Should I get plastic surgery done? I want to reduce my lipsize...

Should I get plastic surgery done? I want to reduce my lipsize. I often get mean comments about them and I feel I will look 10x better with them reduced a bit. Of course I don't want to fuck up my facial harmony

I realize this is not /soc/. I don't need a rate, just some honest opinions.

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This is me

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full lips are sexy you dumb roastie

Surprise I'm a dude.
If a was a girl I wouldn't dislike em

Are you a man or a woman?

Actually, it doesn't matter. I'm a man with fairly large lips. Some girls like it, and some don't.

I think I got 1 or 2 mean comments about them in my life. I got a lot more for my last name. Should I change my last name?

I don't think plastic surgery is ever necessary unless it's a really bad/crooked/broken nose or it's to fix obvious deformations.

it doesn't look that bad imo, yeah they are noticeable but I wouldn't bother with surgery

You look good, man. I think it suits you.

give us a smile OP

>reduce my lipsize
get a real problem.
t. chinlet

I've been obsessing with looks lately it's not healthy for my mental.
Having a weak chin is one of the worst it seems. Good luck to you man

You are handsome man, I don't think you should do it, it suits you.
No homo tho.

Your lips are pretty big and I can see why they'd make you insecure, personally I would go for the surgery.

Yeah I can't think of a white dude with bigger ones than mine tb honest.

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Weak chin literally throws the whole facial balance off. Atleast now i can blame something for my bad looks.

you're cute OP, don't sweat it

the mofos who were mean are probably just pricks and/or jealous

work on being educated and healthy, fuck surgeries

ditch the beard.

I stand by my statement even more so now. Don't get the surgery. You are good looking.

Yeah it's patchy af. Don't shave out od pure laziness

Thanks for the compliments guys. It's unbelievable how much this bothers me even though it's probably not that big of a deal lookswise

cheers, try to pay as less atention to it as you can, focus on other stuff in you life

have a good day




Well those are the kind of reactions I'm afraid for sincd they do look goofy :p

Get the surgery, son. You look retarded.

Those are some prime DSL but honestly you rock it. If people comment just have some one off every time.
My uncle has a big ass brown birthmark on his leg and he just made up a new story every time to mess with us as kids.
Same shit different pile, just have some troll response. Doesn't have to have much thought in it, just so long as people know or figure you're not all that bothered.

Plastic surgery seems nice but if you have problems, it's more likely they're problems and the whole hating your lips thing was maybe a byproduct of that

I agree a lot with the last statement.