Never orgasmed from sex

I've had exciting hook-ups, sex with guys I was in serious relationships with, tried different things, tried all sorts of foreplay, toys, sex with a girl, and no one has made me orgasm. I fucking hate having a vag. I'm always horny as fuck but sex is always a giant disappointment. Even when I masturbate it takes a lot of concentration and patience. How do I fix this issue?

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Do you have any medical issues? Are you depressed? Are you taking medication or birth control?

try letting every feeling go, like as you got nothing on you anymore. also imagine a porn scene when masturbating

Have you had oral sex performed on you?

Have you tried BDSM?

How difficult is it for you to orgasm from masturbation?

I'm currently weaning off of Effexor (for anxiety) but the med never even slightly affected my libido. I have a birth control implant (Nexplanon) but same deal.

I try to, really. Partway through the session I just feel bummed out that I'm not feeling anything mind-blowing.

Yes, it does nothing for me.

Being handcuffed, choked, slapped and spanked.

Very. Takes hours and usually I just fall asleep or give up before I finish.

Also I've had a gynecologist say everything is normal down there.

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This sounds like a challengeaccepted.jpg scenario. Are you in Germany or was your OP pic just a coincidence?

The super annoying thing is that being concerned and thinking about orgasms probably further prevents it from happening. "Don't think about it just relax amd enjoy the sex and it will come by itself" isn't all that helpful advice either.

Have you tried going for a g-spot orgasm?
What toys have you used?

I'm a guy so this might not work for you but for me when I'm trying to cum it's difficult unless I do some mental gymnastics to focus on NOT cumming once it starts feeling good. The more I try to finish the more my body resists so maybe you're having the same thing going on.

wenlafaxin(effexor) may cause anorgasmia and its not that rare afaik.

Same user here.
It also might be independent of libido to answer your doubts. Talk to your psychiatrist about alternative meds - I'm not sure about that but SNRIs and SSRIs really differ from one another so there might be one that won't cause this side effect in your case.

Try masturbating, meditation, and yoga.

This sort of stuff has to come from within.

I'm in the US. That's a shame because I love white foreign guys, Germans being a top 3 for me. I am going to put in a request at work to see if they will let me make a business trip to Germany in 2019/2020 since our workplace is a German-based company.

I can't remember what toys. One was that popular wand that supposedly is a miracle toy for girls. But not me. The best toy I used was an inflatable butt plug.

This does happen to me too.

I'm on a long road to getting off of it completely, and will take an occasional xanax or attivan instead. my new doc agreed my previous doc shouldn't have put me on it in the first place.

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OP sounds like you have a really difficult vagina. Don't know what to tell you, except maybe try having a guy milk your g-spot with his fingers if he knows how. It almost always works for me, only ever failed one time with this one chick who it was impossible to make cum.

My current girl is pretty easy and most of the time will orgasm just from getting pounded good and hard for a few minutes. Vaginas are weird and highly variable.

Aw, too bad. Well, if you come to Germany, let's go on a date. Maybe I can pull tricks on you nobody else has been able to.

Any ssri's? When I took antidepressants I didn't cum.

Prostitution is legal in Germany. Of course most prostitutes are women but there are men too. Consider hiring a professional male prostitute when you are there. The bonus is that you can ask him to do whatever hidden fetishes you might have. So for example if you are a jew and have a secret fetish for being tied up and abused by a German in a SS uniform, ask for it.

how do people have sex when they can't cum?

I wish.

That's a scenerio I would try... but I wouldn't pay for sex.

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OP here, I have an insatiable desire for sex. With cumming being a major issue for me I wish I could be content with just jillin forever, but alas.

I can dress up in a SS uniform and tie you up naked and abuse you for free.

Lmao you fucking loser

fuck a dog or horse maybe the big cocks plus the taboo of it will get you off.

i meant like, do you get pleasure out of it and suddenly hop off?
i just build up the pleasure til i cum, seems like a waste of time if i didn't cum

My ex never came and was barely wet, I was lifting 300lbs in the gym. The least I can say was that I dumped her pretty quick. Fat asian into porno with unreal expectations... you remind me of her. I don't care for your problems hoe bag. Try appreciating men and realizing that they do most of the shit you would never be able to accomplish.

>The best toy I used was an inflatable butt plug.
Ever done anal, or at least combined butt play with masturbation?

Now it's on my bucket list.

Big cocks don't make a difference. They hurt if I'm being fucked missionary style.

It's fun. It feels good. I like pleasing the guy I'm with. It's just not orgasmic.

I've done both.

Do you like giving blowjobs?

Do you have rape fantasies sometimes?

Love it.

Yes, and I've tried it in roleplay.

On average, how big are the dicks of the guys you sleep around with?

There are some very intense erogenous zones, like the anterior fornix and cul-de-sac, that only bigger penises can reach. Most of the women I've been with have never came during PIV sex until they did it with me

>I have a huge dick and fuck lots of girls and give all of them orgasms
Sure thing.

I haven't been with many but most were average. Two were big and 1 small.

How is sex drunk/on weed (if you smoke?)

I had a gf who had never came before in her life, and this drug called phenibut worked for her, and she was able to come after that.

But like I said, she had never been able to cum even with masturbation,so it very well might be a completely different situation

find a guy with magic fingers i did

Never tried sex high or drunk. I feel like shit when I'm high though. hmm.

If you are open to it, try fucking on MDMA.
Freaking amazing

>Are you having any discomfort during sex?
>Are your partners kept around long enough to work on your need?
>have you slept with any uncircumcised men?

Orgasms are tricky business. But there is some issue if you can't make yourself orgasm in less than twenty. I suspect their is some mental block going on there. Its a lot easier to tell a partner what you want, if you can figure out what works for you.

Most of the time the guy won't be able to keep a boner on molly, it's called dope dick for a reason.

I know for sure I'm going to sound like your grandma but make sure you have a balanced diet with lots of vitamins. I would also recommend taking a tolerance break. if you don't know what a tolerance break is it's just a period of time where you stop doing something, kind of like No Nut November.

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I've done the tolerance break. I could improve my diet and vitamin intake though.

Maybe I'm just fucked.

You need to mentally coach yourself into it.

Try to use your self talk info your ultimate fantasy where you end up Cumming.

You could also use a vibrator until you are close to Cumming then have your man stick his dick in.

vibrators don't work.

I don't know if it's exactly the same for women, but when i was on antidepressants i could get aroused just fine, but cumming was frustratingly difficult

Benzos are bad mmmkay?

How do you feel about white Americans of German descent?

Very happy for you Yoda