Matched with cute girl on tinder that turned out to be a transgender

Matched with cute girl on tinder that turned out to be a transgender

Wat do

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Is she nice? if yes, just go to it.
shes transgender but still a girl. and only difference from a "normal" girl will be the hole you will be putting it in
Just go on and be happy.

All you did was match with the person, you're not obligated to do anything else


Contact the better business bureau and have them busted for false advertisement.

Are you sure she’s real?

You matched with her, it means you have read her description and gave I like anyway. you probably don't really care if shes trans and is probably just anxious about the whole "bruh is it gay?" or any stigma like that.
Don't give a damn about it. just go on, talk with her. if anything end up coming of it, go to a date, have fun.

You didn't match with a girl then. Accept that you are gay and just say " I matched with a cute boy".

Anything you'd do with a normal girl

fucking trannies is straight

Yeah but only if you are gay

>hurr durr he's a girl until it come to sex and you have to stick your dick in ass realizing she's a he afterall

>you probably don't really care if shes trans and

If he didn't he'd be suckin her female male genitalia right about now instead of posting about it on Jow Forums

Why be rude like that?
Don't be like that my dude.
its just anal sex. you do it with normal woman as well.
Its a girl with a dick, I think you're on the internet for time enough for this concept to be a normal thing already.

Just did a little research, and it doesn't seem good.

He probably has something resembling a vagina, but without enough depth for actual penetration.

On a side note, a lot of people who go through this surgery openly admit to their body dysmorphia. Body dysmorphic disorder is a mental condition, and it's baffling to me that an accepted response to a person's mental condition is to gaslight them into further believing in their ill mindset.

No wonder so many of these poor people kill themselves.

If you are not trolling, you are very very gay.

What research did you made? because I dont think you made a good research.
where did you took that the person has "something resembling a vagina?" thats not how transgederism works.

what transgender people have is not body dysmorphia, this is another thing. they have gender dysphoria, and the only treatment to that is transitioning.

so many transpeople kill themselves because having dysphoria is horrible without the treatment you will just develop a pretty bad depression.
and besides that, for some reason people are not able to let other people live their lifes and go on and harass and fuck with their lifes out of intolerance and hate.
If a transgender person is able to have a supportive family, good friends and access to the treatments, they will just have a happy life.

to be fair, pegging would be easier

>so many transpeople kill themselves

you matched, but that doesn't mean you have to hang out with them. just don't talk to them, or stop talking to them if you've already started

Friendly reminder that trannies still sound like dudes and have the same natural smell as dudes and unless they've forked out for laser they will have 5 o clock stubble to contend with.

Why would you fuck a tranny when you can just fuck a normal girl and not be gay? swipe

A male, you matched with a male. Unless you want a mouthful of penis and you are gay, move on. That is not a woman.

>saying 'girl with a dick' unironically
Just end yourself. A girl with a dick is a guy in a dress and makeup. Fuck off back to /d/, retard.

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What is the """girl""" wants to tap my ass? Not everyone wants to be penetrated, you faggot.

real men subjugate and sodomize other men, doing so with a woman is easy modo
are you a real man or a child?