I have a REALLY small house. Privacy is zero. I share with my brother a bedroom with like, 3...

I have a REALLY small house. Privacy is zero. I share with my brother a bedroom with like, 3, 4 meters between the door and the opposite wall.
And I want to masturbate!
I'm going crazy already. I'm thinking of just letting it open that I want to fap and just say to everyone "Don't come here, i'm going to masturbate" or anything like that.
Or even masturbate with my brother In my room, if I get I'm able to.
I also really want a dildo but this lack of privacy to even hide it is driving me crazy.

So, how do I do it? how do I approach my family and just let they know I want to masturbate? how to just be shameless and be ok with they knowing I have a dildo and a lube stocked? how do I approach this subject with them and more important, how do I lose all the shame to be able to do it?

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your brother isn’t out of the room long enough for you to masturbate? if so, that’s the real problem.

yes. his here all the time. Specially now that hes on vacation. we spend most of the time here. with me on the bed using my laptop and right in front of my foot, he on his computer.

I've been in a similar predicament for over a year now. You're gonna have to live without fapping.

Just go to the bathroom and do the deed there.
As for the dildo... Learn how to stash shit or masturbate with something else.

saaaaaaaaaaaame I feel you lol just go to the bathroom with ur phone if you have one...

fap in your bathroom, that's what i used to do

So, heres the worst part
The bathroom is not really a good option.
Only one in the house, a bathroom right besides my parents room. they can hear anything that happens there.
If I go fap on the bathroom, they will know.

Most of the time the only situation that I can fap is in the fucking living room, when everyone is asleep, but its not everyday that i'm able to be awake in the middle of the night like that

just fap in public restrooms. go to the public library, macdonalds. fat ther ein peace

take a shower lol

bro masturbating shouldn't make any noise at all lol the fuck you doing...

OP is a girl. It makes a schwuck schwuck noise like you're squeezing an egg

I'll come over there and fuck you OP. If you're of age that is.

lol that sucks... I can jerk it in the same room as somebody & they'd never notice

Sock on the doorknob
If they have a genuine problem, I guess start saving to move out

she cant do that bro cmon lol you might as well put a big sign that says 'im masturbating' on ur door... sock on the doorknob the fuck you thinking...

Fight the power. There's nothing wrong with masturbation.

"Masturbation isn't wrong."

If that's not a good start then there isn't one.

Just tape the dildo under your bed just like the pic related.

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>Or even masturbate with my brother In my room, if I get I'm able to.


Do It while he’s sleeping. Could also take dildo to the bathroom with you wrapped in a towel and use it in the shower, I used to do this.

This. It's not odd for people to shower daily, so that's one free fap for you every day.

how old are you just wondering to compare my living situation with yours

Just masturbate in the walmart parking lot in a car like the rest of us

Consider this issue your cue to start saving money to move out. There is nothing quite like your first wank in your own place.
Then give it a year or two of living on your own and you won't know how to behave in polite company. You'll start jerking off at the dinner table, growing hair on your palms, howling and jizzing in people's food.
Living on your own can unbalance you. But at least you'll be able to jerk off in peace.