Why don't long term girlfriends appreciate my body...

Why don't long term girlfriends appreciate my body? I've been going to the gym for 14 years and they don't care about it as much as I do

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Not all girls care about body as much as guys do user

That's why you can see ugly guys with pretty girls a lot more often than the reverse

You should go out in public with her more in the summer so you can take your shirt off around others and she can see how plain and flabby everyone else is compared to you. Let her see all the girls 'mirin and she'll start to get more attracted to you again.

Girls prefer skinny guys. Every gf I've had has said she doesn't like bulky muscle, only lean guys with a little bit of muscle. youtube.com/watch?v=YYgA9pgNj08 Jow Forumsizens are literally wasting their time.

Because scrawny lanklets are more attractive

You must have no personality and be a narcissistic loser haha girls only care if you’re nice to them and make them feel good

>Not all girls care about body as much as guys do user
Are you fucking kidding me? 95% of women refuse to talk to any guy who's 5'8 or shorter.

Guys would enjoy you more.

because the overwhelming majority of women only care about two things, the size of your wallet, and access to said wallet.

lol only gay dudes (and fit girls) lost their minds about dudes who spend their time at the gym, thinking about how they look in a mirror, what they eat, etc. Nothing's wrong with that, but it's such a self-centered demanding hobby

There's been a million surveys and studies showing that women do not care about muscle for long term relationships. Only for sex and short term.


what planet do you live on? i'm 5'8 and get plenty of attention

Bruh, I’m attracted to that stack of fucking pancakes.

thats a confidence thing

you got brainwashed by Jow Forums fucktard

M8 I'm 5'6 and literally EVERY first date I go on the girl asks me how tall I am, sometimes they'll even laugh. It's definitely the thing they care most about. Then if they decide to relationship with me they say shit like "Well I prefer tall guys but you're alright",

Try dating women who aren't assholes to you or like, enjoy you for what you are

I'm a chubby 5'7 or so and gf just tells me that I'm cute and hot

Also, please learn to love yourself my man. Hate talking through that gay shit again and again, but it is so important for you to actually love and respect yourself.

Okay guys, once more:

(Physical Beauty + Personality + Status/Money) x Specific preferences of the beholder = Your attractiveness

It's an easy equation. For female attractiveness "Status" is a little more complicated, relating to her life situation and dating history/baggage, but that's a story for another day.

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Are women retarded?

Femanon with 5'8 fiance here

Only horrible people act like that. Stop dating horrible people.

I've dated guys shorter than me and I'm 5'3. Their height never bothered me.

In my personal experience, most people are retarded, across the board. But then again, I am also pretty retarded, so what do I know, right

>it's horrible that people dare to have preferences
Tumblr, pls, I wouldn't date a fat chick either

Apparently horrible people is the norm or I'm just super unlucky? Because every woman I've ever meet has, at some point, insulted a man because of their height.
God I hate being a manlet. Fuck you. Is like I'm automatically inferior and invisible.

it's funny, my bf looks like that pic and i appreciate his body but he complains that i do it in a "rapey" way. so i'm starting not to acknowledge how hot i think he really is for fear of being "rapey". i think i'm just not appreciating his body the way he wants/does. maybe your long term gfs are appreciative/acknowledging of your body but just not the way you want/do too

I'm sorry you're having bad luck, friendo. Hopefully it gets better. Your height doesn't define you, and I'm sure you're handsome and nice and lovely, and you'll find someone who makes you happy someday.

If not, get rich and get girls easy.

Is this bait? You do understand fat fucks can change their body and small men can't, right?
You do understand fat fucks are showing physical signs of unhealthy habits, while small men are just the result of genes, right?

Bad genes >>> bad habits. You can unlearn bad habits, manlet ge

Yeah fuck them for not choosing how they look like amirite

>Why don't long term girlfriends appreciate my body?
Because narcissism isn't contagious.

More like fuck them NOT :^)
I don't blame women for disliking manlets because from girl's perspective there is nothing sexy in dating a man who looks inferior to you

getting fit is for smashing girls on tinder, not for long term relationships.

yes, but so are men

I'm not sure if they even know how mean they're being. It seems like it's not socially taboo to make fun of guys for their height or something. Like if you were to make fun of someone for any other aspect of their appearance people would say you're being a dick, but if you make jokes at someone for being short it's apparently fair game? Weird how that works.

And ya, you're right, there are nice girls out there, it just feels like they're so few and far between.

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>there are nice girls out there, it just feels like they're so few and far between

Oh its not just a feeling, my friend. Truly nice people of all genders are very rare. If all else fails, there is nothing wrong with settling on a "not bad" person instead.

A good LTR just wants to see you happy. If you're happy working on your body, then they're happy.

>all these people saying girls don't care about looks
Lol easy to see who the basement dwelling virgins are.

The only girls that don't care are ugly fat girls.

That’s only online and dating apps. In the real world confidence is king.

Because its big nigga season

That is the most retarded thing I have ever read. It's scientifically proven 5'8" is the most attractive male height.

You just outed yourself as a virgin male. Looks matter less to girls than nonphysical things. And for looks, girls do not like guys with big muscles. Those kinds of guys only attract gay men.

I know it is easy to think of women as evil, but it is pretty much that they only give a shit about things through the eyes of others. She doesn't care about your body, she cares about what it can do for her. She cares that others admire you and this raises her value in the eyes of others. Fuck those evil snakes with tits. Of course you aren't much better, you seem concerned less about your body and your hobbies, heath and fitness and more about what it can get you and how you should be rewarded for it.

>Image of respected historical figure + whiny 21st century bullshit

I honestly love this genre. Some photo of a bust of Caesar or something and "Bitches who don't text back quick enough are cunts"

It means that you’re gay.
Gay guys would worship your body.

while theres some basis in biology, its partially a stupid social conformity for women to want men who are tall. but really lol there are so many short men who have girlfriends. my boyfriend is 5'7", and desu that's probably the average height of all of the men i've dated. hes in great shape, is extremely talented in his field, very intelligent and wonderful to be with. i like his height, but it doesnt factor into it and never did, and he grew out of being insecure about it once he was no longer a teenager.

i think its super super rough for guys who are very short (i'm talking maybe 5'4 and under), but taller than that and there have to be other factors involved that are more conditional. being a short man must suck in a world where tallness is considered universally attractive, but it isnt the defining thing for a woman, if it is, probably best to move on to someone with different preferences. in the same way having really small tits sucks in a world where big tits are what are considered universally attractive, loads of guys will like them though (and like you despite).

people will mock you for the easiest thing to come to mind, its how you handle and perceive it that will actually have an effect on you. i hope you get some confidence in yourself eventually, because it will help

5'5 manlet reporting; step it up fampai

you insufferable egomaniac

The person who wrote this, or anyone who agrees with more than like 3 points haven't ever touched, spoken, or even interacted with a woman in any way. This is not even remotely true, and perma-virgin philosophy.

Man I hate to say this but I just got out of a 4 year relationship and that pic was giving me fucking flashbacks. It's pretty spot on.
You just haven't met a crazy enough bitch yet.

Guess I'm either secretly le epic chad, or I'm very lucky with my gf of 2 years then.

Bullshit: the post

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come back when you actually try to pursue a woman

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So what? I don't care that my preferences aren't "fair", I get to be as discriminatory as I want when it comes to my love life.

I have had a gf for 2 years and I am very happy with her, so try again

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Would you rather date a girl with a decent body but you can connect with with on an emotional level or a Jow Forums chick with a perfect body but you can't relate to her on an emotional level?

This isn't about women but about humans in general.

Lol. Height isnt that big of an issue but a guy who's 6'4'' is 100x more attractive than a guy who's 5'8". Women in Nordic countries are 5'9'' on average

You need to date women who respect the work that went into it, that's why

When she sees other girls mirin she'll start being pressured into being a better gf

>Jow Forumsizens are literally wasting their time
>lifting for women

>Why don't long term girlfriends
Studies have shown that women prefer high-t (for lack of a better term) men when they are at the most fertile in their reproductive cycles, and for short-term engagements.
They have been shown to prefer physically softer, more agreeable men for long term domestic partners.

>Why don't long term girlfriends care about my body as much as I do?
Is the question you should be asking. Which begs two questions:
>Why do you care about your body as much as you do?
>Why should they?

I love these little reminders that there's people out there who take r9k and reddit incel memes and "red pill" bullshit 10000% seriously

You've probably got whatever psychological condition whose name I can't remember that a lot of gymbros have. Body Dysmorphia or whatever.

Also as nice as your body is, it reaches a point where there's diminishing returns on it as far as how girls are attracted to you. You care more about your body than they do because it's your body.

Get a nice man to treat that body right OP