Should I have an abortion? My boyfriend doesn't speak the same language as me, I only make 600 a week he makes 500. I have no college experience he's in this country illegally. We have no money only one car between us. Is it possible to do this with no money?

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You should stop having sex desu

Have the baby and give him/her in adoption. Do not kill your own child.

Pro life people have no place on Jow Forums. Go back to christianmingle.net dweeb

either get an abortion or go through with it and give it up for adoption
I think, however, in your case going through with carrying a child for 9 months would have a huge negative impact on your life, not to mention the possible health issues you could face even after giving birth

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You guys make a combined total of $57,000 a year and you're not sure if you can afford to raise a kid? I think it may be possible.

Yes get an abortion. If you are in a better position in your life someday then have kids. But if you're not ready yet then it is the best choice. Make sure to talk it over with your bf before doing it.

I'm a server so I make between 4 and 600 depending on how busy it is

My boyfriend doesn't really have any opinions he says he'll support me no matter what

Before having a kid you should make your bf learn your language so he can be independent and marry you so he's legal. Even after a kid they can still deport him. Then what? I think you aren't ready for a baby based on this anyway

How are you dating someone you can't talk to even a little?

I would recommend it. it's going to be way cheaper and better for you in the long run. You can always have a baby later if you want.

Get one early, as soon as you can. It can be a very involved process depending on where you live. if you live in the US, pic related should help.

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Get the abortion do it

It is more than just speaking the same language and having enough money to ask yourself if you should keep your child or kill it. If course, those are important things but are you mentally sound? Are you prepared? Will you have enough patience and understanding? Having your partner there always helps but if you have to raise the baby on your own, it’s hard but not impossible. As far as the money goes... in the U.S there is plenty of assistance until you really get on your feet. However, it sounds like you guys make pretty decent money together if your getting that amount every week?

>life is hard, should I kill a baby?

Pro abortion people have no place on earth
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> be poor
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> in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t fucking speak the same language as you
> fuck without condoms

Please, never breed again after this abortion

Why are you having sex then?

Ill send this thread over to my friends at ICE. Have fun in the deportation camp!

I’d abort you if it was legal.

Just do it, and please use protection next time, condoms are cheaper than abortion

>hould I have an abortion? My boyfriend doesn't speak the same language as me, I only make 600 a week he makes 500. I have no college experience he's in this country illegally.
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Abortion was only legalized to control the population of Africans and degenerates. Remember that.

OP given that your boyfriend doesn't speak English, abort.
But may I ask, how did you manage to have a relationship with him? I tried this once with a Ukrainien and it worked but it was a challenge.