Sever dental issues

I need serious help and advice, and I'm far too ashamed and embarrassed to go to family, friends or significant other first.

I have probably the worst dental health / hygiene I've ever known in a person. I'm so deeply, deeply ashamed of this fact. I never took good care of my teeth as a kid. As an adult, it was similar. There was a period in my life where I fell into such a state of depression and apathy that I didn't take care of them at all.

Now in present day, I've got major, major issues. I'm missing an entire tooth. It broke off at the base. So theres still a "tooth" in my jaw, but not in my mouth. I've got 5 other broken teeth in my mouth as well. My only saving grace is no one knows about this. Its my deepest secret, as every visible and affected tooth is in the back of my mouth.

Recently, its been getting harder to eat. I only use the left side of my mouth now. The right side causes me pain from the broken back tooth. I feel my middle most, and most used tooth (its weird how I've started to notice which is my most used) on the left is going to go soon, much like the tooth I lost on the right. Its loose and its terrifying me. Today, I went to examine myself in the mirror and noticed two very small bumps, that look like what I've shown in my picture here on my gums just below this loose tooth. They are very new, as just the other day these weren't there. They do not hurt, but I assumed they were minor infection. I sterilized a small needle and poked them. They only bled. I swished some peroxide to help sterilize it further, as I was worried I may have done something I shouldn't have there. I'm not sure what they are, but its quite scary to me. I know the dangers of what can happen with mouth infections.


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I've been saving money like a fiend to get this fixed. I have had no insurance until recently. I've moved back in with my parents to help save money for this as well, so the vast majority of my income has gone to savings for this. I have some dental from current job that kicks in at the beginning of the year. Its nothing extremely good, but I went with what I felt was the best of the two options I had. I'm desperately trying to hold on till January to get the ball rolling on this, but its getting harder every day. I'd like to get permanent implants. The idea of something not permanent makes me ill just to think about, especially at such a young age. I don't want to lose my bone and jaw structure.

I'm honestly terrified, but go on day by day trying to pretend its not actually happening. Work, come home. Zone out into video games and the internet and try to forget. I rarely see my SO anymore, its impacted my confidence, our relationship, everything. Most of my friends assume I just don't like hanging out anymore. That I've become a boring guy who likes to be a shut in now.

Not only that, but once my insurance kicks in, I have no clue how to even go about getting things started. Do I just call a dental office and spill my guts about whats happened with me? What I've done to myself? Do I asked to see a specialist? Its already so expensive just to have them even look at you I feel like... I'm at a complete loss for anything like this beyond a general filling or cleaning.

I'm genuinely scared and I don't know what to do.

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Quit being so melodramatic.

The tooth is dead, you're getting dental abscesses (gum infections); you need the tooth root canaled and crowned, or entirely removed.

You do need to get it sorted, and it's an issue that *will not resolve itself*. If you ignore it, you will continue to get dental abscesses, and I know user, they are fucking painful, but it's not some crazy alien issue.

Once your insurance coverage begins, go to the dentist.

If you’re using state insurance, sometimes they backpay bills that were encurred after the date of approval.

>Not sure how to begin
Go to the most recommended office that is covered by your insurance. Tell them about all these issues.

Post tooth pics and then we can get a-crackin' with the tips

I didn't think I was being melodramatic. I honestly am worried for myself. It truly is impacting my confidence, my intimacy with my girlfriend, my ability to eat. Lots of things.

That said, I'm surprisingly not in much pain. Out of all the time (that being the past 5 years) that this has been a major issue for me I've only felt true pain on maybe one occasion. The day my first tooth actually "broke". Followed by maybe one or two days in total where I've bit something the wrong way and it hurt for 20 minutes before subsiding. I count my blessing there.

Surly I need to set up an appointment? Or is it possible to just call and get a phone consultation?

Give me a few to think about this. Its honestly my biggest shame. I know no one would probably realize anything just from a close up tooth picture, but just anyone seeing honestly makes me hate myself. If nothing else, I suppose I can try to take a picture of the 2 bumps that arose.

>Surly I need to set up an appointment? Or is it possible to just call and get a phone consultation?
A phone appointment, to look at your teeth? user I think the infection has hit your brain..

Obviously not to look at them. But to kind of explain my situation over the phone so I'm not wasting my time and money by going to a dentist who surly can't help. I know know all dentists can extract or implant for example. Unless I'm misinformed.

You should go the dentist. And make sure your insurance gets sorted out so you don’t have to pay out of pocket for procedures.

Yeah, I'm just praying I don't get any major infections or lose another tooth until Jan.

Maybe pay out of pocket for the consultation.

This is not good advice. If you pay for that consultation the insurance is unlikely to cover any of the other treatments laid out in the treatment plan.

Is there a reason for this?

wow we need social medicine

my point was that the situation sounds like it could use attention quickly.

a) Insurance policies can refuse to pay out for pre-existing conditions. Your condition is pre-existing, but they don't have to know that.
b) You would be put onto a payment plan for the treatment, and the insurance company doesn't have to agree to it.

I'm just warning you.

I agree, but OP could get fucked for it.

Photo of left and right side of my mouth in the areas affected for those who care to see at this point.

Give that I lost a tooth from it already, it could have used attention ages ago. If I'd just not been a fucking idiot and brushed my teeth on the regular. 6 minutes of my fucking day is all it would have taken to prevent this shit. I honestly think its causing other health issues for me, beyond my teeth. But I can't say for sure.

I'll keep this in mind and do my best to tough it out until my insurance kicks in in Jan. Thanks for that tip.

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Jeez user, your breath must smell like a horse's anus. I hope you get it resolved soon.

OP hasn’t even said if they have state insurance or not. Could be useful information.

It might. I've never been called out on it, but I have had people mention others bad breath to me however. Which makes me wonder if mine is noticeable or not.
I basically chug mouthwash every morning and night at this point in my life, and I don't get close to people when speaking because I worry about this. I've tried to pay attention if people back away from me when I speak or turn away, but I never notice anything.
I think I have friends who would tell me if my breath smelled like death, but no one ever has yet. I've also tried smelling my own, and maybe its because its my own breath that I just can't notice it, but I never seem to smell much, no matter how hard I try. Its probably there though.

Its from my job.
Its not medicaid.

>tfw no nasty teeth gf

I'm not sure what you're trying to say there.
My gfs teeth are fine. But we are not very intimate anymore because of this, though shes not aware this is the reason. My teeth weren't really like this when we started dating.

Alright. Yeah, what the other user said then. Start making those phonecalls and figuring out what you’re actually able to do.

What which user said? Sorry, that wasn't really specific.
Pay for out of pocket consultation?

>noticed two very small bumps, that look like what I've shown in my picture here on my gums just below this loose tooth.
Sounds like an abcess. If you cannot see a dentist until January i'd at least go to a doctor and get some antibiotics. You don't want to leave an infected tooth too long. Antibiotics will take care of the infection until you can get the tooth pulled or fixed.

No, make the phonecalls and figure out what you’re allowed to do. Whatever insurance you have has a customer support line.

Oh, alright. I'll look into it tomorrow on my lunch break.
Though would even asking around make my "pre-existing condition" known?

Thanks. I'll check that out. You can actually see the small bumps in the left photo I posted. A little hard to see there, but its the wife speck on the gums. Theres another right below it.

I'm going to give you a few tips.

Ginseng can help you. It promotes the regeneration of dentin.

Quercetin fights the bacteria behind periodontal disease. You can find it in capers and red onions

There are also some studies proving ginger root can improve microhardness in teeth. Your diet is going to play a bigger role in the health of your teeth than brushing them. Brushing your teeth will remove plaque but it won't do anything else. You need to change your diet.

Jeez, user, how does it feel if you get food stuck in the holes? It's good that you're looking into getting that fixed. And I deeply empathize with your depression-caused lack of tooth care. At my lowest points in life I didn't brush for almost a year and would go to sleep after eating chips and drinking soda. I knew I was hurting myself but I just kept doing it.

Did you read the thread you fucking imbecile? Two of this lad's teeth are rotted to the nerve. No one's interested in your ginseng peddling

I did this regularly. Couple that with a good awful diet of loads of carbs, lots of sodas and sugars and you see the result. I hate it and myself for it.
That said, I still drink soda on occasion if out to eat with people and such, but for the most part I've stopped drinking it. I drink water more than anything now followed by sugar free sports drinks in second place. I don't eat much candy at all anymore which was bad for me as well, getting shit every time I stopped for fuel.

To answer your question, honestly I don't notice it too terribly bad. I've never had something jammed in there and felt it for long periods of time. I typically go to the bathroom and swish water after a meal to get rid of things like that. I also carry a floss dental pick with me if needed.

Thanks mate. I'll look into that. I've been trying to improve my diet quite a lot lately.
Though my major issue is a fair bit beyond this.

Those teeth look fucked, do they feel painful when touched/flossed

Also this tooth is dead, there's some telling factors aside from the abcess.

Its essentially lost its life even by looking at it. If you can't feel anything, it's because the abcess has killed the nerves

You absolutely must go to a dentist and have it fixed.

This is one of those situations where it can only get worse - eventually you will be forced to go even no matter what and the whole "Holy FUCK how did you let it get like this???" will be even worse than it would be now.

Surprisingly no. The only pain I felt ever was the initial break of my tooth. I bit down on something and was in so much pain I almost puked. This was a long time ago now. It's also didn't look so bad.

Currently I feel no pain when brushing or flossing on any teeth except my back right tooth. I'm very very careful when brushing that side of my mouth because of it. I've notice some mild discomfort when flossing sometimes otherwise. I'll be honest. I legitimately think my lack of pain through most of this has been from sheer luck. I've heard of people with lesser tooth issues being in excruciating pain.

The tooth in the OP pic is one I found on Google to use as an example. It's not mine. That said, I'm sure the same can be said of mine.

I agree. The fact that I've let it get to this point has no excuse. However I'm basically at a standstill untill January when my insurance kicks in.

Post yours

Tell this to your dentist. Take their advice. By the way, it looks like you have a gum boil.

To treat gum boils I recommend:
1. Gargle w/ salt water
2. Rinse the mouth w/ hydrogen peroxide mouthwash
3. Apply tea tree oil to the affected area

Till you see your dentist:
-Be gentle when it comes to dental hygiene
-Eat soft foods
-Only drink drinks which are easier on your mouth

I did earlier.

2. Rinse the mouth w/ hydrogen peroxide mouthwash

Did this last night, this morning, and again after work today. Its already looking a fair big better honestly. Appreciate the tip. Will keep it up with salt water, I'll look into the tea tree oil
I was reading more about this, and it seems like implants can take up to half a year. I'm not sure what will happen if push comes to shove. How do I hide something like that for half a year? I hide it now because its not visible when I smile, and I just play it careful while eating around people I'm close with. Unless I just pray they can do 50% of my mouth now and 50% once that sides done. Or I'm chewing with my front teeth for half a year.

what the fuck user I came here to ask about this same thing and the pics you took look EXACTLY like what mine are like. I ams still ashamed and scared but its nice to know im not alone wit hthis.
My dentists place is booked until june and I have no money to pay for it. My coverage isnt very good.

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same user again. Your story seems almost exactly like mine user and if you told me I made this post myself and forgot I would believe you. I think ive only told one person before how bad it is and they didnt really react. I think they didnt believe me anyway. I almost went to the dentist when I was about 16 but I was so terified of it being revealed I ended up throwing up right before going in and the appointment was canceled. It was bad then and is just getting worse. Im 23 now.

Make an appointment for a cleaning. They aren’t expensive. I do them 2x/year. The dentist will give you some options for next steps.

Ask your dentist about silver diamond fluoride topical treatment as a stopgap measure while you get all this sorted out. It stains treated teeth, but it stops decay and it’s cheap.

Oh, and it’s totally painless and helps deaden pain long term.

Thats weird man. Its nice to know I'm not alone, I'm sorry you have to go through it too. I'm a bit older than you, but still in my 20s, which makes this all the worse to be honest. I wish I could tell my gf, my family, anyone really.
All I can say is, I hope you are caring for yourself and your teeth properly now man. I'm doing what I should have been for years now. Probably over care to be honest, but at this point not sure thats possible.

Whats sad is Im aware cleanings are really no big deal, at most it feels weird when they scrape your teeth a bit. But no pain, nothing. Once I get this sorted out, I will be doing that regularly.

Heard about this. But its beyond my needs now. Maybe they can help him out though.