Wanna go bang escort tonight, any safety advices?

Wanna go bang escort tonight, any safety advices?

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Don't do it if you want to find a partner some day. Decent women don't date manwhores.

if you're gonna do it at least be a respectable person and wear a condom and clean up after

I'm 26 yo, all my friends have gfs, I'm literally last faggot standing. I'm horny af last 3 days can't focus at work, boss starts notice I'm not rly working coz all my thoughts are somewhere elsewhere.

All decent escorts will make you wear a condom, hell they will even provide their own.

Also what are you going for exactly? Dinner into a hotel room , GFE, some light bdsm or what?

Just masturbate like a normal man. It won't cost anything.

Money not the issue for me ATM. Rather 50-60 h/ week at work at strictly male company.

GFE I'm gonna meet her at her place, it work this way in my country.

Are you really willing to risk your future and chances to have a family for 1 hour of sex?

Which country? I need to know where to go for vacation.

What difference if I would go clubbing, get drink with random girl and wake up looking on each other with regret after ONS ? Escort is IMAO much more honest I want sex, she wants money.

There's a lot of prostitutes and they don't starve to death, AND ppl still getting merried. I don't rly get your logic.

Poland, God put me in place with constant temptation for sin.

Not OP but, how does using an escort risk his future chances of having a family exactly? It's not like the escort cuts your balls off afterwards or anything.

You never know, man. Safety first.

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there's no such thing as a decent woman.

Hey man good for you,

I enjoyed my time with an escort immensely. Hope you enjoy it too.

Even fucking wrote a greentext about in on r9k lol.

I was going to say the same thing, user. I had sex with two prostitutes in the same night, and the first one was actually pretty bad, but the second one was so beautiful and sweet. 10/10 no regrets.

Men who mess with prostitutes don't get married, because other women don't date them afterwards. Only men who have given up on life do it and are usually planning suicide. It's really bad for someone under 30 to have given up on life. You could have a beautiful future ahead with a gf like your friends, they didn't ruin their reputation as a man, so normal women approached and loved them.

Do you think that men who sleep with escorts go and tell all their friends about it afterwards? Would they tell any potential love interest that "Oh hey by the way, I slept with an escort before"
It's not like using an escort makes you glow orange, nobody knows you slept with an escort.

I've used escorts twice, lost my virginity to one, and those will stay secret until the day I die.

Are you a sour woman? Or, just a timid man?

Just so you know, men don't tell women everything. Surprise. Having sex with a prostitute isn't something you put on your online dating profile.

It happens. And most of the time, it's perfectly safe.

>I've used escorts twice, lost my virginity to one, and those will stay secret until the day I die.
You me? In a way it improved my game since Im more confident about touching women ans having sex in general. I was a 22 year old virgin and I was absolutely hopeless. Fuck the haters, some people arent born naturally well or lucky enough to find the path to getting laid, they all can fuck right off.

Literally most married men I know have been to prostitutes.

Accualy I recently restored my will of life feel free from my demons first time since long years. Loosing weight, 10 kgs last 3 months, planning to start after BoS courses coz I want be rich educated . I'm just sooooooo fckin horny that I have constantly Rock solid boner.

You don't know how prostitutes work. If they find out their previous customer is dating/married they blackmail the man to send them money regularly so they don't tell his wife. It's part of their job. They can ruin your life so easily and you can't do anything about it.

I think you watch too many movies. I just tell them my name's Patrick Bateman.

I paid enough to make sure that doesnt happen. Also autistically researched which agencies are trustworthy.

It was my first time and i will remember it fondly and with glee until the day i die.

or a manwhore

Wouldn't it been a lot better if someone wanted you for yourself and not for money?

Sure, but i am 28 and so far they didnt.

For fuck sake there is nothing else i want more. But this actually bothered me and disrupted my life.

And this way i made sure everything was honest. She didnt pretend to love me, used my money and cheated on me with my boss or anything. And i value that immensely. Everything was open and clear.

So you tell me. What should i havd done?