so many possibilities and I haven't even covered 'and two weeks later he snaps,' or 'and he tells us the voices in his head commanded him to and we get him committed.' Life's strange, tripfag.

Yes, you did. It’s bad enough that you’re an attention whoring tripfag but do you really have to lie? And I don’t give a fuck about what you said in earlier posts if the specific post we’re talking about contradicts all of that.


Ok so like. At no point did OP talk about his sister. You see his sister might not even need help. The most important thing for OP to do first, is to have a calm conversation with his sister.

I know this is hard for you guys to believe, but women are adults and can handle themselves. His sister has most power over her boyfriend and she's the best to cure any problems.

The other point I want to make is you are so focused on violence. You have this split thinking, where you only see two options, violence or nonviolence. There are more colors in the rainbow but you need eyes to see them. Try to think of better and more social solutions that will also protect OP's sister's family reputation. Try to think of solutions that don't depend on violence.

You have a chance here, in your advice, to introduce more violence into the world or reduce it.

>>ignores my point
Yes, I get it. The police are legal violence, proxy violence from the state. Or just showing up is like implied violence. Your solution is so simple a toddler can comprehend it. There are more effective ways to solve problems than threats.

your sister's a whore brudda

Look, murder is not on the table here. A good beat down is in order, however.

Cut off his balls with a dull pocket knife.

do what you can to get her away from that pathetic excuse of a man