I never had a gf and I don't have any friends to go out with...

I never had a gf and I don't have any friends to go out with. Is it worth just randomly strolling through the city running errands in hopes of finding a gf this way?

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You know your lack of friends and a social life are what's hurting your chances of dating. Don't you think it would be better to try and be social instead of hoping to randomly find a girl that would go for you on the street?

Well I gotta start somewhere? How the fuck do I start?

>hoping to randomly find a girl that would go for you on the street
I mean, if I like her I would kinda try talking to her, I don't expect getting swarmed on I know I gotta be the one that makes first contact.

>How the fuck do I start?

Start doing something for fun. Join a club, a class, pick a group hobby, anything really. Make some friends.

>f I like her I would kinda try talking to her,

Yeah, and you hope she gives you a chance even though you are a social outcast trying to pick her up while grocery shopping. Come on, we both know if you can't even make and keep male friends areound a gf is a pipe dream at this point.

I've tried the hobby route. Nothing came out of it.

But how does she know I'm a social outcast? I look normal, not fat, not acne ridden, no neckbread, no disabilities, not ugly...

anything that gets you out of the house is good for your self development, and that's ultimately what will lead to a gf. But don't make it some spergy "this is my scheme to meet the girl of my dreams" thing. Just work on being more outgoing and active and the gf will come... eventually

>I look normal, not fat, not acne ridden, no neckbread, no disabilities, not ugly...

That doesn't make you a social outcast. Even fat, acne ridden neckbeards have friends to hang out, go out, celebrate birthdays and new years with, etc.

Your inability to meaninfully connect with other people is what makes you an outcast.

But what if I don't have any reasons to go out? Should I just go solo to cinema, to eat, cafes, walks...

But how would a person know that if it's nothing physical?

yep, all of the above

honestly just aimless walks are so underrated. I go on a walk for an hour or so each day and just listen to music and observe the world... plus I always find cool free shit on the street lol

ooh also I just thought of this but you could look into being an on-demand walker for wag or rover (basically uber/lyft for dog walks). You could earn a little cash while you're out and people (chicks especially) fucking LOVE dogs and will talk to you for no reason. I do it occasionally and it's super chill

They way you talk, mostly. I don't know if hyou get flustered easily, or angry, or if you are too shy, whatever. Something makes it hard for you to connect with people, and it will come out when talking to girls. As I said, you can't make and keep friends, what makes you think a gf will be easier?

I planned on seeing spiderverse this weekend solo anyway. It's just that, I'd much rather watch it with someone else.
The dog thing sounds good.

Shy, maybe idk?
The thing is I moved and, while all but social life has improved drastically, I have no one. My only friends are across the ocean.

>My only friends are across the ocean.

Then make new ones. What's stopping you? You even admit in this same post that you'd rather not be alone. So make a friend to go see movies with.

But how?? I'm done with uni and there are only old people at my job. I'm the youngest there by 10+ years at least. They wanted a young guy for tech things

What do you do in your free time?

Play game watch anime, shows, music, playing the guitar, gambling.

Everything this fag said is gay except the dog part
Bitches love dogs

I thought about getting a dog for a while now.

So, you don't hang out or meet new people. How do you expect to make friends like this?

I mean, isn't that what I'm asking in the first place? Reread the question in OP.
Where DO I start

Go to a gaming bar/lounge. There are always nerd grills there (with their boyfriends). Anyways, just get into a group or hobby or whatever and go with the flow. If you're actively prowling, you won't enjoy yourself and girls have a weird way of sensing that. Just have fun and good things will come.

Hang out with new people. We are going in circles. I say you need to do stuff with other people, you say hobbies don't work for you, I say randomly trying to connect with strangers is a lost cause, you say you are alone and can't meet people.

Get out of the house but to hang out. Join an artistic class, join a boardgame/roleplaying group, join some team sport, volunteer, anything that gets you connected with other people. Approaching women at the grocery is not a good way to expand your social circles.

But what's the point if everyone already has their group of friends? I'm not gonna invade someone's privacy by inviting myself into their friend circle.

Ehh, you're probably right. I don't like boardgames but maybe I'll start liking them.

Dude, pick something because youl ike it, not to be a follower. Go to a drawing class, animation class, join a band, do something that speaks to you.

How about you realize you have a dick between your legs, go out into the world with some confidence like a man, and make it happen? How do you ever expect to get a GF if you're this much of a wimp?

How does one join a band? Isn't that something you form with friends.

I've known far worse cases than myself.

Okay loser

>How does one join a band?

Sometimes people post ads online. There are also open bands and stuff. You'd have to look in colleges and clubs.

Basically, make an effort. I can't send you a link for this.