How do I convince myself that a person can't always be right no matter how smart they seem?

How do I convince myself that a person can't always be right no matter how smart they seem?

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By literally analyzing speech through your brain to see if it's legit or not. Are you devoid of a single stance or opinion?

history is littered with anecdotes

Smart =/ right, logical =/ right

But what if a person never says anything wrong from what I can tell?

Is this about the DBZ guy? If so, you need help Jow Forums cannot give

If you can't deipher between false, true, or whether you agree or not, take note of what they say and then research it. There's a passage in the beginning of Mein Kampf where Hitler explains that he felt the people at his construction job arguing in favor for social democracy were wrong, but he didn't have enough personal research to clearly back up that feeling. You have to put in the effort to gain knowledge on subjects you want to know the truth about Mon amie.

What if I find something to possibly counter an argument, but have no confidence in it despite having reasearched it?

Then that's arguing simply for the sake of countering their point. If you don't feel any emotional ties to the point you're making, then you should be even more efficient in clearly arguing the point.

I don't feel like counseling has done much for me so far

Because new concepts are created all the time and it would be impossible for someone to be privy to all that information.

Okay. How do I stop thinking that someone will always have the most logical answer to anything that requires simple analysis?

I don’t know.

So I'm screwed, then?

If you lack the brain power to think critically, then yes, you're screwed.

I am very intelligent. Follow me off this cliff please.

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The real trick is realizing that you yourself aren't always right, and not expressing your opinions as facts. Something I still struggle with myself, honestly.

I thought it was Harry potter

What do you usually talk about? Maybe you're just talking about subjects where he/she has plenty of knowledge where you have none.

Being impressed with knowledge to the point of just accepting what someone says if they sound knowledgable indicates a lot about your level of intelligence OP.

I have an IQ or 170. I am wrong on a frequent basis, because I go off of memory when answering questions, and am too lazy to verify, unless money/job/pussy is involved.

He had a Reddit account where he posted on Harry Potter stuff, but he deleted that thanks to one of you guys telling him about me.

You can still see his posts on a DBZ forum called Kanzenshuu. Username was rereboy. Account is no longer active.

Why do you care how smart they are and if they are right?

Thanks for clarifying. So you don't see him post anywhere any more? If so why is it still bothering you?

It's been like this for over two years. I just keep thinking about his posts and how he always seemed "right". Nobody could beat him in a debate, and he never said anything even remotely questionable. I started looking through his posts originally to see if he wasn't as smart as he initially seemed, which was a mistake that just made it worse. I'm constantly arguing with what he said in my mind, and I hate it.

We can't help you with your DBZ fantasy. Just get fucking help. Keep going through therapists.

We need these threads to disappear. You are no longer receiving nor contributing anything of remote relevance.

Insecurity, inferiority complex, etc.

I know this is getting repetitive, but I can't help it. Imagine feeling so inferior to someone that you're afraid of thinking for yourself because they may not agree and can argue their point better. That's what I go through on a regular basis.

Because if they're right all the time, what's the point in thinking for yourself?
is this him?
try sending him a message?

Link doesn't work
it's a profile with the username 'rereboy' on this forum
you can check his posts by clicking "view latest posts",last one was in november
i dunno if this is actually your guy