I fucked up

My boyfriend found my Cheese Pizza. He confronted me about it and I just broke down crying to him. He just seemed confused and appalled by me. And he should, i'm a fucking disgusting mess. I tried to be the best girlfriend to never hurt him but now I fucked up. I don't know what to do now or whats gonna happen. He just said he has to think about this and left.

I wanted to get help but if i ever admitted to this shit id probably be thrown in a cage with the key thrown away immediately. Id never hurt anybody but I probably deserve whatever happens next.

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Umm you should have gotten help before you did really illegal shit like keeping pictures of cp. having pedo urges isn’t illegal and won’t get you thrown in jail. There is no law against having pedo urges.

Doing pedo shit? Having cp on your laptop? Tons of laws against that.

You absolutely did hurt kids by providing a need for those thpes of pics. When you downloaded one, you created an audience for more new cp to be created for.

Honestly you are a bad and stupid person.

Was it pedophilia or hebephilia? Also does your boyfriend get on Jow Forums? Someone made a thread about their girlfriend having cp a couple days ago

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Also are you a vegan and or shy?

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I mean yes, and I guess?

I never wanted this shit in the first place. Me and my boyfriend use to browse /B/ as a joke. I was disgusted at the Shota and loli threads, but I got bored and curious. Over time that curiosity morphed into a some fucked form of affection, a one time thing turned into a few, a few turned into a pattern, and before I knew it I had a toxic pattern I couldn't go to anyone for help. Didn't help I started browsing 8.chan and that morphed into 2D into 3D.

Doesn't matter I know i'm a terrible person. But this shit could happen to anyone and now I've probably ruined my life cus of this sick addiction.

All i can say is that you could have absolutely gone to a therapist for help. But you didn’t. You chose to do this. Nothing ‘happened’ to you. I had a weird cp phase when i was 16 but i knew better than to save it.

Someone having pedo urges is not uncommon. My brother told his therapidt about his desire to torture animals and hurt people. He did not get thrown in jail, because he didn’t do any of those things and wasn’t planning to. You are stupid and i cant believe you did this to yourself.

You just have to stop and never look back. Have some dignity.

I mean, how bad are we talking here? A few jailbait pics, or gigabytes of baby bondage?

Holy shit kek. Your boyfriend posted on this board about 5 days ago asking what he should do since he found 60-70 cp pics on your computer. He said that you're a vegan and fairly shy so thats why i asked

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this! lol i was here, we all told him to run away, sorry op! go get help, stop abusing children mentally, it allows it to happen in the physical world desu

I don't believe you. How would you even know. what do you guys live on this board? Do you have a link to that thread? Nevermind It doesn't even matter either way.

Is there even anything I could say to him?

>do you guys live on this board

Uh, yeah. This is Jow Forums

I was there too, if you want proof you could look up into the archives, not that it matters tho.

>what do you guys live on this board?
This board is very slow. That thread was up the entire day. I was one of the anons who said to just get you to a therapist, while everyone else said to contact the authorities. Its funny because he probably did neither. Looks like i was right too, you seem like somebody who just went to far down the rabbit hole . The fact that he even got on Jow Forums to ask shows that he was hesitant to leave you. You should go talk to him, and try to sort things out and get a therapist yourself

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thank you for this advice. I will get some help, talk to him, and right this wrong. There still is time.

Hopefully he will report you, if he hasn't already
but in reality, I think it's just a masterful bait

Can confirm; you both are airing your dirty laundry in the same public space.

It's really entertaining though, so thanks for that.

Is your boyfriend also a vegan?

OP is either fucking with us or this is genuinely an epic thread, he also said he was gonna call the cops lol

This is the most funny coincidence in my years here thanks and have fun dealing with your secret i dont know what you expected exploiting abused children indirectly

Are you really so fucking stupid that you dont think it's the same person making both these threads. Holy fuck lurk more you colossal newfags

Fuck off boomer I've been here since 2015. Im not that new you garbage.

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lol 2015

try 2007 newfag

I think show him this thread and things will be ok. We are all fucked up and evil inside and need to make corrections when we stray off course.
You didn't really hurt anyone directly. That's just big picture type stuff and requires the altruism of the collective. When I am on the upper floor of the mall, I want to throw passers by to their death. I think of digging a basement and kidnapping sex slaves. I am a good hardworking family man on the outside. It is how you act, not how you think and you just got a little close to the line. You can make yourself a better and more intricate person because of it. Fix that with him.

This lmao. There's several clues that give it away
Try harder next time op

It literally hurts no one to download the cheese pizza without payment. It's the ones offering payment and requesting it from peds that are hurting people. The bystandard pedos hurt nobody

Bystander? Bystanding? Anyway it's just sex people need to grow up and stop being offended by everything

You are naive at best. Even if you don’t pay, you downloading the image creates precedence that cp is ok to view.

and that there’s a community of people who would happily watch whatever sick video you took. You’ll circulate the image. It already circulated when you downloaded it. It’ll spread and some other sick fuck will get their jollies off and start looking for more cp.

Most likely you’ll start looking deeper and for more cp because now you’re addicted. This happens all the time. Looking at cp never stops with just one look. Eventually you’ll move onto younger kids, dead kids, worse shit.

And this is when you start going on darkweb and looking for those livestreams of real kids getting tortured or whatever. you still don’t want to pay? Could probably find for free. But whoever owns the pic can see that people are looking at it. So they’ll go and make more. Good job.

How young was the cheese? How much had it developed toward becoming a fully matured pepperoni pizza?

This is fake.

Opposite thread happened last week, expect for it was the boyfriend who found his girlfriend’s CP

this has to be a fucking larp. there is no fucking way both of your losers browse Jow Forums and come to the SAME board to complain about your problems. lolol i just cant even

It is okay to view, just not okay to participate in. Imagination isn't action, and if someone already did the action, viewing pixels on a screen is hurting no one

that thread was like 3 days ago
is my sense of reality warped or yours?

Doesn't matter. Nothing is real regardless. Everything we say on here is a bunch of bullshit, maybe 1percent of any of this is legit or sincere

>This^^ topkek!
Also @ OP eat shit and kys.

Me too, user!


See if you can get him to roleplay as a shota for you

Glad you said it so I didn't have to

Still, got a lot of replies in both threads, I don't find it particularly convincing but 8.5/10 for the interest and replies

This guy is retarded lmao.

Your """boyfriend""" made this thread a few days ago. You may have these people fooled, but not me.

And you still dont believe this shit is bait? You fool.

It's spelled kiss
Kiss kiss