How the fuck do I lose weight if im trapped in a small town? theres literally nothing here...

how the fuck do I lose weight if im trapped in a small town? theres literally nothing here. 2 empty roads and half the year its cold as fucking balls and there's nothing to do

this lifestyle defeated me so much I can barely get out of bed

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You could always eat less calories than your body burns.

But let's be honest here, you won't do that, you'll just make excuses or stop thinking about it like all fat people do instead of actually losing weight.

Buy weights, a bar for pull-ups, a rope and do home exercises.
You don't even need all those equipments though, iirc there was a page called freelectics where they have exercises for every level for every part of your body with/without equipment.
Oh, and eat fucking healthy, you are not going to progress if you eat junk.

Well OP since you seem to blame the entire situation on your location then that means everyone else is fat too so its ok to be like them.

Whats that? You say not everyone in your small town is fat? Maybe they just don't eat as much junk food and sit around all day. Try doing what they do.

Exactly the same way you would in a big city - eat less and exercise more

Just be hungry. Eat one small meal a day, its enough for you. You'll see. Discipline yourself. After a while, your body just gets used to it and eating very little becomes normal. Eating a full sized meal after a month of doing this will feel like you ate 3 full sized meals. I did this and lost 30ish kilograms and am now at my optimal BMI.

This is not productive commentary. My situation is kinda similar to op except I've always been thin - real thin. Always exercised and ate more or less healthily. Due to recent changes in lifestyle, my calorie intake is way up and it's just harder to do the things I used to do so effortlessly. Basically, what I'm saying is that your surroundings play a huge roll and it's not just user being lazy and slovenly.

My suggestion op is to try to change your lifestyle and surroundings. Slowly.

Hey OP, you could take pills called DNP (Dinitrophenol) its a fat burners which you can buy online and isn't even that expensive. Wha it does is it literally destroys fat cells which take a long time to geow back. Read into the stuff to see the side effects. You usuallly start with 1 pill for 5 days straight then you take 2-1-2-1-2 to boost the effectiviness and see how your body reacts. Finally go do 2-2-2-2-2 i wouldn't take more then 2 pills a day. i dont think it is destrimental to your body but you'll lose fat like a ounce every day no kidding ( experience ) .... However i dunno if you're extremely overweight. Because if that is the case then you should problably try to hit the gym to prevent stretch marks. That would be a shame.

2DUI? Is that you? Are you fat now?
Anyway, you either start the process today or you wish tomorrow that you had done. Even walking to the end of the street and back is better than nothing.

The vortex of 'nothing' you're trapped in has to be broken or else it will consume you-- even if it's token efforts and minor contribution, anything but nothing

kek 2 dui guy is now a fat neckbeard

Embrace the hunger feeling because that’s when your body is actually burning fat. The longer you can “enjoy” that feeling of burning fat, the more weight you will lose. It’s reprogramming.

(Hi Two DUI Guy!)

So basically what you're saying is free will doesn't exist? Fat people are always going on about "muh genetics" and "muh environment" and "muh depression". Like just put the fucking fork down and stop making excuses. Nothing is forcing you to eat more calories than you burn, you choose to do that.

I used to jog five days a week in Chicago along Lake Michigan at 5 am. I've had an eye freeze shut more than once. Cold helps you burn calories. No excuses.

Free will doesn't exist but you have the illusion of choice. Our brains can't resolve even tiniest fraction of the chain of causality that goes into our choices so it seems like we can make our own choices. You'll never truly know why you made any choice.

>Two DUI Guy is a fatass

Fucking top kek. Of course you are. Stay retarded 2DUI.

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>Free will doesn't exist
Not when you're being reactive, it doesn't.

>Our brains can't resolve even tiniest fraction of the chain of causality that goes into our choices
Thats lazy, reductive thinking. The reality is that the overwhelming majority of people have never had cause to develop significant cognitive mediation. We hit object permanency, learn to delay gratification, and then the external incentives for further growth pretty much stop. We're locked into a predictable, structured lifestyle and told that careful consideration is overthinking. The messaging is so strong that when someone comes along who has the restraint to observe and choose they end up looking like geniuses or wizards.

Impossible, in this case, just means unusually difficult.

Ya that's obvious, but that doesn't change the fact that if you approach every situation with the mindset of "I'm not accountable for any of my decisions because of so and so factors" you're gonna have a bad time. Having that mindset is a chain in the series of causes and effects that leads to a shitty life.

Find another place to live?

Last year I lost weight just because when I ate i tried to not eat super bad, but most of the time was just too lazy to get up from my computer and go to the store. I don't know if this works for other people too, but you could just eat less and distract yourself.

>Thats lazy, reductive thinking.
No it's true. Forget the context of this thread, in general I'm right and you know it.

>(Hi Two DUI Guy!)
oh dude here we go