What are some jobs where I can be a total jerk to people with impunity?

What are some jobs where I can be a total jerk to people with impunity?

I'm not physically fit enough to be a cop so that's out of the question.

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You can't, faggot.


politician but you have to lie and say youre helping them

You make your own karma, boy.

Be a porn actor where you insult the whores you fuck.

Prison guard. Even better than being a cop. Less chance of being caught abusing power, no camera phones or bystanders--just guards who will watch your back and cover for you, and convicts. You can truly let your sadism out if you have a couple understanding friends as coworkers. Much more lucrative to be corrupt, too. Just smuggling tobacco in for a gang could make you a wealthy man, prices are like 100x or more than on the street. So a 5 dollar bag of tobacco could be worth hundreds.

Don't worry about physical fitness either, they let tiny women run cell blocks, you can do it if they can.

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IRS, DMV, Parole Officer, Tow Truck Driver...

>DMV employee
>Middle school/Elementary school teacher
>ER Nurse
>Pretty much any job at a court house
>Working for the credit bureau

Walmart employee.

>hating on cops
I just wish they would strike for just a weekend and your dumb ass could see what happens.

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Sure way to get on the black list and not have anyone to work with.
Even if you get hired to insult people on camera, that does not mean you can be a dick to people all the time.


>strike for just a weekend
And nothing of value was lost.

In black communities they're always on strike, the shooting of an unarmed suspect seems to be a formality they do every month to make it seem like they're doing something.

>thousands of blacks get shot by blacks every year just in one city
>it's only a problem when a black gets shot by a cop in a bad judgment call
Black community really needs to ditch this victim mentality if we're gonna go anywhere


Buddy, the rest of the world has been asking Africa to drop that shit for eons. I doubt its random love children are going to stop just because they, "live in the civilized world now."
They sure haven't yet.

I'm a lawyer myself.

no one's saying all cops are bad dumbass
just that a cop is a perfect job for a short-tempered douchebag

Lawyer here. Can confirm that in litigation it is your job to be a walking talking dickhead. It's kind of great.

You are actually paid to be a dick.
It's actually kinda cathartic.