Is my fetish immoral?

I'm attracted to licking the bottom of other men's used sneakers or work boots. Although I'm gay, I'm only attracted to licking straight men's footwear.

To get ahold of the footwear, I offer to buy it on craigslist. I pay a decent amount per pair (depends but usually $50 for old sneakers and upwards of $100 for old boots) to help them replace the footwear and as compensation for how weird my fetish is. I'm transparent about why I am buying them.

I feel like a creep. I've gotten physically ill from ingesting gross stuff, and even though I'm transparent, it feels wrong.

Am I being too moralistic about it or am I being immoral?

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You shouldn't mention your fetish to anyone during introductions but generally speaking it's pretty tame.

t. someone who knows plenty of people who have received unexpected messages for their used riding boots, one time the dude even wanted the boots to still be covered in horse shit

But why?

I don’t see how it’s immoral but it is definitely abnormal and unhealthy

K, thanks for the responses.

I've purchased footwear in a similar condition but not horse manure. Usually footwear worn in industrial environments with chemicals and such.

It's a form of being submissive.

Oh my god for your health PLEASE don't lick used shoes. People can and have gotten parasites and all sorts of infections from it. I recall a guy getting worms in his eye.

Look for a fetish club, or find a bootblacking group. You need a place that will engage in your fetish in a healthy, safe way.

As far as fetishes go, that's pretty normal. Just please take care of your health.

Correction: Don't lick shoes that have been used outside. You can lick shoes specifically designated for the fetish play, and kept relatively clean, away from dirt and feces and parasites and chemicals.

Unfortunately, the fact that the shoes are dirty and there are unknowns is part of what makes it attractive.

If you’re in Pittsburgh I’ve got some shoes to sell you. I’m a mailman, they’re real worn out.

Ty but I'm in the upper midwest.

yes it is inmoral, if you consider morality being taking care of your own perfections (like being healthy, nothing religious or judgmental).
you have a dangerous paraphilia that you should treat with a professional.

Hey user, I have a pair of nice leather hiking shoes that my dad gave to me and I've used for about 4 or so years. Great condition and honestly they smell pretty nice (think leather and pine needles and dirt). Anyways, I'm in Texas and I can ship if these shoes for you if you wanna buy. You interested?

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I don't think it's immoral.
Can you set up a relationship with someone to give you shoes? Maybe a few different broke college guys? Just ask them to follow certain safety precautions.
Idk man. Be safe.

That’s weird as shit, but not immoral. I’d even let you lick my shoes if you wanted to lol.

Hmu senpai I'll sell you my old boots

I don't want to share my info on Jow Forums but thanks.

That's too bad. I would totally go for that but don't want to ask straight men for that. I think most would be freaked out.

Your fetish is immoral for your wallet. Shit is hurting me, more than it is for you.

Nah, you're cool user.
Do check the medical side of things, as you've mentioned getting ill from it.

It was from someone who works at a steel mill. He later told me they use some intense chemicals and that's probably why I got sick.