100+ partners, can't pair bond

I get bored of dating the same girl for longer than three months. My partner count is in the triple digits. Should I go for 1000 before I die? I can't pair bond anymore.

I'm a guy and I'm 26 if that helps

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idk probably not, your risk of disease goes way up

If you wanna die from aids id say go ahead

Instead of believing memes about shit like pair bonding, or going for some stupid arbitrary number, why don't you just chill the fuck out, have sex when you feel like having sex, and see if you meet the right girl? This isn't an either/or situation.

>pair bond
Stop using this meme term.

Yeah, "couple connection" just sounds better anyway.

Christ. That's disgusting. Imagine a graph where you connect people by whether they've had sex with one another. Now, the connected component of that graph is the set of people whose sexual fluids and viruses you've been exposed to plus the people you have exposed to your sexual fluids and viruses.

Just Fucking disgusting dude.

Imagine doing the same thing with a public bathroom. Chill the fuck out, germophobe.

You know the average white western woman has probably doubled OP's numbers by his age right?

yikes. this is just not true lmao

Unless you're fucking these girls yourself there's 0 way to truly know

Self-supplied data via "how many dudes have u fucked lol' surveys are NOT reliable.

>Should I go for 1000 before I die?
No. Just no.

Whats your iq and net worth

How do you count that high, and forget names and faces, and reduce human beings to a number, and not realise something is wrong?

Cause girls do worse and get a pass

Do they? Or are you just parroting incel memes?

You've never had sex with another man's wife have you?

You people are fucking cookie cutter, you don't even know what a fucking incel is and you just use it to define anyone you don't like. Get a grip on your life you insecure, low IQ, mongoloid

I actually have. But how is that relevant?

Then you'd know how stone cold IDGAF women can be. If you honestly believe a woman when she says "I've only been with 20 guys" you're a special kind of retard

Try to create a bond.