How to get a body like this in 5 months? Mainly weight loss I'm already savingup for the boobjob

How to get a body like this in 5 months? Mainly weight loss I'm already savingup for the boobjob.

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Meth. You will do meth and then deepthroat drug dealers to get your fix when you can't afford it. This is what women want and you will descend into a realm of inescapable darkness. Fucking slut.

post pics first fatfuck

if you are not a tranny don't get a boob job, high IQ men prefer smaller breasts
I want a girl with tiny breasts I can suck into my mouth completely

Water fast until at desired bodyfat. Also, please don't get a boobjob, girls care more about boobs more than men.

a healthy diet of cigarettes and concerta pills should do the trick

boob jobs are lame. just focus on your ass. squats, hip thrusts, leg press, lunges etc

Don't get fake tits. The real deal is always better, even if you're small.

Eat healthy, drink a lot of water and exercise. Dont ever eat junk or high fat foods, dont drink any sodas, do eat fruit and vegetables.

Drink snake juice if you're gonna do this. I tried fasting without snake juice and it fucked me up good.

Don't listen to this pedo.

For the love of all that is holy please do not destroy your breasts, flesh is better than any amount of plastic or silicone or whatever the fuck they might use nowadays.

>How to get a body like this in 5 months

depends in how much fat you are and how dedicated you are

if you know your stuff yes you can do it easily

BTW big squat ass >>>>>>>>>> fake tits


Source op?

Good genetics

Sweat and starve.
Start working out: run, squats and baby shark challenge, stuff like that.
Then starve yourself to control your weight.
One meal a day/ intermediate fasting / snake juice water fast.

Random moderately fat dude here. This thread is full of good intentions but idk. The girl in that pic is drinking garbage and she has no tone but she looks great. I don't think she is doing what is advised ITT. I like this board but this is a tough one. State your credibility and share your experience if you got sexy.


> snake juice
good idea but somehow spooning salt is more ideal

OP confirmed body here.

Research about calories or daily calorie intake , watch videos and google it to get a very gud understanding about it and itll help you lose weight , I lost 12 kg so far in a span of 4 months to be honest but cudve lost earlier if I was strict bout it and still gotta lose 5 more to be well into the healthy bmi and can stop calorie tracking then

Just stop eating you will reach this point pretty fast

This pic is edited pretty heavily just FYI

Tbh if you get that skinny and your tits are already B cup or larger, a decent boob job is 100% a waste of money and a cheap one will just fuck your shit up in all the wrong ways. However, I will not discourage the idea cause I actually like fake titties lol

5 months fasting will get you there ez
Thats like 100lbs fat loss if you get it right.

Youtube snake diet if youare actually serious about losing weight.
Or snake_diet_wizard on ig

That chick in jpg escaped my rape/procreation dungeon somehow..
I should've invested in concrete walls instead of some ikea level wood walls.. fml.

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If you're a tranny don't do anything and just off yourself, you'll never be happy.
If you're a girl, DON'T FUCKING STARVE. Dieting is ok, but not starving. Eat good shit and moderate your calories intake, but i'll repeat it, don't fucking starve. Starving halts your metabolism and doing that shit for too long will burn not only your fat, but also muscles, and it'll lead to heart issues, organ failures and more stuff like that.
>But it'd be controlled starving
If you can control yourself enough to starve then it's guaranteed you actually have no fucking control over it and that you'll end up anorexic. With that body I'm expecting the girl being 55kg at most, so that'd be ~1600kcal every day to keep that weight. Start counting and be patient, results don't arrive overnight.
Don't do that shit, nobody likes it. That girl's tits are pretty small, she's just using a push-up bra and her pose to make them look bigger. And don't follow people's advice to work on your ass unless you're planning on attracting niggers, nobody actually likes big asses

>nobody actually likes big asses
Gay pedo detected

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Nigger detected

Are you telling me you’d retain a boner if she turns around and her booty looks like this?

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>implying that's what a small ass looks like

Lol, a dumb fatty must have written this cause it isn't edited at all

Why do you fucking loosers use the word "fasting" when you're just between meals? That's not what fucking fasting is. That's the pussiest thing since the invention of the word "breakfast"

This is nice

Fuck the rest of you.

If you control what you shit out, your body will control your mind. You gotta turn the tables on your psyche. Toilet fast, motherfuckers!

This sraight whit dude can appreciate asses of all types. Especially the big ones.

Are you just saying that or or you guys some kind of photography experts?
Anyhow good looking bodies exist in this world.

>This sraight whit dude can appreciate asses of all types

Look at the eyes. It’s not humanly possible to have eyes that large. Also the lines around the tits and ass are slightly distorted.


Well. Maybe for the fortyfith birthday.

Literally only pedos want tiny tits. Maybe you believe it's normal but that's just because everyne here is a pedo.

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Haha 4channel is so out of the loop. Nobody gets implants anymore, the thing now is fat transfers. They liposuction fat out of other parts of your body (usually stomach area) and inject it into your breasts and/or butt, hips, thighs.

The pic in OP is shopped tho, ass, titties

Pay her $200 an hour...

tiny tits are better than cheap boob jobs.
I think like 90% of online silicons ive seen are ugly and rest 10% pretty nice

Also, smaller ones hold up better in the long haul.

I like all kinds of boobs. Why ladies wanna save money for that? They don't notice that I'm already checking them out?

Hi, op
The girl in the pic is thin, but this picture is heavily altered and she doesn't even have a body like that. Upon quick inspection, you can see distortion near her tits where they are fixed for size... specifically her sleeve and the line on the car door. Her stomach was smoothed out to not have any definition as well.

Listen to the anons telling you to work out and diet.
Unfortunately, your boobs WILL shrink so put extra tlc into your ass.

Sure silicon rarely looks good but natural big udders are something out of this world

Look up Jow Forumsinstragramreality. This girls proportions are completely fake

>Unfortunately, your boobs WILL shrink so put extra tlc into your ass.
Depends on type of boob. Mine are natural DD even at a low weight since i have glandular type. fat type or combo boobs will shrink up

Does it matter? It's obvious what she meant, a fit, curvy body.

Stay on Reddit, please.

Sauce and/or name pls

Ass is hight test man fetish
Tits arent

same as op but im a guy
just wanna be a trap for fun
wat do

No need for boob job as long as they can be cupped in a hand.
Much better to be able to claw and scratch at you than have to maneuver around big floppin titties

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fetishing tits is a sign of heavy jewish admixture or mommy issues

An hero yourself

Don't be a lazy skank and work out - daily.

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Forget tits how about them abs

You see that drink in her hand? That's all she had and is going going to for the day. Follow her steps.