Made a different post earlier but due to some (understandable) responses I just wanted to get some input on this...

made a different post earlier but due to some (understandable) responses I just wanted to get some input on this specifically

pic completely unrelated

I'm (F) a sexual sadist, I always have been and probably always will be. I shunned sexuality when I was a kid, because even at a young age it was tied to sadism and it made me feel guilty. I ended up accepting it in my teenage years. I'm now 19 and heading to college

I like when guys play dead. There's a gay porn I like where a guy is getting fucked while he's acting like he's passed out on anesthesia, and when I watch it, I always imagine he's dead. One of my favorite mental images is that of a guy's eyes open, but staring into absolutely nothing, or the concept of taking a big strong guy and making him into a lifeless puppet for me to play with

I'm sort of concerned. The sadism and desire for control isn't new to me, and I enjoy these fantasies immensely - and they will remain fantasies, I will never act upon them - but it's an unusual thing to like, to say the least. Is this something to be worried about? And be honest

don't bother commenting "that's creepy as fuck" I know lol

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saw the thread.

It may be related to some underlying problems perhaps in relation to necrophilia, but I wouldn't put any money on that

I personally find it quite hot from a guy's perspective :^)

if you want to decrease the severity of your sexual pathology, then stop looking at porn.

I think people are too quick to treat things as "just fantasies". Surely some part of your brain recognizes how problematic (sorry I hate that word too I'm not a leftist plz don't kill me check out my soundcloud) it is that you enjoy the idea of "making him into a lifeless puppet for me to play with".
Like that's a pretty fucked up thing to be turned on by.

Sounds like necrofag would be right up your alley. No idea if she still posts on r9k.

Sounds like you need to kill to satisfy the urges.

Dont you want to know what it feels like, to have that power, control over anothet person.

Buy rope, lots of it.

You're a whore.
That is all.

sounds hot

Serious question, as a guy what red flags can I look out for to avoid girls like you?

And this is bad how?

I like sleepplay, where girls play it like they are sleeping or actually take drugs that make them pass out.

It is a fantasy and it is alright, hell it is actually great if you find a partner who lets you fulfil it.

Ah how exciting would it be...

glad to hear

but what do I do about it?

I honestly can't tell you cuz I've never been singled out as weird
like I had friends all throughout middle school and high school
I don't dress weird, I'm not goth or whatever

Naw we all have fucked up fantasies. Like I want to fuck someone literally to death.

Just don't tell anyone your interested in right away. Wait for them to tell you about their fucked up fantasy first.

>Is this something to be worried about?
Yeah. I think some fetishes are just poorly covered up mental issues. Sadism is definitely not something healthy and your necrophiliac tendencies are creepy as fuck and also something I would try to deconstruct and get rid of, if I were you.

Don't worry that much, I'm kind of your opposite/sexual fantasy. Male bi sub (most of the time) and it's quite hard to find someone that fulfill your fantasies. In my case my girlfriend is quite nice and tries her best to make me suffer. Just try to find a guy who likes the stuff you want to do. Also make clear what your and his limits are.

It's this. Your brain gets used to high levels of dopamine and things that used to bring you pleasure no longer do. It's like dopamine-based drugs such as cocaine or meth. It's tolerance. It's been studied a thousand times, when pleasure is no longer enough your reward pathways have to add in other things, like stress and fear, because they make you excited.

But most drug addicts tend to disbelieve things like that, because they only believe in convenient things.

It's not like it matters. Almost all guys are addicted to porn too, so they'll be fucked up in their own way. Don't worry about it too much.

how do you deconstruct a sexual fantasy?
for me the issue is that I didn't develop sadistic fantasies, I've always had them as far back as I can remember
I don't know how to deconstruct something if I don't know how it started

Just accept it and get a sub boyfriend, you need nothing else, stop asking to beta virgin faggots

I'm a dumb fucking retarded holy shit I love cock in my ass

>says he is attracted to a girl
>"hurr bdurr you must be gay"

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sounds like a normal fetish to me. Actually i've also had fantasies like that (im male so from the other perspective tho). Maybe try out some bondage stuff. Theres tons of guys who like getting tied up to the point of complete immobility.

glad to hear