I've been a shut-in for 7 years, sustaining myself with remote working...

I've been a shut-in for 7 years, sustaining myself with remote working. Is there any way I can progress to becoming normal?

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Drop the meme-flag

What type of remote work? Is it something you could get me in on? If so, I will dedicate time to helping you become normal, if that's what you really want.


Ok, I can't really write software. Why don't you pay me to mentor you on becoming normal?

I'll give you weekly assignments and everything.

Yes. It's only too late when you're dead user

Maybe move to hardware

No. You'll feel lonely and unable to connect with people no matter how hard you try. You can always pretend, do make an effort unless you want to be a perma-autist. But to be honest. You're fucked.

A gym membership would be a great place to start. It’ll be an area of growth (literally) for your life, and also get u out of the house on a regular basis. It’ll also provide an opportunity for socialization, even if it’s just small talk here and there.

If op made this post he wants to improve, not be mediocre like you

Mediocre in what sense? I'm just saying he won't be able to reach whatever insurmountable goal he's set. It's got nothing to do with "success" or whatever the fuck. Because he's been out of that sphere during those critical years of his development he'll always FEEL that void. That's all I'm saying. I sincerely hope that he can delude himslf into thinking those social interactions can carry "meaning" or "purpose", I really do. But at the same time, I'm trying being realistic.

Why don't you just tell him to kill himself?

Because that's god fucking awful? What the fuck is wrong with you?

These guys are fags op.
You're alright just try and go do something you actually like doing once in a while

I like how people bitch about this post, but it's more worthwile than the brotard who's answer to all of life's problem is "just hit the gym".

Yes, it might be uncomfortable but... Not really? It's an aspect of life you're not privy to in some sense. Just let it go. It's unimportant in some sense. Just go about your life. People in here acting like it's the end all be all, asking me to encourage OP to kill himself and what not ,but it really isn't that important unless you've experienced it.

That's esstentially what you're implying.

Go to board game meetups. Get a job at some place you have to be social. I heard McD's helps you make lots of friends.

>Go to board game meetups.
You tried it?

Yes, met a few friends there.

What kind of people go there? I attempted to go a MtG pre-release event and it was filled with cool hipsters. I left quite quickly.

Same except I never worked or done anything produxtive, it's like a blank place in my life and the problem is it was my building years so I'm a shallow person that feels like an imposter. I feel I will never truly connect with people

>I feel I will never truly connect with people
Can't say something like that unless you've passed the threshold of 25 (or 30).

My old boss recruited the biggest faggot I've ever worked with from a board game meet-up

...is that a good thing or a bad thing?

a bad thing....I can only imagine the type of douchebags who go to those things if my old boss (a douche) and the other faggot went to board game meet ups

As long as they're the old type of cringy nerds and not the cool hipsters that plaque nerdom today, then I think I might be okay with them.

MtG is weird. It's just too hard to keep up with so it draws a certain crowd. You have to constantly be buying cards and making decks. It's expensive and time consuming.
It was a more introverted crowd with lots of people in the medical field. Might be my location though. The hospital is a major employer where I live. I hang out with a couple I met there. I'm not sure of her position exactly but my friend works in the Cancer treatment center and her fiancé is a nurse. They're genuinely caring people.

Get a job that makes you work with people.

>Might be my location though.
Maybe. I went to 2 places that day, hipster place which near the centre of the city and place that literally only had 4 old people and their grandchildren. Suffice to say it wasn't a great result.

Underrated God Tier Pun

You in SF?

UK. Somewhere in the crap bits of London.


Final bump. Jow Forums seems to be falling apart at the seams and when it breaks down I will literally have no but my parents to talk to.

Well using basic math if your issue is that you've been shut in for 7 years then your solution is to obtain 7 years worth of social life experience. It's a lot to make up for, but shit you wrote the question, I don't know what alternative answer you thought existed

Too bad. I would have hung out with you lol. I thought you might be in the bay area since you said you wrote software and were surrounded by hipsters.

Two different people, the OP is gone I think. I decided to chime in since I basically have the same problem. I really don't know what to do.

So you were the one that said you didn't like MtG meetups? And you live in London?
What are you like?

Yeah to both. What am I like? Unremarkable, in a place where everyone seems to dress like a hipster, even the chavs have adopted the style. Everybody seems to have tats, piercings, coloured-hair, gauges, that tiny backpack etc.

Are all the old unstylish nerds dead?

I'm trying to be friendly and chat with you man. What kind of things do you like to do? Do you have a job?
Don't worry about hipsters. They're just trying to figure things out too.

I'm a 29 yo dude, that's lost interest in most things. I'm a night shift shelf-stacker.