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>What do girls/guys think about ?
>Do like ?
There is no one answer. Preferences differ and worrying about some complex only ever makes things worse. In fact, worries like complexes are very often the real problem.

>I'm shy and afraid of .
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, bit by bit, step by step. You can't rely on some "magic moment" (or activity) to instantly change you.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out. "Signs" of attraction are basically meaningless.

>Where do I meet people?
Anywhere outside. Or online. Above all, leave your comfort zone.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me.
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, froyo, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, gallery, park, .

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I’m catching feelings for a classmate. I’m not sure if she sees me a potential partner, she has told me stuff like “you’re such a great friend” and so on, but on the other hand we tease and playfully insult each other a lot. She once jokingly told me she feels so bad for the girl that I’ll end up dating, that she’d be willing to do it just so somebody else doesn’t have to suffer through it.

So my question is, is it a good sign if a girl teases you and makes jokes about dating you? We’ve been busy with exams so I didn’t have the chance to properly ask her out yet (only casual study “dates”), but I’ll do that as soon as I can.

How should I ask a store clerk out?
How do I mitigate how awkward it might get?

Don't ask her out

The only way to do this and not be a creepo is strike up a little chat with her. If it goes well, leave her your number. Do not ask for hers. Then, never ever enter that store again.

You sound autistic so i’ll tell you whats up. She has no idea who you are. Some random man. If you ask for her number, she can’t leave because it’s her job. If she says no, you might be insane and start harassing her. If she gives you her number, you might turn out to be insane and doxx her.

If you leave her your number and never enter the store again, then she knows that you understand boundaries and are givig her the choice to text you. And she might text you. If you keep coming back to the store, she’ll think you’re stalking her and you might get banned from the store.

Why do women cheat more than men? I can't imagine cheating on my current gf or any before, but I've had a few before who have cheated on me many times.

I can't help but feel like I'm either dating the wrong women or all the women who date just see me as a product they can use and throw away.

I wouldn't say it's any kind of sign, but just being able to talk and joke with her in general is good.

Boys: what would make you consider a girl a slut?

I have really nice legs, and I like showing them off, I wear short skirts or short shorts, and I'm not going to lie it makes me excited when guys look at them. Would a girl who showed off her legs have rumors started about her being a slut?

Calling someone a slut and actually considering them to be one are completely different.

>Would a girl who showed off her legs have rumors started about her being a slut?
I don't know - probably not.

There was a woman that I had a bit of a crush on that I lost my crush for completely after seeing her wear a really really short skirt. Sure, it's attractive, but that's not the type of woman I want. The same goes for leggings/tights/yoga pants or whatever they're called.

That's kinda asking for it desu

If you keep it classy (i dont want to see your buttcheeks or thong) then do whatever the hell you want within reason, and i’ll just think ‘nice’. If i had nice legs i’d show them off too. Then again , i’m less of a degenerate than most guys here because i actually go outside and talk to people

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General and honest question to women here:

1. Why do you guys often use the ‘male ego’ as an excuse for not taking responsibility for hurting someone’s feelings? “It’s not what I said/did it’s his ego!”

2: when women say they want a man who’s in touch with his emotions what the fuck does that even mean? From my experience when women say that they want a guy who can be somewhat of a therapist? So pretty much in touch with her emotions but not really expressing his, and if he were to what would that look like?

Any advice I can give my gf who literally sucked a dick for the first time the other day? All her friends said is fit the whole thing in your mouth and swallow. That's fine and all but she can only fit about half of it in before she starts to feel a gag reflex and she has to stop every 10 seconds because she can't breathe. Needless to say, I couldn't cum despite her best efforts.

Any useful girl tips for a beginner to practice going deeper and (more importantly) being able to breathe properly and not stopping?

1. I have never done that so i really don’t know. The best answer i can give is that most people (not just women) are either crazy or shitty and it’s not worth it to be sad about

2. no. i want a dude who doesn’t bottle everything up and will tell me about himself and his dreams. If he feels bad, i want him to tell me if he needs space. or what he needs. I don’t want to deal with a dude who won’t tell me what’s wrong and then takes it out on me. Like i said, most people are shitty or dumb and will use people. Sounds like you’ve been hanging out with the wrong crowd.

You don’t have to be a girl to suck a dick. You should give a try and give her pointers.
In all seriousness, training your gag reflex takes a lot of practice and some can never get past it. Just be prepared for that.

Well, we love sluts anyhow. Don't worry about it. That word is born out of jealousy.

Girl I've known for a few months wants to go the christmas market with me tomorrow.
Today it started to rain pretty bad.

>her: if the weathers like this tomorrow I don't want to go
>me: so what do we do then?
>her: something where it's warm
>me: so if it rains tomorrow we could watch a movie
>her: mh let's see how it looks tomorrow

Did I fuck up?

You need to come back here impersonating your gf. Bj powers come form experience and it is the men who need to guide the women. Not the blind leading the blind. Once a chick achieves expert level, she won't share her knowledge because that would disadvantage her.

Why do ladies get in the car while gas is pumping?

You can't let us look for just a minute? We're not going to rape you or anything. Its ok if you don't think you are attractive. We'll be the judge of that. I like to see shoes too.

I feel embarrassed asking this but I've only had like 3 or 4 girlfriends in my life, three of which I was under 20, and the last one was with an older woman and was pretty unconventional. How does one conduct themselves on a first date? Is it okay to hold her hand on the way to the restaurant? I don't really even know her; I randomly added her on fb because I thought she was cute and we have mutual friends. I've only really talked to her like 3 times, all online. I'm 30 and she's 27. I can provide more context if needed.

Sorry,didn't mean to link you here

You're doing better than I am user


There's this one girl I know who starts arguments with me all the time. She'll tease me, I'll tease her back. She'll call me cute during some arguments. Tons of people think she has a crush on me. And I would be lying if I said I didn't like her.

But this is always just how she acts with other people around. I've tried texting her, and she barely responded and pretty much completely ignores me.

So now I'm confused. I'm torn between thinking that she's actually serious about what I thought were playful arguments and teasing, and that she actually kind of hates me, or that the arguing IS playful and a bit flirty.

What do you think? Not sure what to make of these mixed signals.

Try that elbow link shit and just get as sloppy as you can. Use hand pat to say reassuring things and shoulder touch to get attention. Over do things and you are a creep. But the classic elbow link is cool and you will see where she is with you by how much she is hanging, steering, and snuggles... sorry, I'm still the same dude. I don't really know shit.

To women

Is it pathetic to have female friends as an incel? I've become really close friends with a girl I work with. I don't consider myself to be in the friendzone as I don't really wanna date her, not least of all because we work together, and she's taken anyway and in all honesty waaayy out of my league.

We talk a shit ton about a lot of deep stuff, and support each other emotionally quite a bit. I don't do any cuck shit like talk to her about how she's feeling about her bf etc but yeah..idk it feels kinda pathetic, especially since of all my male coworkers I'm the only non-raging misogynist but I'm the only incel whereas they all have wives and girlfriends


You are orbiting her without knowing it

I've generally followed the never shit where you eat rule but I recently got stupidly, asked a coworker out and got a bit fan no.

Considering we sit really close in the office and are pretty chatty to one another is my best to just totally pretend it never happened and carry on as normal?


What do senpai?

I'm not an incel but female friends are great. They are generally much more emotionally intelligent and wary of the world.
Dudes like us can be really dumb fucks when it comes to emotions.

Is it possible to have (genuine) female friends and not be a cuck?

Long legs are beautifull and no shame in shwoing them off

Going to gym and seeinb chicks in shorts instead of leggins, big OOF
With that being said unless you wear skirt shorter than your underwear ibdont think anyone is going to mind. Your behaviour is bigger indicator. Also, if you show off tits with legs at same time then its different. So all comes down to context

>be 8 years old
>NES days
>had an NES myself when I was a kid but the neighbor which is a young couple had the full combo set with that fucking robot and all the games
>kids always go to their house to play
>fast forward to now
>realized that they molested me
>don't remember if the guy molested me but I am 100% positive the female molested me
>go back for Christmas
>she's still fucking there hasn't been arrested or anything
>an actual GILF
>can't stop thinking about it
>want to somehow confront her and tell her new husband
>actually wanted to fuck her so bad but I have no idea how to approach her
Anyone had this weird issue? Am i warped or fucked?

knowingly showing off your ass, legs, boobs or midriff is slutty and the fact that you enjoy the attention just shows that youre a trashy chick

Do girls fap to dudes voices? Theres a girl from college who calls me on the phone most nights and she makes these moaning noises and they sound sexual to me. I asked her why she was making those noises and she just laughed.

Was I wrong to hang up on my girlfriend in this situation:
>gf and i's rent comes out of gf's account, i normally xfer my 1/2 the day before its due
>rent went up last month, which we forgot about, so i had to pop down to the estate agents to pay in person
>gf informs me two days before this month's rent is due that she forgot to increase the direct debit out of her account, meaning old rent will come out again (not enough)
>we're both at our folks for Xmas, miles apart
>tell her to be sure to change that thing asap in future, as now i have to travel 30-ish miles from my folks house on the 24th to pay for this thing in person
>she gets pissy with me and shouts at me on the phone, saying i'm being negative for saying that
>end up arguing. all i did was explain the importance of it to her. i'm not shouting at all, but she keeps accusing me of raising my voice.
>she then asks how my day was, and as soon as i started talking, she shouted "AND DON'T BE ALL FUCKING SARCASTIC NOW"
>instantly hang up and text her that i'm done speaking for today
no idea why, but this riled me the fuck up. even though she messed up w/ the rent, i just explained that she should try to change it in future before its due. the sarcasm comment seemed like a negative jab for no reason and it pushed me over the edge.

could use some female advice here.

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How do I find a girl who's accepting that I'm a huge fucking weeb, figures, posters, and all? I don't like any of the outwardly lewd stuff (at least other than for fapping, but who doesn't watch porn in 2018), I just find anime cute.

I'm not a kissless virgin NEET and have managed two long term relationships in my life and am not a sperg though I don't have many friends and prefer to keep to myself. I have other hobbies and while I'm not terribly physicaly active, have low enough body fat that it looks like I have abs.

I work to avoid perpetuating the stereotype but have the nagging fear that once I hook a girl in they'd be incredibly turned off by my entertainment preferences.

Of course.
There's literally nothing wrong with having female friends. In fact, it probably expands your world a bit.

I heard they cheat in equal amounts? I'm a woman and to me from what I've seen around me it feels like men do the majority of cheating. I think it's a matter of perception

Not a female, but girls aren't used to taking responsibility, so good luck with that.

How do i ask a girl out if i've never done it before? Dont know what im doing

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You sound ridiculous sweet. Thanks for replying.

Hope you find a guy that's like that for you. A lot of guys a scared because a lot of women really like there to be a man-woman dynamic of a relationship, which I understand and is a pretty good thing. However, It can be difficult as the line between an emotionally mature man and an effeminate man is INSANELY thin.

But judging for what you said you should have no issue.

>literal slut
>slept with 7-8+ guys, depending on her age etc

>call her a slut/make the assumption
>dressing provocatively, short skirts/dresses, lots of cleavage, see through clothing, too much makeup/preening

>hey, would you like to go out with me some time? I was thinking we could go ice skating at ____ and maybe grab something to eat at this great place I know nearby the rink

Girls, what would you do if you received a message from a guy on a dating site offering you money to train him to be bf?


Decline because I don't know how to date either plus even though he's the one offering it feels a bit exploitative... I'd rather just date him for real then

Do we have a dateless girl here? What is this?

Well if you aren't willing to risk the rejection you might as well just stay single forever.

question to girls

a girl stopped all interactions (responding my texts and liking my pictures/posts) with me two year ago and yesterday liked one of my facebook post from nowhere

would she respond if i messaged her?

Fucking hell get over her.

what? i never had a relationship with her

she ghosted away your plationic relationship with her

Women, how much do you agree with the metaphor that men need to ask themselves what they bring to the job (relationship), and not just why they want it.

If you agree, do you think women need to do the same?

If you disagree, what do you believe would be a more true metaphor?

and why did she start liking my shit again

because she lost all her other orbiters and tries to get your attention back

fuck her

because it was cool and on her timeline, just post something again to see if it was a fluke or not

Because she assumed it had been long enough and you wouldn't jump into her DMs thinking she's interested just because she liked a pic you posted on facebook.

>slide into the FM of a friend's friend
>talked for a bit earlier this year
>stopped one day
>recently started again, where she gave new her number before I could ask

I don't know much of her personally. I'm not sure what to say since I honestly didn't think I would get this far. I'm a generally boring guy, so i'm not even sure what to talk about.

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Meant dm obviously.

Go for something easy like tv shows. All you have to do is say you've just finished watching a (popular show that you think she will have either watched or heard about) show and how it was so good and now you want something just as good.

It's enough to lead into a conversation about what she's into or not and has/hasn't watched and is the start off the road to knowing more about her so that it's easier to talk.

Chat for a few days then ask her out, maybe after new years since she's likely to be busy until then with christmas stuff.

How do I bring up to my boyfriend that I would like to see him do stuff with another guy. It's my only "out there" kink. I don't even know if he'd be open to it. He's got a couple of gay friends that I know of and isn't a homophobe that I can tell but I know that's still a long way from willing to suck a dick for my entertainment.

Where do I start?

>A lot of guys a scared because a lot of women really like there to be a man-woman dynamic of a relationship, which I understand and is a pretty good thing. However, It can be difficult as the line between an emotionally mature man and an effeminate man is INSANELY thin.

Not really dude... I think you’re projecting the general emotional insecurity you see on Jow Forums on to the rest of the male populace.

That is *not* at all the case. What you see on here is a hyper specific niche that runs in almost the exact opposite direction of the norm, which is:

Guys don’t really give a shit. We bottle shit up because it’s too much of a hassle, or too bothersome, or too complex to deal with, so we figure we’d rather just keep it simple and put it out of sight, out of mind.

That fear that exists has nothing to do with being effeminate in the eyes of other women so much as it has to do with discomfort and aversion towards dealing with the unknown.

In the cases where there *is* some level of aversion towards the effeminate (I.e. homophobia and other over-exaggerated reactions towards anything perceived as challenging masculinity) that has more to do with clashing images or public perception than it does the actual dynamic between man and women.


As a dude who has been called the “most effeminately masculine” guy (by multiple people, both in those exact words and not) in a affectionate way, you are completely falling for the label meme.

Definitions are useful because they help explain the reality around us, but labels are complete and total bullshit, because language does not work the other way around. Words do not dictate what reality is. Life is too complex, and vocabulary too imprecise.

It’s not a cookie cutter definition of masculinity that women are attracted to, it’s qualities that are sometimes associated with the concept of the word, and no two people have the exact same definition of it, so it’s stupid to overly rely on it.

So I met and hooked up with this guy a few months back. We started having frequent phone sex where he calls me a “good girl” and I really get off on this, in addition to him telling me what to do. I’ve been reading more about D/s relationships and I really want to explore this with him. How to best start a conversation about this? I really want to submit to him and have him do whatever he wants with me but in a respectful, safe, and mature way.

ive been ghosted by girls before and they never 'assume it was long enough' they just stop talking to you

Tell me about your relationship with your actual dad.

She ain't talking to him. She liked a picture on facebook.

But women are the ones who usually start those rumors.

I don’t think it’s that. I have a good and healthy relationship with my father.

I am however a single woman in control of her finances, damn good at what I do in my chosen career, and people often ask me to take on leadership roles. I’m definitely a perfectionist and a “Type A” personality. I also recently left a long term relationship with a beta male who had a low sex drive and/or high anxiety surrounding his sexuality.

I mean that she assumed she hadn't spoken to him in long enough that she thought she could like his Facebook post without him trying to re-establish his orbit.

I'm on Jow Forums so probs an autist, but holding hands with someone I just met irl would be weird as fuck. If it goes well then holding hands on the way back from the restaurant is acceptable

>multiple failed long-term relationships
>over 1(ONE) sleeping partner (including sexual any sexual acts)
>barely dresses conservatively, makes sure everything is out and open for the world to see because it's "cool," "hip," and "progressive."
>whores for attention because of the emotions

If you genuinely have no feelings for her then there's no harm in having more friends

Sounds like she's trying to bait you or wind you up to me

Legit some will be and some won't be. The ones who will be put off probably aren't right for you anyway

Decline, that sounds a bit like complicated and drawn out prostitution

Yeah, I think both parties need to bring things to the relationship - maybe that's thoughtfulness, kindness, drive, ambition or more concrete things like great sex or respectable work, and a balance of those things on each side helps towards a healthy relationship

Broke up with my first sub ever. What do I do with the rope, collar, and handcuffs?

Get rid of them?

If I text a girl, "let's plan a chill day at your place, watch a movie, cook.... Chill"
Then I pretty much implied sex right?
She said "yeah sounds good"

Am I gonna get some if I don't mess up?

>had a dream I lovingly pegged my hypothetical husband
>it was pretty hot
>actually want to try it now
Am I fucked?

I think you’re over analysing what I’m saying.

Men don’t conceptually think ‘I can’t show too much emotion because she’ll think I’m too feminine” it just happens naturally based off experiences.

Also you said that there is no fear of becoming seen as effeminate in the eyes of a woman it’s a fear of the “unknown” instead.
Again, this is not a text-to-speech thing that men think in their minds. It’s a thought process that comes naturally. It’s a fear of being too womanly because straight women aren’t lesbians.

A lot of women are sexually attracted and emotionally attracted to a man who’s more masculine than them. This is extremely common. Blabbering on about how you feel in a effeminate way can shift the man-woman dynamic and mess up her attractions.

You’re the most effeminate guy people know? Congratulations. I’ve seen effeminate guys be considered friends and nothing more for a ridiculously long time until they “manned up” and only then women found them attractive. You must make up for it in other ways. I’m telling you women usually like masculine men and that’s a big reason why men aren’t so open with their emotions. You know it’s true. Don’t be a jerk and deny it because everyone loves it when you act like a girl.

Uhhh I sounded quite childish towards the end.

It’s just not as easy as everyone as it is for you okay? You’d be surprised how many guys don’t want to appear TOO effeminate, TOO weak, TOO unsexual. Not everyone has it as easy. Some guys can’t do anything right.

I need answers.
I only have accidental response.
This question has been on my mind forever.
I can't be the only one who thinks this is weird.

Help me I'm a retarded virgin :(

No, generally girls are expecting what you tell them is going to happen, thats the kind of situation that end in rape.

Are you the guy I told needed to give warning to a girl before trying to have sex?

Because if so that's not a warning. The way you've been going I'm sure she doesn't expect anything more intense than whatever level of making out you've gotten up to.

Why are there absolutely no girls who want to live a boring life?

Ex says I emasculate him which led him to leave me. I brushed it off as him being sensitive, but guy friend says he can see where he was coming from. He wouldn't go into detail when I asked about it.
What makes guys feel manly, and what could I be doing that would take that away? I don't get it.

Yeah I am, then Wtf do I do man

No examples of shit you do? I never had a problem being manly. I want to blame him if he is feeling A lack masculinity

Well, without knowing more about you, we can't make a clear conclusion. Any idea why you are emasculating? Are you taller than most girl? Do you do extreme sports? Do you have a manly job like construction? Are you a tomboy? Are you fit? Do you have a more aggressive, outgoing personality and behavior than other women?

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I'm into a girl and I want an advice:
She's the same age as me but she's preety damn mature. I feel myself more mature than other people, but when arround her I feel almost like I'm a child, I don't know what exactly makes me fell that way. I think that I'm mature but fun, but it makes my head thinking that it kinda moves her away.
Should I be more mature around her or she can like this other side of me?

Well I don't know what shit I do would make him feel like that. I take the lead on most things, and I gave him a lot of shit for being lazy. But he used to say he appreciated that.
I wouldn't say I'm a tomboy, but I am into hockey and have some,different hobbies. Average in everything else I'd say. I guess I'm more aggressive than most people, but me being the one who starts everything shouldn't take anything away from him.

If she would only like you when you're putting on a mature act then it's not a good match anyway.

Guys and girls

How many sex partners do you consider to be too many or a red flag?

More than they can honestly remember.

I'm not this guy but
His good inquiries may be details that make men feel like bitches, but that's not your fault if you fucking rock. I've had girls that would be good in a fight and that didn't bother me none. A man is a man if they are a man. Can't imagine anything you're doing wrong other than hanging with pussies.

Its hard to say. It depends on the person. Judging people by an arbitrary number is kind of silly if they’re clean and healthy. Also, behavior while single is not indicative of how somebody is in a relationship.

You are a fine fucking woman. Don't change a goddamn thing.