Acid turned me into a republican

Anyone else? Used to be a Bernie bro, male feminist etc. made excuses for being a loser constantly.

One day I was jacking off in my moms basement on a really good dose, when I came I realized how ridiculous it was that I was 23 living at my moms jacking off on acid in the basement.

The porn I was watching made me realize that the entire gender fluid/transgender thing is completely bullshit too, there’s really only male or female, being a pussy isn’t a gender.

From here on out I slowly became a republican. This was 3 1/2 years ago now. My life is way better now. I still use psychedelics a little here and their. But I got a good blue collar job in a skilled trade and make 60 grand a year, live on my own, and never looked back on the lazy socialist mindset. got into fitness and looking at learning mma. I hate feminism and the public school system and leftists in general, not too big on the lgbt movement.

I attribute all of this to that acid trip I had back in my moms basement where I just realized all of this shit is for losers and these people aren’t marginalized.

Anyone else experience this?

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We've found it. The most embarrassing post in Jow Forums history. Congratulations, OP!

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No, I've pretty much always been Conservative and a NAZI compared to my fellow Californians

So you’re still jacking off in your moms basement I take it?

Based and redpilled

Sounds like you were a loser and then decided to stop being a loser. I don't grasp what politicts has to do with it, it just seems that you've decided to stop being useless. I would recommend to anyone that they do that.

I did!

I took acid in 2015 and it changed my life drastically for the better. I was already well-off and intelligent, but it honed in my social skills, made me aware of my mistakes, taught me to get fit, more benefits than I can account for. While I hate to call anything a miracle drug, LSD was honestly a miracle for me... and with absolutely no side effects. It's incredible.
Why this is a Schedule 1/Schedule A banned substance is beyond me. It just shows how scared the government is of this molecule.

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Acid made me confident and less needy. far as politics. it made me careless actually. its the best drug ever

why do you post here so much if you're so much better?

My first shroom trip did the same for me, but in a different way.

It made me realize I could do better in the world and be better to my family and friends if I put my interests first so that I could be a reliable provider instead of just being like fuck the system man.

Because I have a lot to offer, now that I am succeeded in my life.

Like, it's better to take advice from someone who overcame problems, than someone who still suffers from problems. And I find it easy to help maybe 40% of these threads.

Mainly I just want to give back to this site. Jow Forums was always in my life and I attribute it to my success. Also you guys were always here for me, always. It's like a better-than-best friend that nobody knows I have. I love you guys so much and feel loyalty.

fuck off hx

As I get older, I have been getting more conservative, financially-speaking. But, the Republican party hasn't been "normal conservative" in a long while, perhaps in a decade or more.

Now, if there was an actual party in the US that supported a balanced budget, reducing the debt and size of government, getting rid of tax loopholes, getting money out of politics, stopping handouts to big government officials, and supporting small businesses, I'd be all in favor. But there isn't.

It kind of reminds me of unions. The union/government is supposed to fight for it's people. But before long, it develops it's own interests and completely diverges from it's original mandate and becomes antagonistic to all sides.

>The porn I was watching made me realize that the entire gender fluid/transgender thing is completely bullshit too
This part is delusion of enlightenment. Common among acid users and people jerking themselves off.

Anyway, besides busting your balls
>Anyone else experience this?
You shifted your worldview during an acid trip while you were reflecting on your life. This is probably very common among people who do acid.

With or without acid, it’s totally normal to shift somewhat more conservative after taking a good and honest look state of society. “Republican” is a pretty broad category of people, so nothing about being Republican is unusual or unreasonable.

You looked at your excessive, probably superficial SJW point of view and you realize it was time to mature a bit. This doesn’t mean you need to become some kind of joker who is impressed by Ben Shapiro or Jordan Peterson. It just means you don’t want to be a cringey Bernie bro, and this is a good thing.

Hopefully (maybe this is biased of me) this is a step towards you forming more independent, well-balanced views of the world.

Nah, I was just born with a functioning brain. Pity the rest of me didn't fare so well.


My brother took LSD and recounts similarly that it motivated him to improve his life drastically.

I've tried LSD as well, and found most of the trip to simply be fear and confusion, with some nice, mild, visual effects near the end.

I think I just need to really give into the change LSD causes, and not fight it like I did last time. Unfortunately, I can not find anyone selling LSD.

just wait until those same republicans you support ship out your job to chinese manufacturing

>made excuses for being a loser constantly.

The only people I ever see making excuses for being losers, at least around here, are always Red Pill retards. Mexicans stole their jobs, feminists stole their video games, it's the roastie's fault they can't get a gf, it's actually cell phones and facebook's fault that no one wants to be friends with them, etc.

>I hate feminism and the public school system and leftists in general

Imagine doing LSD and thinking you had a big revealing life-changing epiphany and what you got out of it is "I hate people that I don't agree with".

Out of the frying pan and into the other frying pan for you I guess.

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Solid bait.

Never understood identity politics either. I mean these people are trying to argue that your personality is a fucking gender.

There’s only 2. Trans is just going from one to the other that’s still only 2. And the whole spectrum thing is nonsense is still implying there’s only 2 since as they themselves argue all those other genders are just a combination of those 2 in different ratios so it’s still only 2. Saying your gender is 60% male and 40% female does not make a new gender.

Just wait until those same democrats you support flood your state with illegal Mexicans and Africans and Arabs and give them jobs and saturate the job market and force employer to hire them over you and then on top of that give them free housing and food and luxury items that you will have to pay for.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

arguing politics on the internet while pretending that you attained enlightenment is a terminal mental disorder

Everyone confuses gender and sex, this includes the SJW snowflakes as well as the boomer republicans.

Sex is what's between your legs essentially.

Gender is what we socially and culturally associate with the sex. Girls wear pink, boys wear blue, girls should learn ballet, guys should learn a high-impact sport, etc.

Remember "metrosexual" from some years ago? That meant guys who wore some make-up but only because it attracted girls easier. Metrosexual men weren't trying to be women or anything.

Also a lot of these social notions about gender evolve and change over time (pink used to be the boys' color and blue was for girls) and can also vary wildly from culture to culture.

both people on the far left and far right tend to lose their shit if they see something unconventional like maybe a boy wants to play with a barbie doll. The far-left mom will start to take pictures for her blog and go and buy home girls' clothes because she think he think he's a girl now, and the far-right dad will beat the shit out of the kid until he's too scared to even look at a barbie doll anymore because he thinks the same thing as the mom.

Make sure it's real acid
Ask yourself "why" a lot.
Like a lot.
Sounds stressful when you're sober, but on LSD it's rather enchanting to ask that question.

Also no music, nor distractions, and do it in a safe and calm please. If you can meditate there, then you can take LSD there.

Is this really what you're thinking reading this? How? It's more mildly amusing than anything else

How do you agree with current Republican policies though? Tax cuts without reducing spending, wanting to repeal the ACA without proposing a replacement, promoting private prisons...not to mention the current attachment to a man who is blatantly corrupt to an extreme degree.

Seems to me the only appeal is some individual rights (2nd amendment notably) and border control. Except they want to build a fucking wall instead of funding ICE to investigate visa overstays...


Thanks OP, you are not a faggot.

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