I might be in legal trouble and I need advice

I might be in legal trouble and I need advice

I was driving in a walmart parking lot and I accidentally hit an employee pushing carts back into the store. I barely touched him and he immediately fell to the ground, moaning and crying. I looked him over and got pissed off at this moron; if you can cry and move, you're fine. plus, I barely even hit him. I got mad, so I told him to get the fuck up and toughen up but this retard just kept crying like a little bitch. I kicked him and he got up but some random woman said she was going to call the police. I told the guy I didn't have time for this kind of bullshit and I left. now I got a call from the police saying they want to talk to me

realistically how much trouble am I in? this guy was clearly faking and looking for a huge lawsuit

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You fucking moron. Never, EVER leave the site of the incident until the police get there and wrap shit up. You might have just implicated yourself in a hit and run.

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the guy was faking, so he can fuck off. I did nothing wrong

You fucking idiot. Not only did you assault him by kicking him but you also LEFT THE SCENE OF AN ACCIDENT. What the fuck made you think that was okay? If you're lucky, you'll walk out without charges but you're probably looking at vehicular assault, assault and leaving the scene of an accident. Think next time retard, instead of calling everyone else a retard.

Force is MASS x velocity, retard. Even if you don't feel like you were going very fast, getting hit by 2 tons is nothing to sneeze at.
>if you can cry and move, you're fine
You can cry and move with all kinds of injuries. Hell, you can walk with a broken wrist or rib. That doesn't mean he was fine.
>I got mad, so I decided to assault him again on purpose this time
>someone said they were calling the police, so I ran like a completely innocent person

If you were so sure the guy was faking, you should have waited for the cops so they could check him out and back up your story. What the fuck are you going to do if he injures himself on purpose now? You're going to get pulled into court on a hit and run, and he's going to show off his sprained ankle or whatever the fuck and it'll just be his word against the guy who ran from the scene when an old lady saw him kicking the defendant on the ground.

You're hosed, idiot. Get yourself a damn good lawyer and then get on your knees and beg the guy to settle out of court.
Then maybe take some anger management classes.

>kicked a guy you hit with a car
This is some supreme bait

This has to be bait... right? RIGHT?

If not, holy shit OP you're in big trouble :dddd

lol...just lol

you are incredibly fucked

>hit a guy with your car hard enough he tumbles to the floor
>wtf not my fault!!
OP you shouldnt have been such an arrogant tard and just stuck around til the cops showed, kicking this already fallen dude while he's "faking" the pain only makes you look worse.
>you dont even know the guy, hit him with your car (on accident)
okok whatever
>proceed to kick him just because his fake cries for help pissed you off
christ user I cant even fathom how much of an outdated prick you are irl

>be OP
>be retarded
>Hit guy with car, get out, then assault him again
>Leave and bitch about it on the internet

You're looking at hit and run charges, assault charges, reckless driving charges, all sorts of shit. Good luck in prison.

No one can possibly be this retarded. You're baiting us all, OP.

I'm the cart guy and I would literally fuck your car and then your face if you fucked with me on the job. You clearly don't care about the condition of your car if you're gonna drive into people pushing around pieces of metal on wheels.

Umm, actually force is mass*acceleration. Momentum is mass*velocity, and force can be understood as the rate of change of momentum. Retard.

Yeah, well at least I'm not a criminal.


Why? Why bump the thread? What meaningful discussion is happening in here?

Hit and run is like a felony in the US I believe

Better start training your anus for Jamal's cock

why do you care?

Ok I'm sorry for saying this. Saying disrespectful shit on Jow Forums is old pasttime of mine and i know it's eventually going to have negative repercussions IRL. As soon as I ever have some time I always drink, smoke weed, cigarettes and/or start being stupid online. I need to stop.

I also think I'm underperforming at work and school. My manners aren't great and I'm irresponsible as well as pretty stupid. This is a lot for me to fix. The head bossman told me to do something but I didn't understand him and I was too scared to ask for clarification. Thank goodness my manager told me after to do the same thing or else I would have never known what I was supposed to do. I'm so bad at working. I'm bad at literally everything.

Nah mate, fellow Cartpusher here. I'd arch the carts so he had a nice bow to ram his compensator into. And then, since we're wearing clodhoppers by job def, if I got a fucking physical anything-- like a kick-- I'd respond in turn, and well, steel-toed boots probably hurt.

But the thing is, OP was baiting. There was no hit and run. Hell, OP probably doesn't even drive. You know where I'm getting?

>I'd arch the carts so he had a nice bow to ram his compensator into.
I wear no clodhoppers, I just have strong big boy toes. I'm a cashier by trade, they're just making me do carts all December for some retarded reason.