I know you get this question here a lot but I haven't posted it yet so I get a pass

I know you get this question here a lot but I haven't posted it yet so I get a pass.
I'm 18, senior at high school, never had a girlfriend.
If one continues their education and continues living their life are they bound to find someone through living without putting in much effort and actively looking for a girlfriend?
No major problems, not super fat/ugly/skinny/stinky/ no mental illnesses, just an average dude.

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As long as "living your life" isn't spending 14 hours a day in front of a computer screen then yes, you'll do just fine

Sleep 8, school stuff 7, hanging out with friends right after school before going home ~2, going to bass guitar lessons 2 times per week, rest is PC - at home stuff.
Maybe going out with friends at weekends.

I'd say that's normal?


Yeah that could happen, was in the same position as you. Was khv until my first year of college, first semester met a girl, asked her out and dated for a year. Though it doesnt mean they will fall in your lap, you still need to go up to them and ask them out.

>Though it doesnt mean they will fall in your lap, you still need to go up to them and ask them out.
By "not putting effort" I mean bot going out of your way to a random girl and trying to flirt / ask her out. I'm okay with asking out someone I'm speaking with.

Yeah, you don't have to do that. But if there's no pretty girls in any of your classes, you might have to do that.

Well, I'll be rolling the dice soon enough. Will look into going to an uni that has both at around 50%

since you're still in highschool, sleep with freshmen girls. Check your state law because it probably isn't illegal, usually a 4 year gap is 100% legal

Well good luck. Try to hit on them at the start of the semester, don't wait until the end

That's just creepy to me, to be honest. I wouldn't do that.

Thank you.

You just have to take initiative and focus on your on things while you are at the "courtship" phase.
Leave your confort zone at least once a month, i had my break at lvl 21

Examples of leaving my comfort zone?

>That's just creepy to me, to be honest. I wouldn't do that.

15 years from now you're gonna regret that.

Maybe, but the current me doesn't like it and doubts his opinion will change

>an 18 year old speaking in absolutes about his life
HAHAHAHAHA poor kid.

>an 18 year old being absolutely sure he isn't gonna become a pedo

Doing things you would't normaly do.
Like, buying a new celphone, taking good pictures, making yourself alive in social media, downloading tinder, etc.
The whole process of doing that thing is stepping out of your comfort zone.
Another example is, im not a big fan of bands, yet i might go check this one on this local uni bar.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is not doing a 180º, is not doing meth, is not having a "YOLO" episode. But it's doing the necessary changes according to your own needs (ie means to an end).

I like it.
I'm actually planning on going to an informative event ( about studying abroad aimed for hs students, meaning there will be a lot of people my age) tomorrow alone.
It's probably nothing to someone but I never go to these things alone and then regret not going later.

As a man, you HAVE to put in effort to get a girl. That's just how it is.

You might hear advice from some guys who will tell you "they never had to work for a girl" but this is misleading. Those guys are typically:
>Very attractive and thus get approached by ballsy girls
>OR hang around nerdy/alternative circles where some girls might not fit traditional gender roles
>OR got lucky
>OR they're just lying, they put in the effort but don't realize what they actually did

Look man I spent many years of my life as a virgin literally solely because I tried to do what you're doing and sat around hoping girls would fall into my lap. I thought I was ugly for years. The day I went out and started flirting and approaching girls, it became quickly apparently I had bucketloads of opportunities but that I had to go out and grab them, they were NEVER going to come to me first

Long story short, women are pussies. You can bypass that problem by using your natural abilities as a man to make women's lives easier by approaching them first.

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>flirting and approaching girls
I can't wrap my head around that. How do you just decide to do it and do it. Like, that's some 180 bipolar disorder type of shit.
I want to try it but I don't know how.

It's exactly the same as jumping off a diving board. It seems terrifying until two seconds after you do it and you realize you were being a huge puss and it's actually mega fun.

There's no magic pill, buddy.

It's a bit like the first time you do something like jumping in a pool as a kid. You think you're gonna literally drown, and maybe you struggle a bit the first time, but you have to get over the terrifying hump first and then every time after that gets easier.

The easiest thing is to just flirt a bit first, don't worry about asking anyone out yet. Flirting isn't difficult or complex, it's just light teasing and personal interest coupled with gradually working up to light touch, eg. briefly placing your hand on a girl's shoulder while you talk.

>it's actually mega fun.
No it's not, it's a completely mundane thing unless you manage to somehow make it fun, and hit it off with the girl. That's the hard part. Never happens to me, idk wtf I'm doing. Even though I talk to girls all the time and I'm completely comfortable talking to them my whole life I've never dated any of them.

x2 combo
But if you fuck up you're done, she tells all her friends and you get laughed at. There's no reset button.

You have to be exposed. As in go out. It doesn't matter where. If you're a clubber go clubbing, if you're a gamer go to social gatherings where other gamers are, if you're an academic go to study groups..
That's the only requirement really. Be where people like you are.

The failures you see on this site are usually shut-ins, or totally self doubitng and had more opportunities than they realise and failed every one

OP here, I'm not at the flirting level like you are, I'm worse of so don't worry

Women are just people who happen to have a vagina.

I mean, it's not like I could hurt with guys with dicks instead of vaginas.

That depends on the person. I'm 24, very introverted, and I rarely leave home except for work, and I've never had a gf, but if you're a sociable, reasonably outgoing person you shouldn't have much trouble.

You can be 50 years old and still be a retard.

Look, you have to ask women out on dates, bluntly, and in person. You have to take risks.

The reason you dont have a gf is because you’re too sxared to take a risk and thus you get nothing.

Chad gets pussy because he aaks for it.


Fucking this. And I used to think exactly like Op, too