How do I make it fit?

So my gf and I tried having sex for the first time and it wasn't successful.. so imagine this, she had her legs spread apart, she was fully aroused as was I, we used lube, I angled my sick correctly, but all I could fit was the head. Even with the head in she felt discomfort and some pain (a 5). When I tried pushing in, she felt more pain (an 8). Then we'd stop cause it's just too painful. This isn't the first time we've tried either. This would be our third time and it seems like he's not loose enough.. I seriously don't know what to do. Idk if she has a small pussy or if I have a big dick (doubt it, it looks normal sized). How can I loosen her up cause I really want to fuck rather than grind til I cum. Also no I won't dump her, we've been together for three years and we're both devoted to one another. 3 years together, but this year we tried having sex rather than just touching ourselves and giving head. So what can I do?

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Buy her a dildo and tell her to work on it in her own time so that she can be in control.

Spend an hour on foreplay, make her orgasm a few times.

So just stretch it out with a dildo basically? How long would that take? And I'd imagine she wouldn't want to do it because it'll hurt


That's the thing, we spent like an hour and a half on foreplay. She was super wet and still it was a hastle. Even with the lube

Youre putting it in the hole at the lower base of her pussy right? Youre not shoving in randomly in there, right?

At least that's what I think I did. I remember having my dick touch the top surface and it hurt her, so I angled it down to see if that would do anything better and it kind of did. I angled it any further and I would have to really force my dick to go down

Slide dick down her buttcrack in doggystyle until u find vaginal opening then hold her down and slowly force it in, might take a few tries, it took like 5 tries with my first gf desu cuz she kept saying it hurt and she bled a lot honestly, take ur time and remember its okay and theres no reason to get turned off, losing ur boner will ruin everythn

Alright I'll do it doggy next time, but can you tell me how long it took her to enjoy it? Also did it still hurt for her after you had it in? Give me details

Another thing to mention is that she doesn't like to get fingered. With one finger, it feels like it's not stimulating and it feels uncomfortable to her. If I try with two fingers it hurts her

this sounds like a condition like vaginismus or something. She probably is somewhat psychologically inhibited due to upbringing, or traumatized by something from childhood. Just don't put pressure on her to have sex and show her you love her anyway. You will be able to figure it out eventually.

I know her history very well enough to conclude that she didn't face huge trauma enough for her vagina to clench up. I show her so much love but it just frustrates us. She wants to get fucked by me and wants to experience what every woman can without any issues, and I want to fuck probably is vaginismus but what are treatments for that??

>That's the thing, we spent like an hour and a half on foreplay. She was super wet and still it was a hastle. Even with the lube
>We spent like an hour and half
>an hour and half
Yep this thread is a shitty LARP. OP is a stupid zoomer virgin. ABANDON THREAD.

There are medical dildos. Look up dilators.

Bro this might sound fucked up but just hear me out.

Next time just kind of pin her down and start sticking it in until it's all the way in. If you freak out, she'll freak out too. Just power through it.

This happened the first time I tried anal with my exgf. She was crying cause I stuck it in too fast and it hurt her, but after about 10 minutes of letting her ass get used to it I was able to start fucking her. Within 20 minutes she was cumming her brains out.

She's just being a baby dude. I'm assuming she's a virgin? Well yeah, unless you really do have a horse cock (which could make it difficult for any women), sex might hurt a bit the first time. I get you don't want to hurt her, but it's just a temporary pain, she'll get over it and in the long run you'll be able to have sex.

How big is your dick?

Pretty much as soon as she stopped bleeding she enjoyed it, ur gf prolly jus has a smol puasy, be gentle n try often, do lots and lots of foreplay, kiss for hours, just make sure shes turned on. Again, might take more than one try, she might bleed, maybe even a lot. O also slide your fingers from her clit back into her pussy, and stretch it slightly with your fingers

I'll do my best. Usually if I over stimulate her where it feels like heaven, she'll hyperventilate and ask to take a break because she needs to catch a breath lol.. but there are times were she does orgasm so I'll do that

I'm going to try all of these but I'm leaning towards trying the "shove all in one" method first. Yeah she'll probably hate me but.. the guy makes sense. It'll hurt but she'll get used to it and if she gets used to it she'll forgive me..

>my dick is too big
Yeah sure
Vagina made to fit a babys head (most of times without ripping apart)

Unless you have beestung watermelon i heavily doubt

Also my dick is about 5 1/2 inches fully erect. And girth idk, just make an "ok" hand gesture with your index and thumb touching together and I guess that's how wide it is

Yeah pretty much the only method, dont do it too hard though or it will actually be agonizingly painful, remember everything is normal and dont make her feel bad (more than you have to shoving ur cawk in)


>I'm going to try all of these but I'm leaning towards trying the "shove all in one" method first.

I could feel the pain from that one. It's not fun.
Enjoy that one.

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Ehhhh yeahhhhh I feel a bit uneased thinking about it..

So the speed a medium speed? Not fast in one second?

She may not be attracted to you physically. Spend more time with fingering and oral

If that's the case just ram it in there at the count of 3

Oh man.. now I need the opinions of women.. or at least tell me how much it will hurt my gf when I do it so I can get mentally prepared..

>I angled my sick correctly,

It's hard for a girl to stay in the mood when you barf all over her

She should definitely see a gynecologist about it. There are treatments for vaginismus, she can get botox injections. Don't force it in, she will tighten up further.

Search up Vaginismus, because what you describe sounds similar.

my girlfriend has this and it took patience, plenty of foreplay, practice with masturbation using a single finger at first. Then i gradually moved up to 2 etc. She also went to her doctor and got a vaginal training kit. It's basically a collection of plastic dildos (called dilators) that range in size from small to more large and she can use to gradually work up to stretch and familiarize her vagina to penetrative sex.

I will tell you, this won't be quick, it takes time.

To those who are saying shove it in. This is bad advice. Because a part of the problem is psychological, if it caused pain and burning sensation, shes more likely going to experience this more often and grow to not want sex at all worsening the situation rather than improving it.

For me now, we can enjoy sex, and i feel proud that we did it without causing massive pain. The relationship will be stronger.

This. If that's not the case it could be because of the place you're trying to do the act.

Did you sneak her in your parents home? If so, don't think a shared night in a hotel room or any other "safe" shelter to show better suitability for you two (or rather, her) because of you going there with having an attitude of expectation

Virgin here, how do you even deal with the blood?

>To those who are saying shove it in. This is bad advice
This. Very this.

Just shoving it in is not pleasant for either of you. I don't think I've ever dealt with vaginismus, but my ex-wife was very tight and would experience pain if i went in too fast and the girl I'm currently with is pretty tight. I have learned to always enter slowly, regardless of how much foreplay is involved. My basic method is to go in a little bit until i meet resistance and then do short strokes only to that depth until i can get in just a bit further, then the same thing at that depth. It's mostly just the first couple inches or so that it's must important for, after that It starts to get easier and i can smoothly slide in. Trust me that doing it right for both of you makes that first moment of penetration feel amazing.

The fuck are you on about? If we both have time and aren't tired me and my gf tend to spend 2-4 hours fucking (including foreplay)

shes obviously uncomfortable and tense and yall all overthinking. She needs to calm down and not tighten her muscles.