Is It Legal To Pay Someone to Kiss/Make out with You?

Say I go to the bar/club and offer girls $500 to make out with me, is that prostitution since you could argue it's sexual? Or since it doesn't specifically involve a sexual act (as defined by law) is that considered ok in the law books?

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But prostitution is legal?

Prostitution is illegal but doesn't that only apply to sexual activities, which is defined by law as very specific acts.

It’s legal but pretty pathetic. If you have $500 to burn, go for it.

America? If you film it it is legal, if not it's prostitution.

yea say you're doing a make out compilation on xnxxcom

I come from a super rich family so it's not a problem.

No it isn't. Porn industry is so heavily regulated you can't get away with the "its not prostitution its porn" without actually getting a business license and distributing it.

>Prostitution is illegal
Oh, I see. You are american?

Doesn't really matter, you can't do it where i live, like most places. Only really Germany and Amsterdam and Australia have it legal.

>You ask for a service
>Offer money for ir
>Service is delivered
Nothing illegal with that. In order to be prostitution it should involve sex.
That being said, paying for either sex or kisses is pathetic and disgusting.

How is it pathetic and disgusting?

It's legal or semi-legal almost everywhere. Just US, Saudi Arabia, Sweden have it illegal to the point you can get arrested for it.

Imagine all the other people who paid that woman to have sex with her or even kiss her. You're basically kissing 100+ dudes before you and putting your dick in the same hole 100+ or so dudes have before you.

I never understood how people could be into prostitution. I guess they are all ugly as all shit or so retarded they don't think for a second what are the implications of their actions.

Canada has the most strict prostitution laws in the world regarding it.

I don't mean prostitution, i mean just paying a random girl at the bar or club $500 to kiss me

And besides, pretty much every girl now has had hundreds of sexual partners.

If a girl accepts 500$ for a kiss she is probably a whore.
>pretty much every girl now has had hundreds of sexual partners
>Everyone is disgusting so that means it isn't disgusting anymore

Wouldn't most girls accept $500 for a kiss?

Not a girl with principles, a quality you should look in girls.

What if i told you, beggers can't be chosers?

Wouldn't make it any less disgusting. Just a bit more justified. It would be disgusting for the woman as well.

So what do you suppose i do? Remain a kissless virgin my whole life?

I'd make out with you for 500$

It depends on you. You can stay a kissless virgin with dignity or you can waste money on disgusting women until you go broke.
You should give me those 500$, I need them.

I'll never go broke, my family is extremely wealthy

Would they be proud of you for spending 500$ in a kiss?

My mom offered me money to go to Amsterdam to the red-light district once but i refused because i felt like that would be really weird and awkward.

Well, just so you know, your family is really shitty too. Just fuck yourself up, not like you can't be any more fucked outside of STD.

>that would be really weird and awkward
Seems less awkward to pay a professional sex worker than a random drunk club girl

Your family is shitty and neglectful if they wouldn't do that

I wouldn't fuck a random drunk club girl, I was going to find a sober one and pay her $500 to KISS ONLY but only if that is not against the law.

>Your family would be neglectful if they didn't encourage you to get STD
You should actually go so you can die already.

>what are condoms?

for a business license all you need is an LLC. distributing all you need is the intent to distribute. You don't have to actually do it. Or put up for free on pornhub

The industry isn't as heavily regulated when anyone with a pornhub account and camera can record it. There are hundreds of channels that make money and have a lot of views with amateur content

What you parents should have used.

prostitutes do brush their teeth and take showers and everything else a normal human being does, you know

>And besides, pretty much every girl now has had hundreds of sexual partners.

Hi r9k. Girls of this generation actually have the least amount of sex and least amount of sexual partners than ever before.

Do you really want your first kiss to be something that you spent 500 buckaroos on, that's like as much as a playstation with VR goggles.

Like others said if you're going to pay, especially that much, go and buy a hooker.

have you tried regular dating? $500 will pay for a lot of dates.
if you're really from a rich family i'd think you could at least find some gold digger, no matter how ugly and socially retarded you are.

They also kiss 10+ dudes and get 10+ different dicks in themselves on regular basis. It's disgusting and you're a faggot if you think otherwise.
>Girls of this generation actually have the least amount of sex and least amount of sexual partners than ever before.

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dates are hard to come by. some of these dudes here are desperate

go back to r/incel you cuck

Incel is an insult made up by SJW and camwhores. Kill yourself.

Kek. Get your facts straight matey, maybe google a little before you make an idiot of yerselfie again. Also, when asking stuff like that providing a location is quite important since (might be a shocker) different countries have different laws. Both regarding prostitution and providing any kind of services and NOT paying tax for said services.