Anime that helped you better yourself

Tell me an anime that will keep me company on yet another depressing Friday night.

I want something that will make me want to self improve, make me want to go out and make friends, make me crave that relationship and make me go for it ( Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai made me ask a girl out for the first time ever, because I cried realizing that I will never experience true love and stuff they do, and although I got rejected because she has a boyfriend we're still friends )
Something that will give me hope.

Basically something like pic related

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I'm not big on romance anime but I liked bunny girl because of the sweetness and the despair it put me in because I never had anything like that. After liking it ( well it's not over yet ) I watched Kimi Ni Todoke which is really good and cute.

>basically something like pic related
I've watched that anime twice, and read the manga once. Every time I did any of these, it only made me depressed.

That anime is the shut-ins version of the TV show where they drag troublesome teenagers through a maximum security prison to scare them shitless so they stop misbehaving. Of course it did.

Tamako Market/Love Story
Koe no Katachi
Liz and the Blue Bird

Basically anything by Yamada has been a big influence on my life.

That time I got reincarnated as a slime.
>your only hope is to become an isekai protagonist OP
>you know what to do

K-on I just don't see the appeal of. Never watched it but I doubt I will.
I prefer anime series but I will give these a watch.
Especially the 2nd one because I'm senior at HS and I liked the synopsis.

Truck-kun here I come

Tengen toppa guren lagann.

K-On! is legitimately a great show with some of the best characterization in anime. Give it a watch and let the characters grow onto you. It's what changed me from a jaded fuck to a more optimistic person who wants friends.

Tamako Market isn't as popular as Tamako Love Story, but personally I loved it and Love Story is the ending to Market anyway.

Seen it, love it. Never could get into Evangelion but I loved this one.

Might give it a try but idk user, I odn't like the art style and it seems kinda waifu baity to me
Wait wait, is it about a girl from K-On?
Will I be fine watching it without / before watching K-On?

Hajime no Ippo
>believable characters with clear development
>anime shows you, that growth only comes from facing adversity. Doesnt matter if in the sport or in life.

Tamako Market and K-On! are two completely separate series. It was done by the same staff, though.
The art style of K-On! is actually really detailed. Yamada wanted to create the world of K-On! and have the characters interact with it instead of giving them boring backgrounds and scenery.

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I don't like sports anime ( apart from One Outs ) and I know shit about boxing but I saw this recommended a couple of times and it looks pretty good.

Will check it out thanks .

Also watch Great Teacher Onizuka.
The first half of that Anime is fucking amazing and it has one of the best first episodes I have ever seen. Onizuka is one of the most stoic characters written in Anime.

It was the same for me, but as soon as you realize that it's "just a sport" you also realize that everyone can lose. This is a shounen with a lot more suspense than any mainstream shounen with superpowers.

even my girlfriend loves it

Oh that's good to know.

I didn't mean it was bad and had no details. I meant that I don't like how it looks, too basic and too moe for me. Like, for example, I love Kaiji's artstyle even though some people don't wanna watch the show just because it looks the way it looks. I like unique art styles not overly round classic moe stuff.
Maybe I will check it out eventually because it's the one anime which I'm supposed to like based on the premise ( I play guitar ) but I never got around to watch.

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Read the synopsis, interesting, reminds me a lot of NHK

I don't know the rules of Box, will I be okay?

NHK is literally the worst example you could pick, it gives you false hope that you can sit inside watching anime and things will turn out okay and a cute girl will try to help you. You could watch Baby Steps or Touch if you want to see an ordinary guy find their passion and work hard to reach a goal. Silver Spoon is also a realistic story that I found inspiring about a guy who is trying to find direction in life and finds it in an unexpected place. I think it could inspire you to try new things or a career you never considered before.

This isn't animu but seriously user if you are low on people skills I suggest watching Survivor and getting into the strategy of it. It is basically a crash course on people and how social interactions work, group dynamics, building trust and friendships, etc. It helped me be more social.

>I want to sit around doing nothing
>The nothing I do should make me want to self improve

Try not watching anime and instead going out, working out, or self improving.

Anime is good but if you have improvement to do, do it first and then watch TV.

>NHK is literally the worst example you could pick, it gives you false hope that you can sit inside watching anime and things will turn out okay and a cute girl will try to help you.
If you really think this you didnt finish the show. Misaki was just as bad as Sato and didnt help him at all at any point. She was just better at hiding it.

I get where you're coming from but it also depends on how you interpret the ending. Will check the 3 anime.

Where do you start with Survivor? Like, season 1 and then go on? It doesn't matter right? Where do I watch from to get to the good stuff

I mean, it's almost 12AM, what better thing can I do now? I'm too tired to exercise.

yes, Hajime no Ippo describes the journey of the yougn boy ippo who has no idea about boxing until he well, starts (watch the show to learn how).
The show expains everything, I mean EVERYTHING.

Let me show you the entire anime.



Good to know. Will check it out.

Anime saved my life for real. I was a pissbottling NEET retard before I got into anime.

Sakurasou No Pet No Kanojo was a good one as it deal with not knowing what to do with your life/being unmotivated.

Hataraku Maou Sama was also good for my NEETdom since it's about demons and angels from another universe who take on human forms and now have to work in call centres and mcdonalds.

Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso is one that especially hit close to me since I used to play the piano and other instruments but didn't touch any of them for years and actually forgot how to play. Even if you're not a musician it's a great anime, there's also the whole arc with the mom I won't spoil

I don't know about romance anime but anime in general seems to be shit when it comes to relationships. Every anime I've ever seen is high school boy who has like 9 different girls who are all trying to throw their pussy at him but he dodges that shit and runs away becausein japan you can't date until you've graduated high school and university and you've climbed up the corporate ladder of your salaryman job and you're 35 years old. 43 years of age is when you should be thinking about girls, according to anime standards.

It also gives weeb the impression that confessing to girls is a good idea which it 100% is not.

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when you're too tired is exactly when you should be working out, listen to One Punch Man.

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Well, it's not an anime... Goodnight Punpun.

I've hear of this show. I like what I've heard of it. Maybe I'll watch it right now. Still unsure.

Seen second one, didn't like it.

Third one is one of those that I always remember but never actually seen.

Out of all 3 I would probably watch 1 > 3 ( since I've seen 2nd already )

Then what do you do if not confess?

But I like my hair

Eehhh, I'm indifferent on Manga, i'm much more in mood for an Anime right now.

>Then what do you do if not confess?

If you like a girl then you ask her out to see a movie with you, don't confess to her it's a guaranteed rejection and major turn-off

To be fair it has been a while since I watched NHK so I could be remembering it wrong. The only part of the ending I remember was when that fat guy's mom stopped feeding him but he stayed in his room until he was practically starving to death before dragging himself out somewhere to ask for work. Like damn. That was a good show despite what I said.

With Survivor it doesn't matter where you start, I would advise against starting with season 1 though because the earliest seasons are kind of limited strategically and there are few people who are really there to play as opposed to just wanting to be on TV. 15 and 18 are both really good and entertaining seasons to start with, by that point the show had reached a sweet spot of strategy and good casting. 28 would be a good place to start, that is kind of the start of modern Survivor. From there the metagame started evolving at light speed and they started casting more and more people who knew and understood the show. The last two seasons have been like 90% fans of the show. Season 36 was actually really boring because of that, it was like when the Super Bowl is just the top two defenses in the nation. Everybody was just playing the safest and most defensive game possible. The most recent season, 37 was great though and there's no reason why you couldn't start there.

Asking something like that is basically confessing, what other reason would you have for asking her out?

Jesus, 37 seasons??? Guess I'll start from 15 and 18 and work my way up skipping if I don't like the participants. It's not like I can miss anything

>Jesus, 37 seasons??? Guess I'll start from 15 and 18 and work my way up skipping if I don't like the participants. It's not like I can miss anything
Just as a heads up there are some returning player seasons and some seasons that are pretty bad along the way. Season 22 and 24 are generally seen as the worst seasons from an entertainment and strategy standpoint because one person just totally dominates the game socially and they're followed like cult leaders. There is no drama but it's pretty educational as you can imagine, those are actually two of the most informative ones.

16 and 20 are also returning player seasons which have a different dynamic since everyone has already met before the game starts. But they are also interesting and you should be able to follow along even if you don't know everybody. There are other returning player seasons later but by that point they're not casting too many pre-15 returnees anymore.

So what exactly is the strategy you're talking about? Social mental gymnastics?

OP, Tatami Galaxy is probably what you're looking for.

I love the art style.

Yeah pretty much. Once the game gets down to three people a jury of people voted out picks the winner, so they are trying to identify threats who the jury will vote for and get rid of them while at the same time minimizing their own target. However at the same time if they make themselves too non-threatening they run the risk of being seen as a weak player or someone who just rode coattails to the end. Or being voted out prematurely because they haven't made any enemies on the jury. This is pretty much the main conflict of the game, knowing how to play just aggressively enough that you can both get to the end and win at the end.

Damn, sounds interesting. I always thought survivor is bad and I don't know why.

>something that will make me want to self improve
there is only one solution

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Lol, grace is back

It is understandable. When the show was at its most popular, in the early seasons, it was still in its primitive stages. It was more of a reality show than a competition. I stopped watching for many years because it just got boring and only got back into it when my friend insisted to me that it had evolved into something much better.

Literally and only this
Legend of the Galactic Heroes is the only anime I've ever seen that isn't just pure faggotry

Read Starship Troopers if you want something similar

Fullmetal Alchemist

surprised to see LoGH fan who doesn't also appreciate at least some of the Gundam series


Anime cannot help a Western man, it can only do harm.

There is no lesson you can learn from anime that couldn't be learned much better somewhere else.

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This so hard I was hoping to be the first one to post it.

It's literally about a shut in NEET type in college and how his life changes. I was in a good place in life and the opening still makes me wish I was a better person in the past. It will make you take a hard look in the mirror and also is pretty lighthearted at times and short.

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Go to sleep. Tomorrow, when you're not so tired, exercise.

I watched the first episode yesterday, I like it but it's so damn confusing and fast.

Heard good things about this one but always thought it's dated



Yeah that's exactly why I thought it was bad

Well it did, NHK did help me.

It's tomorrow now, maybe.

literally the only good UC bits were 0080 and 0083
basically everything Tomino himself made is trash, and not at all inspiring per the purpose of this thread

>I watched the first episode yesterday, I like it but it's so damn confusing and fast
It's very very confusing at the start but don't drop it it will all be worth it

Not anime but manga, vagabond is insane

I really enjoyed aku no Hana and oyasumi punpun

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I'm more of an anime person. Will read the manga of an anime I like that continues the story but I don't like manga on their own.

Berserk was really motivating for me. Guts represents an iron will through anything knowing you'll suffer.

Probably a crap series, but Kenichi helped me through a lot of shit in my teens. It helped me to stand up for myself, to finally start working out, to show some respect to myself.
I am rewatching it whenever I feel down and it usually helps. Shame that they didn't finish it properly.

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Clannad (specifically after story - the second season but watch it all)

No OP, this one is just sad, not what you're looking for.


>not Ashita no Joe

Code geass I wanted to be as smart as lelouch I studied so hard to prouve that and I got 15.94 in my bac exam and now I'm in medicine

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You're probably not from Japan so I found one with lyrics

I liked ReLife.


The dude gets a job and gets his life in order. What's wrong with that

Maison Ikkoku
>pic related
It's a pretty nice romcom
The main character really develops through the story.
Now that I think about it, I might watch it again for motivation. I need to fix my life

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Anime won't help you better yourself.
You need to understand that Anime is a rigged game written for otaku to tell them what they want to hear, not what they need to hear.
I love NHK, but in the absence of a damaged girl showing up to save you, it's not going to help.
Ironically I think the best thing to do to better yourself is turn off anime entirely, because it does not want or need you to get better.

>I love NHK, but in the absence of a damaged girl showing up to save you, it's not going to help.
You missed the entire point of the show.

Don't fall for this meme OP.
Evefags will literally recommend Evangelion to anyone and anytime.

>it's dated
do you want inspiration to be the best you or don't you

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Yeah, for good reason.