My girlfriend wants to give me a "Self Facial"

My girlfriend wants to give me a "Self Facial".

At first to me this didn't even sound possible and is ridiculous, but she was explaining that you can put a pillow under your back and kind of jacknife your legs against a wall or furniture to do it. She said she would be giving me a handjob and talking dirty to me to make it happen.

So I'm like no Fucking way am I ever doing this. It would be completely humiliating and she wouldn't be getting anything out of it. She's trying to be tricksy though and saying stuff like it's an intimate experience and will bring us closer together as a couple. This sounds like absolute bullshit to me.

I still wasn't even convinced this was possible so out of curiosity I tried to get in that position and it was actually easier than I realized which was unnerving to me. Plus when I had my body bent over my cock was pointing straight down at my face and it was really close. There is no way it would have any chance at missing if I were to do this!

I feel like I am being tricked. I don't want to do something like this, and if I did I don't see how she could ever again respect me having seen me in such a position and letting this happen. Guys just don't Fucking do such things! Plus I know women talk about this sexual shit all the time so I have no confidence that she wouldn't tell all her friends, and then when they would see me in person I'm sure they would give me those Fucking knowing dismissive smirks they like to do.

I mean would anyone here even consider it?

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Now's your chance to ask her to do something fetishy that you've been hesitant to ask, too.

YES , cock in butthole seems fair

Tell her that the only way you can stay hard in such a position is if you are thinking about something extra errotic.

Then ask for extra lewd sex. Anal, double penetration (buttplug in her while you pound her vagina), lingerie, etc.

This is the moment in a relationship where she is comfortable talking about her kinks. If you such her down, you are headed towards unfulfilled sexual fantasies which leads to in general a sexless bedroom.

You want a bedroom with no rules.
Make us proud

Don't listen to the other faggots here. That's something a twink would do

Just don't cum lol

Blame it on being upside down

This sounds like a bargaining opportunity.
OP, have you ever painted her intestines? Now might be a good chance.

tbqh if I was about to dump a guy this is the kind of degrading shit I’d do to them just to mess with them.

if it makes you uncomfortable, don't do it. she should respect you enough to back off if you tell her "no". If she doesn't,that's on her.

say "only if you lick my asshole while I do it" that way you are both doing something humiliating and sexual. If she agrees then she really wanted it.

It's going to be hot while doing it, but in the second your cum splashes all over your face, you'll regret it

She’s a thot, she’s going to dump you in the near future; never sell your dignity to a woman.

Tell her she has to let you give her an Alabama hot pocket first, otherwise no deal.

I don't get why this is such a big deal. Women have to fucking deal with this shit all the time.

Men are such fucking pussies sometimes.

I've tried this solo when i was drunk, depressed, and horny. Don't fucking do it. Even if it sounded remotely enjoyable to you, it isn't. And you're already not into it. It's just weird and gross. Unless you really get off on being humiliated then it's not worth it.

To be fair, most women do not like getting cum all over their face. Plus it feels extra demeaning to be coaxed into an uncomfortable, unsexy position just to try to do something you don't want to experience.

Sounds hot, I'd do it.

>extra lewd sex
>plug in her while fucking

I did this with my gf three days after losing my virginity to her, it's it really that lewd? It bruised my dick too..

>bedroom with no rules
I have a rule: no scat

after you do this she will never see you the same way. proceed with caution

Im sorry user, she was a slut