Be honest, Jow Forums. Do I have a chance?

Be honest, Jow Forums. Do I have a chance?

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You won't know unless you try.

We can't compare you to her cause u haven't used a pic she's worth it thou so you have an chance go for it

looks like someone i know lol

you have a chance, definitely not my type of person but to each their own

>block your ads, it's 2018

I would answer but I'm distracted by the milkers
I mean actually we don't know anything about you so how the hell would we know if you stood a chance. Not nearly enough info to make a judgement on

Alright, this is what I sent her, since you were all saying to give it a shot

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Is this a joke? It’s terribly bad as a joke and worse she’ll think that you’re serious. I know its a copypasta. does she?

make a new account and try again


probably also a catfish

Okay but what should my opening line be

ima be honest with you man, that was the worst pickup line ever, probably a catfish though.

both the trap and OP seem to be catfishing

That twitter sounds like it was made by a homo faggot from Jow Forums

based. also you'll never make it until you take yourself serious

Im gonna be honest, she has a more than decent face huge tits and seems to be quite skinny for those tits. She has HUGE value, she probably gets an INMENSE amount of male attention. IT's not impossible but youre gonna have to really stand out to have a chance with ther and theres never certainty.

The hardest part is hiding your desperation, you have to act like if you fuck girls like her all the time and hide the fact that youre dying to get a chance to even graze those tities from a distance

How so?


based and redpilled

Yeah, she'll totally believe that.

Tell her about your large black penis. Bitches love large black penises.

If you say so


it wasn't funny tho

>it wasnt funny
user, I...





I checked the twitter, it's a catfish you dumb fucking idiot. Notice how she puts as many tags and hashtags as humanly possible?

Jesus Christ, I remember when I was scared of Jow Forums because I heard there are a lot of dangerous hackers there that can fuck up my life if I say something they don't like

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We're not all like him

>t. hacker

The only thing "hackers" here do is steal shit. They aren't gonna fuck with people for lulz anymore... hell, they never really did

You seriously know that bitch?


user do you think you're in the mask? What the hell kind of pick up line is that? (Pretty kino for shitposting though)

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You used to be a little faggot


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Imagine being this fucking dumb lol

Its crazy how in the last few years the boogeyman turned from tumblr to reddit

Maybe if you saw her in person, but probably not online

Would I be right to just avoid any women that only have cleavage pics in their dating site profiles?


It's a catfish