Is it worth getting diagnosed with autism if I think I have it?

Is it worth getting diagnosed with autism if I think I have it?

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Why do you think you have it?

I'll diagose you right now.
What's your age?
Are you a virgin?
How many friends do you have?
How many of those friends are girls?

not op but just out of curiosity


>trouble making eye contact with anyone, no idea how long I'm supposed to look at someone
>socially awkward as fuck, can't put thoughts into words, feel I don't understand social "rules" that well
>generally have extreme difficulty making friends, especially if they aren't forced to be in my proximity
>seeing other people in emotional distress does not trigger an emotional response from me, even if I can intellectually understand why they might be upset
>generally don't speak to strangers, only to people I'm familiar with
>talk either too quietly, or too loudly if I'm excited, and talk to myself a lot
>usually get intensely focused on 1 or 2 things at a time and gather lots of information on those things
>slow at picking up jokes or sarcasm a lot
80% sure I got Aspergers but there are a couple common symptoms I'm missing
>fidget in a lot in social situations, often find myself holding and playing with stuff
>absolutely hate loud noise
>don't really see in "patterns"
>motor skills are pretty good, though I sometimes step on my own feet (never trip because of it)
0, but I've made them before and just moved recently
0, but I've had them before in junior high

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sounds like your on the spectrum

sounds like your a bitch

The fidgeting bit I put on the wrong list. I'm also easily annoyed by loud noises and flashing lights, and I avoid talking to strangers at all costs.

What purpose does getting the label serve? There isn’t a medication. In the future it may prevent you from getting a job, health insurance or a gun.

Maybe I'll get some gibs out of it? At the very least it would confirm my own suspicions. I already have a tech job in the military I'm pretty good at, it would be stupid for them to discharge me for no reason after 3 years of training.

Unless it's for insurance or disability benefits, going through the trouble for a possible diagnosis is a waste of your time and money.

Never diagnose yourself. You aren't a physician (and no one on a chan is) and this disorder is more than just a checklist. It requires testing that WebMD cannot provide.

>it would be stupid for them to discharge me

Oh they will.

I have the same feeling too. I've always had self esteem issues because people think I'm stupid or see me as autistic. I was even sent in a special ed class because of it and got mocked for it. I think the only reason I may not is because I'm too aware, but I get an impression something is off about me. Though for me, its more about closure. Though I don't know if it will be worth it as to why I don't actually put effort in trying.

There are no gibs for autism, if you are a functioning adult, which it sounds like you are.

If you are in the military do not do it! A label like autism can ruin your career. The job you have now is not the job you will be moving into in three years.

Now is you want to read some self improvement books, sure.

I was denied serving in the military in Norway because I had autism. Finland lets in people with mild autism.

Oh forgot, intense interest in 1 or 2 subjects at a time where you learn all you can about them? You 100% have mild autism/aspergers.

how do they diagnose autism anyway?
as I get older, I find you can just be deemed to have autism or IBS because doctors can't figure anything else out.

Autism is a very wide spectrum. Some people on the spectrum have extraordinarily normal abilities to function while others not so much. I've never been officially diagnosed, but I have a large number of autistic tendencies:
>Tunneling on one thing
>Had major social interaction issues growing up
>Communication is still balls for me
>Logical thinker to the nth degree
>Don't understand nor care about others feelings(except for a select few people who matter to me) nor their opinions of me. Doesn't make sense to me why people care so much how others see/think of them.

However despite all of these tendencies that are supposed to be detrimental to my ability to function in society I am successful AF.
>In top 10 public University in the US
>4.0 GPA
>If I continue to maintain my GPA and get an okay GRE score I might go to an IV league school
>Have an amazing girlfriend of 26 months. She understands I (might) have autism, but it doesn't bother her. I have tried since day one with her to work on my bad social tendencies and communication issues. She appreciates my effort.
>I'm next in line to head my family so my father(CEO) and grandparents(one a retired corporate banker the other a corporate worker for a major housing company) have mentored me my entire life on financial issues. I am completely prepared to maintain the socioeconomic status when it is my turn to take over the reins.

Autism doesn't need to define who you are in life. It just makes you unique. If you try hard at improving/working on your issues, you can fix them. I hope my post helped.

Thanks user. Would you say being officially diagnosed would give you more information on how to improve yourself and work around your issues? I don't want to be a guy who just wears it as a label so I have an excuse to do nothing and justify all my behaviour.

The label isn’t going to change anything for the better. There is no medication or even real treatment.

You can basically decide on your own that you have characteristics of autism and then do your own research as to ways to either use those traits or change them. No one is going to do anything for you, in the end you are going to make the changes and learn the skills. You can do that without the label.

The only time the label has any real use is in our messed up K-12 education system where a teacher needs a label to differentiate instruction or classroom expectations.

My field of study has lead me to taking upper-division courses which magnify and examine disorders such as ASD to a very detailed degree. I know how the disorder functions, acts, and displays itself really well after the time I've spent having to study it. The most crucial indicators for falling in the spectrum appear in very early childhood. I asked my parents if I had any of the behaviors, and I had almost all of them.

Self-diagnosis is never truly credible and I am aware of that, but I do not really care about whether or not I have the disorder. It won't change who I am, nor who I will become. It is a label stigmatized by each of our cultures that tells people within the spectrum that they don't have a chance at life. Fuck that. Looks at me and all I've done and what I still plan to do.

Whether or not an individual falls in the spectrum should not justify them giving up in life. Nor should having an official diagnosis be a requirement to better yourself. In my case, I fell in love. I wanted to genuinely become a man that my girlfriend could see as a life partner. So I worked my ass off every day of our relationship to work on my issues. And she willingly was there supporting me the entire way. Because she loves me and she can see I genuinely wanted to get rid of my poor social habits and communication issues. It's all up to you, OP. Don't let anyone but yourself ever dictate who you can or can not be in life.

Look up ABA treatment, it works very well for those in the spectrum. Don't give advice on topics you're not educated on.

This post 10/10 terrible advice. Ignore it.

ABA therapy doesn’t do much for functioning adults. It is good for individuals that are low functioning and have caregivers.

As a functioning adult this individual can review the basics of ABA... setting goals, breaking them down into small steps and rewards.., and do it themselves. No need for a label.

Heck they can take social skills classes, again no need for a label, get a fitness trainer to help with motor skills, mentors, online self help, etc. As an adult everyone works to improve areas of weakness. A label isn’t going to magically do anything.

I am much more knowledgeable then. you know.

The only thing an official label does for a high functioning adult is confirm their beliefs. They might get a few talk therapy sessions.

Unfortunately, especially for someone in the military, it can ruin their career and depending on their career path, make them unemployable (Can’t get a clearance or a gun).