Lack of direction in life

I am college graduate and have been unemployed for around 5 months. I live with my parents and have little motivation to find work and go forward with my life.

Is anyone in a similar situation?

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Many such cases user.
What did you study?

Can I just suggest for the sake of your mental health, find a job. Any job. It can help put things into perspective. Doesn’t need to be in your field. Waiter. Pizza delivery guy. Sales associate. Landscaping. Anything. Something to get you up and out of the house, if only for a few hours.

Trust me.

This, because kids your age become homeless when folks have enough of you getting a warm bed and three meals a day free, all the while at work someone knowingly keeps asking “ how’s your son? Did he get a job yet!?!”...

By folks do you mean parents? Either way, that sort of mindset of doing things because you feel guilty never lasts, and I speak from experience.

Fine, then let OP become homeless because leaving on your own terms vs. being chucked out is equal to you.

If "leaving on your own terms" equates to leaving out of some imagined sense of guilt as you suggested, then neither are good choices.

It’s not about guilt. It’s about do you want to have choices and goals, or face being cast out and having to suck cocks to get money for food and crack?

I have a first in english from a decent university. I don't think that the problem is with the degree but with my lack of work experience / internships.

I think that you are right. It seems silly but I feel like pride gets in the way. I don't like the idea that my degree amounts to nothing. I've also found that the time I've spent working is very draining. It feels like spending my time at home is marginally better than time at work.

M8 so I studied sport management. I did internships with my D1 school. random jobs for local sports networks. Live in a big market for sports. And never got a job. Interview after interview, the same defeated look every time I came home.

Basically it got to the point that I got a job after a year, and the restaurant shut down. Then I went another whole year without a job. It got the the point that I would lie to my mom about interviews, leave the house for like 6 hours in a suit, then come home and pretend it went well. Then I just sat and thought what’s the lowest of the low tier I could start out in? I got a job at my local sporting goods store in the mall. Worked my way from part time to full time. Great rapport with managers and when one of them left he took me with him. Right now I work in a very big retail store in my city as a manager. Pay isn’t anything to brag about but I’m paying phone, bit of rent, bus ticket, car, car insurance.

I think the other day my new coworkers were like so user are you in school or anything. I was like no I already graduated. Told them my degree and my school name. They were impressed.

I guess my point is, just keep busy. Don’t sit in your own filth feeling sorry for yourself. Don’t look back at the past 4 years with regret. Everyone takes different paths in life. And never think your above a job or an industry. You never know where it might lead you. I’m not in the position I thought I would be after I graduated, but it’s a hell of a lot better then the position I was a few years ago, sitting in my room playing vidya til 4am and fapping 5 times a day, just to feel something.

Thanks for the answer. I've applied for a lot of places and the constant rejections are hard. I find that I get very angry when the topic comes up at home. I'll try some other places.

Have you thought about joining the United States Army? With your college degree you can become an officer!

Funnily enough I have applied for an officer role and am waiting for a reply.

Nice one man, I’m an US Army Recruiter and I like browse on here on my free time and try to help out others and get them on the right path. You going 11A?

Yo bro, you gonna waiver eye-sight for me if I go 18D?!

I don't live in the US. I appreciate you trying to shill army jobs though.

Ohhhhh an Officer!

Yeah I can help get you a waiver, where you located? Got kik?


Literally the fucking same. I graduated in July of this year and haven’t been able to get a job since. Even subway is requiring that I have a minimum of 1 year worth of experience it retail. I live in bumfuck Kentucky (backwoods Kentucky). My major was a trade job in welding but the local lawmakers where I live incentivize high taxes so all of the businesses have fled. 90% of my town is on food stamps. 80% of my town is unemployed. Almost everyone here is either a pill head or a Bible thumper that believes everything given to them by the government is mana from heaven.
Opportunity is dead here, I’ve been thinking about starting a business at this point, fuck I’ll do anything, except suck dick. I’m at the point of realization that if I want opportunity, I have to make it myself. I’ve been thinking about opening up a glassblowing shop to make bongs (tobacco pipes) or investing in the stock market (only $100 and see where it goes).

Anybody else got suggestions?

>Is anyone in a similar situation?

Just 90% of the people on Jow Forums

move to a city asap