How do I persuade my female best friend to not go to Morocco for vacation...

How do I persuade my female best friend to not go to Morocco for vacation? I keep telling her it's dangerous but she refuses to listen to reason. I keep reading bad news about countries like that.

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Tell her to dress like a man and have a guide at all time. The whole world is dangerous for women but we shouldn't have to accommodate bad people. I probably wouldn't go but I have more life experience. If she tries to blend in and takes precaution it can work.

let it happen you little bitch

reasonable enough, do you have more tips?

Can’t control these things. Wish her a great trip, ask for post cards.

Man, that news story is just turning into a meme now isn't it?

The hard fact is that Morocco actually has one of the lowest murder rates in the world.

but why do women even feel the need to go out and get raped or even killed? Don't tell me that's normal.
the meme here is your post, man.

perhaps try reading a little more of the thread you just linked

>In the medinas of Marrakech, I was harassed by both men and women, aggressively grabbing at me to put unwanted henna on my hands then trying to charge me, following me incessantly to talk and try to sell me things, and pointing me in the wrong direction, leading me to the wrong places, bringing me to markets to try to earn a commission and expecting a tip. One person led me 45 minutes opposite direction of where I was trying to go. These were men and women whom were dressed in what looked like religious clothing, and spoke perfect English. They seemed more trustworthy as English is uncommon and most speak French or Arabic. The medinas are medieval markets, narrow, windy, maze-like alleys, and every corner were groups of men, smoking, standing around, and I could never walk past without a noise, whisper, stare. Anywhere I went, I always needed someone escorting me because after getting followed on multiple occasions I did not feel safe and felt in a constant state of stress. I would not leave the hotel after 530 when it was dark, and even when I had hotel escorts in broad daylight, I received the glares and still didn’t feel comfortable. Sadly even one of the guys escorting me tried to make advances, wanting to touch me or hold my hand and asking me very inappropriate sexual questions.
Alright user, now I'm convinced Morocco is a safe place.

Marry her.

Tell her that Morocco is much safer than the shithole you are from. But this entire thread is bait anyway. You are one of those retarded incels who has been posting the video all over. You have no friends.

It’s some kind of weird curiosity thing.
If you try to stop it, she will always blame you for her not getting to experience something.

mad because it's the truth.

What goes through these peoples minds?
"Let's go bag packing without anything we can use for defence on our own as two women in a 3rd world shithole.

It's honestly like they were asking to be killed.

Idiot American. Thousands of people go backpacking in those mountains every year. America is far more dangerous than most other countries, including Morocco.

right! Just yesterday there's been another beheading near the grand canyon. You sound stupid as hell! are you a woman?

Just yesterday there was another shooting. They don't even make the news most of the time, many people are shot dead all over America every day.

Are you guys literal senior citizens? This is the kind of shit my grandma says. "Oh don't use your phone while it's plugged in, I read one guy got electrocuted."

If you live in fear of doing anything, your life is gonna be shit. Tell her to be safe, think twice, and enjoy herself.

I mean you can just decline and not follow strangers. I wouldn't recommend visiting by herself, but if she went with a friend (and they're both sensible and not very young) and you don't do anything stupid you wouldn't at home, then the risk probably doesn't substantially increase compared with a western city (maybe lower depending on the city).

Don't dress slutty, don't entertain strangers, nothing is free and everyone wants something, only go on organised trips by proper companies, don't be wandering streets late at night by yourself

For what it's worth I wasn't charmed by Morocco, it was one of my less interesting holidays (but I was only there for a few days and maybe didn't get to see the interesting stuff). It wouldn't be the top of my list to recommend

t. woman who took her mum there for her 50th

Tell her Spain and Portugal are just a couple of miles away and she'd have a lot more fun there

Show her the video of one of the females getting beheaded. It’s something everyone should see.

>going to mud countries as a white person without armed escort
Shes going to die.

How do you guys not understand that this is bait

Tell her to dye her hair to black
Tell her to always use a hijab, there are "sporty ones" that you could call /fa/
Tell her that what she learns in her feminist courses is actually true but just in the middle east/muslim countries

Morocco isn't dangerous, relative to other muslim countries. It's generally pretty safe and popular for Western tourists.