Is it possible to get a gf back after she broke up with you?

Is it possible to get a gf back after she broke up with you?
asking for a friend

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It depends on the reason you broke up
there are tons of ways

If you're a stalker and pushy creep, then no.
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It's possible but rare to happen. It has to be her idea, so don't contact her at all because she wants space for a long time.

its possible but all depending on how you ended it. if it was bad and trust has been destroyed, aint gonna happen

"wahhh girls don't like me"


I'm not really stalking her though, only send 1 or 2 messages a day to her now.
I already have another girl lined up, but I love my ex to much to go for her.

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Stop talking to her, she wants space. Also don't date right after a breakup because you will feel like shit later on.

She did not break up with you so you could text her daily
If social cues and norms are so lost on you then that's why she broke it and she won't fix it til you fix your social awareness

If I'm supposed to stop talking to her then I'm better of getting a new girl though.

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You need a professional therapist, not a girlfriend. These dependency issues are not helping you.

therapist don't work though

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You stop talking because you guys aren't together anymore, it's over. She might contact you in the future, that's when you set a date. For now, take a brake from dating and fix your issues.

Thank fuck. For a second there I thought you were my ex but even he's not that retarded.

That's patently untrue, you need to find one that's going to work with you, not against you. But since you're settled into your cozy little depression nest, I won't bother you any more.

No because the sense of security will never return. Breaking up will be an option on the table, whether secret or not.

And usually the only reason to reunite is because of bad emotional control. Not a good recipe for a relationship.

I saw it working well sometimes tho, even better than before.
Never on myself tho

Well best to not contact the person until they decide to come back, but why would anyone want to accept them back anyway. If the person left he/she is probably fucking someone else. And comes back because they got tired of fucking.

yes, think very hard and be true with yourself if this is what you really want tho

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I jus got in a fight with my GF hours ago, said she doesn't want to talk or see me "not tommorow, or the day after, not Monday", I think that means indefinitely. She went to sleep right after that, she changed her profile picture of both of us to just her face.

What the fuck do I do?
Do I seriously just give her the space she supposedly wants? I don't want to break up if I'm being honest.

If you need details I can provide

What happened? That sounds fairly serious bro.

She wanted a promise ring. I said she may be going too fast but I didn't outright refuse as we both agreed it's a serious relationship. We've been dating 10 months. Am I wrong for believing it's too soon?

One more thing, she changes her PP from us to just her whenever we fight, even when it is something little. I've always thought that's her way of avoiding me while she thinks, she even said once that whenever we fight and it's kinda serious she blocks me on Facebook, stupid, since don't even talk through Messenger but alright

Sounds emotionally manipulative in her part buddy. If she does these little changes whenever she has a tantrum then I don't think she may be worth your time or emotions. And yes, 10 months is too early. You're still in your honeymoon phase whether you believe it or not. I think maybe after 3yrs can you really be sure about knowing the person and put a ring on it. Women are unpredictable for the most part as they behave like children. It is your job to determine whether you see yourself putting up / willing to be with that child in a marriage. Good luck buddy.

You can't be wrong, buddy, it's your opinion. She has to respect that just as you respect her want for one. Ngl if this were an engagement ring I would say that she's being manipulative to get what she wants when you're not ready for it, but I don't know shit about promise rings so.

If someone always reaches for emotional manipulation after a fight (blocking on Facebook, changing PP to publicly shame you), I'd consider this a very big red flag. Basically what says without the absolute smoothbrained blanket statements.

My gf broke up because I said I rushed things to much btw.
Also didn't talk to her today.

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idk if she was cheating on me, but after she broke up she deleted most of her social media accounts but still didn't block me on her phone.
She just said she wanted to rebuild the relationship from start again, but that's impossible when she already destoyed most of my trust in her by pulling this.

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Are you OP? You musnt talk to her at all unless she reaches out to you.

The thing is she had problems growing up and that affected her in the way that she is kind of rude sometimes without even realizing. Hell I don't even think she realizes she's being abusive or maybe she does and ignores it.

Though that's what caused her to act that way, it's not an excuse. Sit her down and talk to her how you feel and the way she acts doesnt make you feel good. If she can't talk like a mature adult when there's issues, sorry to say but the relationship will inevitably end.