Why do I hate the fact that women have easier and better lives than most men? How are men "priveliged"?

Why do I hate the fact that women have easier and better lives than most men? How are men "priveliged"?

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Men aren’t privileged women are.. even this fucking ugly tranny faced troglodyte has a bunch of beta orbiters

While even above average men get overtly entitled and delusional women these days with an army of beta army men ready to white knight and defend their princesses

women are trash these days

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Why are you lying?

Who are you quoting

also women are privileged, OP ain’t lying

Take your incel whining to .

>t. roastie

OP, how do you deal with the fact you're gay?

I masturbate to white and Asian sissies only. That's not gay since they're essentially women.

Yeah dude, roastie btfo with facts and logic.

women only have it easier up to a certain point. if they get pregnant its game over for them
if they get raped its game over for them.
their success only depends on other ppl helping them. men always have the option to create their own successes.
if ur lazy then yeah women will beat you. but if u work hard. women will always beneath you
reminder that the house you live in. was built by men. not women

That privilege ends at 30.and God forbid you're ugly, you'd have to settle just like you'd have to settle as a dude. If a man's capable of doing anything other than playing video games his desirability will go up after 30, so hang in there.

So for the first 30 years they have it better than men, then the playing field gets even?

Yeah well attractive people of either gender have it easier in general, I ain't gonna sit around and mope about it

This is the privilege I got, I'm a piss ugly hag so I have to work my ass off, I did settle for a beta in my 20s before I became undesirable and this man is just fucking shite. He's fat, hairy, has no personal hygiene, and he's so lazy I swear he doesn't even wipe his ass. He tracks in cig butt's from outside and I have to pick them up or the kids will put them in their mouths. Attractive people regardless of whether they're male or female will get whatever they want. Big Bertha isn't going to get your time of day, and you completely discount their existence when you talk about privilege. You gotta stop reading reddit and r9k, and start to get to know real people. You'll see the world is more than just chads, Stacey's, and you.

Ugly women are less than men, but you could have gotten plastic surgery, no? Like the Kardashians you chicks love to watch.

I'm too old for it now, would be like putting a chandelier in a haunted house

Men are privileged at work, since men never get the job through bed, so everyone will assume that if you have good job then you earned it. Meanwhile attractive women at every position will attract rumours that they fucked their boss.

Which is funny, because my (male) manager got his job by fucking the CEO of the company. Horny woman.

One thing I'll never get is shit like a girl's Twitter which is just bitching about men and moral support from her friends publicly. If a guy would go on there and start saying women are trash and shit like that he would just be less marketable whereas a girl doing that just attracts more male attention.

Plus the fact that everyone assumes competence from a man but would constantly over explain shit to women.

Or the fact that men can wear the same outfit for a month and no one would notice. Or the fact nobody will ever comment if they have an obvious flaw that "should have been covered with make up". Or they won't get passed over during hiring when recently married, because everyone assumes women will be with the baby so there's no point hiring her.

Times are changing I see. Still, it probably won't matter that much. Most men I know would rather fuck a dirty poor but attractive women rather then rich and ugly. What's your opinion on this? Do you think that bed promotion will become as common for men as it is for women?

Nice fanfic femcel. I bet you wish you were in a position of power so you could take advantage bof a man. Oh wait, you probably have a few beta orbiters yourself.

>tfw incel uses femcel as an insult and then denies the existence of femcels
Not the person you're responding to, btw

Not really, ugly bitches will still get men. But men on the other hand are very likely to die alone even if they are a bit shy.

I'm simply redpilled and see both sides. Doesn't mean malecels don't have it worse.