Be me

>be me
>have long term onetisis
>we become friends
>one night at a party
>we sleep in the same bed
>start making out, fingering
>another girl comes to sleep with us
>gets too drunk, starts vomiting
God no
>we take care of her
>keep making out in the meantime
>almost 3 hours
>she starts riding me while girl 2 is next to us in bed
>get tired of making out
>she kept licking me in the ear for another 30 mins
Shit is nice
>3 weeks later still friends but we act like it never happened
>we hang literally all day and she writes me the second we separate
>"But user we're just friends"
>She gets drunk
>"We'll move together for college and we'll fuck all day"
>"I can't wait for you to take my virginity"
>user no we are just friends I don't want a relationship

What do I do?
She initiates hand holding but when I initiate she pulls back, she sat in my lap at a club yesterday, she keeps bringing food and asking me to hand with her, she tells me she loves me 20 times a day
But I want her to stop playing I feel like if I don't move I'll lose her.
I'm also dating another girl right now, so I did the "go with other women" part, and I want to secure onetisis before leaving her.
Please advise.

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She is most likely a whore and should be treated as such but before you make your final judgement ask her why is it that she is against a relationship.
If it's mostly some shit along the lines of "I value our friendship more and I don't want to ruin it" then she is in fact a whore.

Don't sleep with her, she'll probably claim rape and quote texts as evidence.

I called her a whore the day before making out, I know she's a whore, but she's a virgin whore, as opposed to all the other whores around.
If she breathes...

Eastern Europe, no such thing, even if I were to rape her she'd be humiliated

That's extremely unlikely but OP can always take some precautions.
If she is a whore like I suspect then sex is all she is good for but I would advise against it because OP might have trouble correctly judging when it stps being worth it and cutting the relationship. I say that from my own experience.

Well to be frank I would probably go for it against my better judgement if I were you but however you look at it it's willingly hurting yourself to achieve something that might be impossible from the start.

It's ok I'm not the loving kind, I'm quite cynical and I fully expect to be cheated on from the start, I don't even care about the girl I'm dating or any before me, onetisis tells me she loves me and I respond with "ok" plenty times out of reflex.
So my well being shouldn't be taken into consideration.
I just wanna smash, I've been in the same class with this girl for 14 years, since kindergarten, there's something really hot about her.
I wanna smash and keep smashing for a few months till I move away.

Now you got me confused. Are you talking about the oneitis or the other girl?

This is an English website, please use it

Onetisis, but I told you that I won't be hurt by onetisis even if she does something, giving as an example my girl.
My girl won't cheat on me.

It's good enough for you to get the main point

Then go for it but don't leave your current girl - she will be an asset that works in your advantage in many ways.
That aside try not being an asshole and make sure your current gf doesn't learn about this.

Thanks user, that's what I planned to do.
But I'm asking how I should get onetisis?
Should I just make out again when drunk and maybe then push the idea? We basically act as a couple already.

My advice would be don't push her to confirm the relationship yet. Simply try to get her to fuck if you get the right opportunity.

I'm so fucking bad with flirting, pointers on how to do it? I can't tell a woman that shes beautiful/sexy/cute and have a straight face.

I also don't know how to bring talk on to sexual level.

>I'm also dating another girl right now
I wouldn't have a damn thing to do with an asshole like you that is dating and probably sleeping with other girls while trying to sleep with me.

I never tell girls they're beautiful or compliment them, even in relationships I do it rarely
Just look into their eyes and talk, you'll know

Good thing I've got nothing to do with you then

It doesn't work that often for me, I am really good at being myself, have no problems with teasing them, maintaining eye contact, to top it all off I have a shit ton of confidence, but one thing that I cannot really do is complimenting and flirting, because it ends up sounding dishonest, because AFTER ALL it isn't me.

I want to try give effort and change it to being better at flirting or sexual talk though, so ANY pointers to try out would be great.

Fuck her and/or move one she sound like more trouble than she's worth

I'm going to file this under "not a real problem"

Well you're basically me, I don't compliment or sex talk, it feels fake, but I escalate with touch so it's fine, just kino my man

Oh shit man, we really are the same.
I escalate with touch just fine too, problem is I can only pull it in clubs really.

I know touches out in public make her feel even harder for me,but I can't really justify touching her up the neck, back or such in public place if we are not already in some kind of relationship.

I just so stupid things like "let's count shoulders" and other body pick up "lines"
It's funny and unexpected, and as opposed to pick up lines you say, they are rarely used, so she most likely hasn't seen them before

>I just so stupid things like "let's count shoulders" and other body pick up "lines"

Aw shit man, we'd be fucking bros in real life

Yeah you're an asshole. So to answer your inquiry why she won't have sex with you, she knows you are having sex with other girls and don't care anything for her other than to have sex. You aren't this stupid or this insensitive are you? Come here and whine and want sympathy because a girl won't give in when you are seeing other girls.

She wants to have sex, she told me that if you'd read the post, but she turns down the idea of a relationship, for whatever reason she does that
Like I picked her up and I made out with her against the wall, all fine
Hold hands? Fuck no

Ok I'm in a similar situation and here's what you do:
Remember this line from Hamlet: "must I like a whore, unpack my heart with words?"
When you're with her, don't talk about your feelings or relationships, just try to fuck her.
Then in the morning after when you're cuddling, raise the idea. Don't pressure her, but be firm. Say something like "you seem to enjoy whatever it is we have, so let's just keep doing it". You can get women to agree to anything after you fuck em.
So from here, just treat her as your gf, eventually she won't even notice that she's become yours.

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Take the initiative and confront her about it.

God damn user you're wise as fuck, you even had the quote and everything.
I rarely get the chance to do it but that's a great plan, I'll be defacto boyfriend until she's the real girlfriend.
Thanks user

You're welcome, glad to help. Hope we both get what we want, and godspeed user.