Hi Jow Forums I have no where else to go with this so please understand.

Has anyone here ever had their penis shrink in size just randomly over time? I'm talking about erect length at its hardest.

My dick was always below a lot of women's preferences and below average (5.25 inches) but now it's shrunken to 4.75 inches and it appears to be permanent. Although I'm hoping I can somehow get it back.

I've read that if men don't get enough night-time erections or in general then their penis won't stretch out as much and will shrink. Of course I would get punished for lack of sexual activity.

Is there any way I can get it back? It's effecting my self esteem. A previous girlfriend made a few comments about my dick not being big enough and now it's even worse. Thanks for any help.

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Could be blood flow issues? Try doing aerobics.

I may give that a try. My biggest worry is that it will shrink even more. I can't deal with that type of stress in my life. I would like to be a sexual person like everyone else, not just a guy who has to continuously 'make up' for it :(

Sorry got a bit personal there. Any other advice would help greatly especially from those who have had any other similar experiences.

eliminate: fapping, nicotine, alcohol, bad diet
increase: exercise (aerobic and resistance)
you could also check your testosterone levels and try a testosterone friendly diet regime. try edging if you can avoid finishing
reminds me of a great joke: a man and woman are about to have sex. he pulls out his cock and the woman says: Who do you think you're gonna satisfy with that little thing? he says: Me.

I swear my dicks been shrinking too, if you find the answer let me know hahah

Weight gain will make it smaller.

Makes sense. What constitutes a testosterone friendly diet? Sorry for asking but everywhere you look online is click bait at its finest. is there any type of way to naturally increase testosterone to the penis?

My main issue is length, I would like to ‘max out’ my potential length so no girl I’m ever with is disappointed. That’s like my biggest anxiety is that she’s going to be disappointed and I won’t be able to do anything about it :/

Anyway I can make my erections strong af also? I’m basically dick maxing at this point lol.

i wish i had the screen shot but some alleged vegas hooker posted on here about dick size and basically said all dudes need to chill the fuck out with the anxiety over their dicks

testosterone diet was a book a while back, i cannot recall the author. basically, eat natural foods, more healthy fish, take zinc, etc. and cut out the crappy processed foods and the bad fats and breads. shit like that.

I’ll remember that. Take zinc? Ok. I hope this doesn’t encourage hair loss. It’s one dilemma after the other!

While I appreciate when women occasionally say (like the Vegas hooker) that men worry to much, they’re usually referring to men in the average range (6-7) who think their penis is small when it’s not. They’re not actually talking about men with smaller members (3-5) as they’re often not preferred by women. The guys with smaller penises often have worse sex lives. This is mainly due to the fact that most men inherently love penetration to death. But guys with smaller ones are discouraged from it.

I do agree that men with normal preferred sizes (6-8) often worry when it’s not needed. However I’ve had some comments in the past... women care a lot when the size is unpreferable. That’s fine but guys shouldn’t be in a fairytale where they can have sex the same way a 7 inch guy can. They’ll have to make up for it which is practically suicide inducing.

I can help you, I been through this for years, went from 5 inches to 9.

> watch out for what you eat
> work out, stay in shape
>don’t jerk off so much
>keep your dick clean at all time

I lost my ex gf of 6 years over this, it was the most fuck up experience of my life, you don’t feel like a man with a broken dick

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>average is 6-7
>normal is 6-8
how can anyone believe this in current year? your head's fucked OP

I meant the average and normal PREFERRED sizes among the majority of women. But also that is honestly around average, you're not bigger than average my man.

Just age. Was 6, then 5, now 5 1/2...

>crush half a garlic clove, let it sit for 10min, swallow it whole
That stuff gave me constant night boners
Also good for blood flow is cario exrcise and L-citrulline

The garlic thing sounds ridiculous.

I'm 23 almost 24.

Exactly. That’s why older guys encourage younger guys to be balls deep in pussy when they are 18.

You have nothing to lose

Hey so I am trans and have been on Estrogen n stuff for 9 years. My penis went from being 7.9 hard to not being able to get hard and only 2.5 inch's

I worked as a web cam model for a bit and I had to jack off and cum 6 times a day and When I was doing this it brought it back to normal ish.

My testicles do not work any more so it has pretty much atrophied now and does not get hard since I stopped doing porn and I Do not use it to fuck when I have sex.

Talk to your doctor you could have a hormone problem or just jack off more, if you do not use it you lose it. I

Also do not smoke or drink, work out and eat healthy.

It shrinks due to reduced blood flow.

You are either masturbating too much, or not at all. You should do some weight training with high protein and fat, and only fap like everyother day max...

Also you can consider NO-precursors, they come with bodybuilding supplements like Nitrix, it helps with blood flow.

5.25 inches is not below most women's preferences and not below average. Stop listening to the media and other guys, because dudes care about dick size more than gals.

>While I appreciate when women occasionally say (like the Vegas hooker) that men worry to much, they’re usually referring to men in the average range (6-7) who think their penis is small when it’s not. They’re not actually talking about men with smaller members (3-5) as they’re often not preferred by women. The guys with smaller penises often have worse sex lives. This is mainly due to the fact that most men inherently love penetration to death. But guys with smaller ones are discouraged from it.

Don't talk like you can speak from someone else's point of view. Sorry your last girlfriend was shit and made you feel bad, but this is not how real life works.

Anyway, get your head on straight and exercise. Your heart health is pretty much tied to your boners.

That's not why. They do because those are the easiest years to get young pussy. Are you really THIS mentally deficient? Stop looking for ways to defend your own fucked up self-image, dude.

You keep spouting all this bullshit just to justify your perception of dick size, which you've primarily heard from other guys and one chick who hurt your feelings. Who cares if she preferred bigger dicks? Every puss is a different size too, man. You need to move on with your life.

My dick isn’t 5.25 though, it’s 4.75 because it SHRUNK. So I guess it is not preferred now huh? Women will care because it effects intercourse pleasure.

It’s totally why. If you tend to be peniscentric, your dick gets smaller as you age, so use it before you lose it, because you’re not in for a confidence boost by waiting.

>every puss is different

Not really, 90% of women prefer 6 inches (or bigger) and thick. The ones that prefer smaller are an axtreme minority and often don’t enjoy PIV. I enjoy piv.

i do all of that and still have the same years-old issue. i am starting to think i have some medical condition every doctor overlooked

I do not understand how ther is a connection between getting a woman to have sex with you and dick size.

Do you walk up to girls with your dick out? Do you have to Show a certificate of dick messurements. Can women loom through clothing?!

If you really are, then you should go see a doctor and take testosterone level tests.

For some guys it’s directly linked to the level of esteem they have.

How do you think Pete Davis got A G to fuck him? (Hint, having a ten inch cock makes it easy to ask her to fuck).


Meaning that you're current size is not your normal size.

Re-read the post you replied to, because it doesn't seem like you're discussing the same topic as that post.

It's not that women will fuck you on sight because you have a big dick for god sake, it's that they'll stay around more. They'll usually sexually appreciate a guy with say a 6-7 inch thick penis then a guy with a 4-5 inch dick.

Women really love the 'full' 'deep' feeling. It's what makes PIV, PIV. otherwise they're just doing their boyfriend a favor, and enjoying the 'making him happy' aspect rather then having a mutual physical enjoyment. It sucks bro.

Also I'm talking about above average penises, not fucking 8-9 inch ones because they barely exist, I'm specifically talking about small (under 5.5 ones) vs above average (6-7) ones. I watch a SHIT ton of amateur porn, where they guys are ugly, the girls are chubby, totally normal bodies. But the guys dick is ALWAYS bigger than mine, and if it's around my size the women isn't enjoying it all, in reference to what i said before about it lacking the mutual physical pleasure.

I think men should be educated on this shit when they're younger, I remember there was loads of different body types of women shown but the dude always had a big dick and they always talked about sex like small guys didn't exist :( I get that no one prefers smaller, but they should at least let me know so I could of accepted it earlier rather than being in this constant state of denial about how I can fix it. Damn I'm depressed.

It's permanent shrunk at this point meaning it IS my normal size. I have no idea how to get it back to it's original size... making my statement of it being below most women's preferences very true.

I'm not listening to the media I'm listening to what women themselves say about penis size. Why do so many women seem to not understand that? The media is influenced by women's preferences, that's how they got the idea in the first place!

I'm not angry at women having these preferences though! I just wish there were more surgical options out there so men could attend to those without disappointing women all the time! (again, I'm referring to SMALL penises).

I'm just struggling with the fact that my dick will almost always be disappointing, and after finding out that it permanently shrunk it's made me even more sad. I just want to be like the normal guys out there that don't have to worry about this shit every. single. time. they go on a date. I wan't to have PIV like everyone else. There's this misconception that men with small dicks have lesser sex drives, and the idea that they shouldn't have PIV as much as it's selfish for their partner who probably doesn't enjoy it because it doesn't give that 'full feeling'. So yes I'm the angry small dick guy! and now you know why :(