Is there surgery for eye size...

Is there surgery for eye size? Girls never found me attractive and they always are saying it’s cause my eyes being too small, beady, or creepy if I ask why I’m not their type. It really bothers me a lot... cause so many say it. And I never thought about it till I was told my eyes make me unattractive

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You're fine. Why risk looking like an alien after a botched surgery?

Cause they make it sound like I look like an alien already

Holy shit Brandon is back

They're just nitpicking. You look perfectly normal. You could pick out a less than perfect feature on anyone's face

In that pic you look normal. Do girls suddenly wanna date guys with anime sized eyes now?

Hey friend I saw your thread ages ago (if you're the guy in the picture). You seem have some selfesteem issues and/or lack confidence. Work on those. Your eyes look fine but you have this lost puppy face/vibe in all your pictures.

If you think you're gonna get laid or get into a relationship thanks to an eye surgery you're delusional.

you look fucking creepy and weird

I’ll make you beautiful, Brandina.

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Hey brandy

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Love me

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You’re cute as fuck. Smile, make your own happiness inside. There’s nothing on Earth women hate seeing more is a happy man. That will attract them (so they can make you unhappy again).

Look at tony soprano and the girls he banged... And he looks like a train conductor.. BELIEVE!!!!!!

holy shit
>these are the kind of people calling themselves ugly and post on r/incelselfies.

Try wearing eyeshadow, it will help make your eyes pop.

Ayyy. Hit me with the Bundy pics my dood.

You actually look slick my man, like the eyes give you a nice
>"I know what I'm about, and I'm gonna prove myself in this moment right here, right now"
Kinda look, try instead of getting a haircut that draws focus away from your eyes, maybe one that waves to the right or left, or a up-do, either or try not to have long bangs at least

I thought Brandon would have killed himself by now.
Then again narcicists rarely kill themselves.

>Hey friend I saw your thread ages ago
Was he gone for a certain period of time?

BrNfon what do you want out od

he’s still wearing vneck tees so he hasnt learned anything

Brandon already gave us a note that says these are no longer his threads. It happened ages ago. Brandon troll threads are an Jow Forums staple. The guy in the pic is not the poster, the guy in the pic is an unfortunate victim of what is ultimately petty identity theft.

It's been a fixture of Jow Forums for a long, long time and you can tell because there's no discussion-- if you try to engage him he falls back on the same three points (I'm ugly, I'm sad, I tried [that] and it didn't work) and just backpedals into damage control eternity.

Your eyes are fine get rid of your ugly ass haircut and smile for once and you’ll look fine.

The pics are new though...

He did make so many of those threads himself that if some troll tries to post at him, he deserves it.

Wear glasses?

But he wont look so beautiful because women think he’s a solid 8.

Why doesnt anyone love him.

Bran we miss you come back to us

In all honesty OP, you are actually cute and I don't see anything wrong with the size of your eyes? At all.

Then why can’t I get a gf? I don’t understand what’s wrong with me.

Please love me.

You look fine. Maybe just got lift or something

You’re really cute just get a good haircut and you’ll be set in the looks department

you are fine looking as you are, do NOT get surgery it'll ruin your face lol

It's been almost a decade oh my God.

Wait how is the boi a narcissist.

Ew disgusting. Definitely need some jawline surgeory, eye surgery, maybe lip injections. Dont give up hope user. Financing is available. Aspire to be like pic related

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You put your entire self worth on having a bitch. Stop doing that and go be happy.

You have so much to be grateful for, a great career, a quality family, money, good looks, living in New York, and all—lucky you.

Are you Asian?

Are these new pictures real?

No Asian in my blood... I’m actually German and Italian...

Doubtful. Modified to evade RIS if anything
Brandon threads are and always have been bait. He gives the exact same reply to everyone who ever posts and he makes the exact same thread over and over again.

How tall are you?

Only 5’9”

wear colored contacts. your eye color is gross.

You look perfectly normal. It's your awful personality. I can tell from your posts that you are an attention-hungry piece of shit.

lol no. He's unattractive, and the worst kind because he's not deformed so he won't get pity attention. The problem is he is so unappealing girls have no interest in getting to know his personality in the first place.

Also he told me he was gonna kill himself months ago

That's your problem. Women want tall dudes. It's not your looks. Workout and get buff to try to fix that bullshit you've been dealt with

Fuck off, he actually looks better than me and I get girls..

Fucking hell. I literally see you everywhere, maybe stop being an insecure little cunt and trying to get other people’s approval. You don’t even look bad. You are just insecure, try to make a change in that.

femanon here. You're cute, so I'm guessing your personality is the issue.
Also, maybe try out a different hairstyle.

Bro you're fine and you're not an uggo but maybe start working out. I know lots of dudes that are 4/10's getting puss.