No more fuckin around. HOW do i get an asian gf? Im taking classes this semester to get my GPA up and will take ANY class that has a high number of Asian (preferably Japanese) girls. I promise if there are any Asians in my class I WILL sit next to them and introduce myself to them. Im sick of not having an Asian gf when every guy I see with one is a big nerd. I live in Louisiana so there is a very sparse amount of single Asian women. I once had a Japanese girl in my C— class and IMMENSELY regret not talking to her

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I’m tired of dating white girl, but I can find any yellow girls in my area

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Man, what are you really going to achieve from this? Is it just getting laid?

Oh im sorry is it really such a farfetched desire to want to date a cute foreign girl?

for you it is.


No but that's really fucking lame if you're doing it because you're fetishizing her race and expect it to be easy mode.

They do like nerds. So be one ...

Are you Asian? If not, then you don't.

Shut up. Literally what the fuck do you expect out of any white girl you flirt with? Maybe I just like Asians. You dont know if you have anything in common with someone until you meet them so what is wrong with starting out with girls im attracted to? Other than you throwing your tarded opinion out

Yeah but homing in on Asians because of a stereotype you've adopted is pretty weak. Even if it turns out to be true, what a fucking cop-out.

Relax user
You gotta go fish in better waters is all

I literally value Asian women over white women, whether or not they are easy

But what makes you value ALL Asian women over white women?

Lack of success with the latter? Reckon the former will share your love of Chinese cartoons and dry sushi?

They are more beautiful and come from nonwestern countries. Why else

If you can't even get an asian gf then you have no hope. They're the least desirable to date and the easiest.
Dated 5 of them and cringe when I think about it now.


They won't want you because all you care about is their race. You're a sad, pathetic man who will never be happy.

>More beautiful
All of them? Bloody hell the Japanese men are lucky sods aren't they?

>Come from non-western countries
Okay now we're close to getting the truth out of you, what is it about western culture you don't like that is also universally true about every single woman in the west?

After you graduate just move to a big city and there will be plenty of Asian girls

I'd love to see that.
>Horny and culturally self-loathing in Chinatown.

You get them like any type of girl, just don't say racist stuff to them.

bump, I also desire an asian gf I'm white how do I succeed

I, lads, am dating an Asian girl. I am white. Allow me to drop some knowledge bombs on you. I've been in your position. I will help you with my anecdotal experience.

>Asian women don't need to be approached differently than white women. Just ask them out. They're the exact same in this respect.

NOW comes the knowledge of dating them: Primarily you need to embrace her culture. Whole-heartedly
>Their diet/food is 100x better(tastier for sure IMO) than white people food. Ask her if you can take her to an authentic restaurant from her culture. She will probably love this idea.
>My girl is Filipino, so I straight up have tried about every Filipino dish under the sun at this point. She even says I am more Filipino than White these days.
>Their parents are their god. In every Asian family I've ever spent time with the parents and grand parents are essentially divine creature; the children to their bidding. Some filial family culture shit.
>Lowkey find out if they're religious. Respect their religion and never talk bad about it in front of the parents.
>Get to know her parents. Family is huge in Asian cultures.

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