Performance anxiety

Ok guys so basically yesterday my gf gave me a blow job, but I was limp and I said "you see I can't get hard". So she sucked my limp penis until it became hard and I face fucked her for a bit and then her friend took a pic and I got distracted and got limp again. Any thing I should do habits I should stop?
Also she threw up on my fucking cock fucking gross as hell

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Why was your friend there to take a pic? Seems pretty distracting, unless its a cuckold thing and youre the bull, in which case why are you doing that if the idea of it doesnt turn you on?

Do you masturbate a lot? Do you use a "death grip" when you do?

Is your respiratory health ok? Blood sugar levels? Overall physical endurance?

Do you take an SSRI, or do you happen to do molly a lot?

No I'm not a cuck and her boyfriend(female) took a pic of us

Yeah I jerk off alot and I do go pretty rough

High blood pressure

And no drugs

fucking auto correct Bestfriend*

Why is her friend in the room while you're getting a bj? That sounds like the reason right there.

I would not be able to focus if my girlfriend's friend was there while we had intercourse. Awkward and uncalled for.

No but this has also happend last time when I was at her house.

Stop watching porn. If you're gonna jerk off, do it to your imagination, or women who aren't naked.


How many people gave you bj? Maybe she's not very good at it. Among the above mentioned things. Puke on dick sounds like some novice shit. Even if a somebody has given a million bjs, if nobody's ever given constructive criticism, they wouldn't be so good at it.

She's the only one that's blown me and yeah she sucks at it (pun intended)

I had to give mine little tips along the way. We were both new to the game. I thought I didn't even like blow jobs at first and now we been married for twenty years and she's a fucking pro. Thousand dollar bjs. I know that's creepy but there it is.

Oh ok I see but how do I get hard before hand my bro said drink some coffee

You don't wanna tell her that she sucks at it or act like a teacher. That will fuck up her girl brains and she's gonna make you pay. Just let her know when she is doing something right and maybe tell her, once in a while, "I want to try more teeth" or "you don't need to suck that hard, I'm relaxed when you're relaxed" you know. Shit like that. Her next boyfriend will owe you big time user.

Coffee can work either way. Some people it helps with others it makes it worse.

If you're anxious it can really make it hard to get an erection. There's nothing wrong with being nervous. I was for the longest time with my girlfriend. Also nothing wrong with having a little bit of ED early on in the relationship. Her friend being there can't be helping with your anxiety.

Like said, in time she will get better. I know my girl and I both had issues with oral for a while. These days I can confidently say I have improved greatly myself. She is more than pleased.

Try your best not to overthink it and you will be a-okay.

You need to seriously exercise your imagination. Exercise at bedtime. No hands. Get it up.

I don't know how much you waste in the shower but maybe save a little for her for a few days. I guarantee a stiff breeze will start getting u up after a week... and, no, I'm not preaching that nofap bs.

Alright man I'll try it

Alright I'll try out the coffee thing and also thanks

I did it but I used a little bit of hand
It's still limpish though
>moving it a little

>lost boner 1-2 mins later from doing nothing to it

That's good bro, but we don't need a play by play... oh, who am I kidding? This is Jow Forums.

I wonder if you ever had a wet dream? Not just moist. I'm talking about shooting a load in your peejays.

I'm not usually much of a perv but this is a fascinating conversation and I bet you are being such a help to other user men and women out there.

Yeah man I have had a wet dream twice and yeah some lurkers probably have the same problem

Ok now we need to work on that porn thing, because I just came rn

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I liked it the first way. Gets me prepared for how every special snowflake faggot will be typing soon.