I married a cunt

You can roast me hard on this one, Jow Forums, i deserve it. I knew what i was getting into, and i know it isn't going to get easier very soon, if at all.

>very impatient, mad about 5min wait, etc
>very jealous, talking to older/unattractive clerks even revs her up
>very violent, will attack if argument abandoned or simply can't handle
>social anxiety (asian) can't handle missed obligations
>offloads stress from others onto me, needs reminding not to dump
>smokes like a chimney, eats like a trailer park princess
>probably bpd; uses underhanded custody threats or lies about being assaulted
>exclusively towards me. Everyone else gets the facade of a reserved, shy and polite girl. Wish i wasnt so dim.
>told me things would improve when married because reasons
>i for some reason believed her

If it weren't for the fact that being alive is pretty neat and i love this world, along with not wanting to leave our child in her hands, i would probably off myself.

This seems like a no-brainer but is change possible for someone with such a propensity for aggression/war? Maybe it's freudian, i think she hates her father and sees a lot of me in her. A lot agree..

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You get used to it. I've been with the same kind of cunt for 23 years. Any bitch will do. You're the one who makes it work. God I hate that bitch.

No. Change is not possible. Not at this stage. Give up any hope of that now.

What you should concentrate on, make your mission, is getting your child away from her and cutting her out of your life completely. It will only get worse and worse as you get older. And your child, who already has a genetic disposition towards mental illness, will absolutely be tortured, tormented and warped by her. Get out. GET OUT.

Record her abusive moments. Talk to a lawyer about what you need to do. But stop thinking she can be saved.


Yeah i was just like your wife, except also a druggie. It took me going to rehab to realize what a cunt i was.

Is she at all amenable to calm talks? You can sit her down and tell her you feel hurt when she does shit, and you want to work together to find a solution because you love her.

But she might get angry and backfire. You said she treats everyone else polite? Then she knows that it’s wrong, but still treats just you like shit. Just think about that.

Is it so bad to get evidence of her being abusive, maybe egg her on somehow to make it look worse or get her to break the law...and then get a laywer for custody?

This, OP. You can't tolerate her abuse any more, for yourself, for your kid, and also for her. She needs to learn this shit is not okay, and a slap on the wrist won't cut it. She need to face the consequences for her behavior. She will only change if she sees that she has to, and the only chance at getting her to see that is making it very clear that her current behavior is driving away everyone who cares about her.

And your kid will be much better off without her. Get proof, get the kid, get out.

It's rare to get the two perfect solutions to a dilemma in consecutive order, on the first two posts.

You guys are sages, will sit on this.

This dude hereWe have had some rough times and I had similar thoughts. Logic tells me that I won't beat that cunt at here own game of being a cunt. True, you need documented evidence of all cunt behavior if you're gonna go that route. But for me, with enough fighting and knife dodging and always being the better person (not by much) but never caving like a pussy. Things kinda worked out. I'm sure the kid has issues. (Who don't) but really proud of what kind of person they are becoming. Tempered by fire. We fight about that kid being a bozo too but good in math, three languages, three instruments. All the famous success stories had fucked up parents.

I'm somehow comforted by both of you, in a sad and dark way (don't worry it's how I know to trust in realistic notions anyway).

I came back to point my finger at you a bit. I think entrapment is a weak idea, honestly. She's from a fucked up, inter-generational tradition of family violence and third world depression and now has to live in a cloud-9 libtard country. There's no excuse for her behaviour but exploiting her inclinations so I can isolate her from the one piece of rope she's ever had to make a change to that kind of dynamic is pathetic. I'd like to knock this paragraph off here but I feel compelled to continue and say that my own failure is evident in how these fights go on.

For anyone married, engaged, on the rocks or pessimistic, I watched this and it's made a significant dent in how I look at the issue now. Please not I'm not a subscriber to Stefan Molyneux but I don't just outright disagree with people on the sole basis of controversies or reputations.


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I feel ya bro. same here, but not married.
>dominates my time
>insanely jealous
>everything smells like cig smoke
>never wants to leave house
>blames anything missing on me
>everyone else gets the good version
>I have blue balls, may as well castrate myself, i'm never going to use my d##k again anyway.
>flirts with dirtbags
>bpd too
>hates dad, says I should die too.
>isn't Asian, but german.
>threatens suicide if I make her leave.

I used to be happy. my life is so f####d-up

This is the sort of thing marriage counselors are really good at helping with. You get to express your complaints, which she may very well not be aware of, and she gets to voice things about you that you didn't realize. And then you are both guided toward more sensitivity to each other.

Same married bro here. I watched that and it was good to hear what I already think that I know. You get married and you ain't stupid, you are aware that things change and continue to change. You are symbolizing that in spite of that knowledge, you are intending to make that shit work. It is a premeditated sacrifice that you are willing to make. There are millions of little moments that I regret these 23 years but on the overall average, I can look back and see that it's been the right thing. I often thought that the kid deserves better. I look back and call complete bullshit on myself. Overall things work out with little punctuations of terror. Crazy aisians. Gotta love em. That's what they need.

Oh,Samefag still.
You have provided renewal to my strength.
Thanks user.

honestly get out. my korean gf acted just like yours. she started telling ppl i was threatening her physically

A wife ain't a gf dumbass. Wife 20 percent plus half of what you make. Lawyers 75 percent of husband and wife money down the drain. Can't even split kid(s) 50/50 because there is not enough left of their soul. Gotta find different place to live. Friends take sides. Real pain in the ass.

Advise on what you know bro.

>getting married

was in a similar position, the final straw was when she chased me around the apartment with a knife. some people are just unhinged. don't waste your life bro, it will never get better

I'm assuming you're white, why did you marry an asian women? You're that guy aren't you?

It's like when a white women marries a black guy. You're the white male counterpart to that

Change is possible my good man! Have you perchance heard the word 'divorce' before?
Now would be a REEEEAL good time to get a bodycam to record her attacking you. Thus your cause for divorce and thus no custody attempts. A shot of her attacking you physically will damn her in any court, except maybe in Amazonia.

Well it should. It would here. Maybe not in the US, fuckin commiefornia

>probably bpd
abort mission and abandon ship immediately
its not ideal, but its probably better for the kid to have separated parents rather than parents who are together but obviously hate each other

I am with everyone else on "change is impossible" for people like that, as much as I like to believe people can change.


Oof, never get married. Never date a girl more attractive than you either.

>social anxiety (Asian)
Well no fucking wonder, Asian woman are anything but submissive and nice. They'll put on an act to make you BELIEVE they're nice and shy, when in reality they're just manipulating you through actions, or living up to the stereotype, because you're white. White signifies wealth and stability, and these chinks or gooks or whatever will do anything to get it.
Marry a white woman, and don't give me the bullshit of "ooooh they're just a bunch of radical feminists" -- open your eyes and step out into the real world; there are plenty of decent white woman, you just stereotype and believe all woman are exactly like the outspoken minority.

Start documenting and even put in hidden cameras to record her violent nature. You could divorce and take custody of the children, grainting her only supervised public visitations due to her violent nature.

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Still not as pathetic as my mom's co-worker. Married for 30 years to a woman who beats him and goes crazy in public in an effort to humiliate him, she's even made so many police calls that he was beating her that they've started ignoring her altogether. Has 2 daughters, one left the house as soon as she was able to and quit contact, the other is a 100% copy of her mother and occasionally restrains him so her mother can beat him. Said daughter quit doing anything in her life after highschool and is 100% dependent on her mother, who is 100% financially dependant on the poor bastard (he fucking paid for her house, in only her name), who will most definitely die early from all the stress.

Might seem harsh to say but death is the only way out for him (my mom tried encouraging him to leave once; he got his own apartment eventually, but moved back 1 week later when the whore promised she would better herself, which didn't last more than 2 days). It'll also mean that those two whores will end up forced to sell the house and live off of welfare, because both bitches refuse to work. I'd love to see the neurotic attack once the old slut realizes this, kek.

tl;dr - Many men aren't even betas, they're omegas.

Was she really sweet and adoring at first?

Breads like this remind me of how lucky I am with my wife. Been about six years and she hasn't turned into an asshole at all, we're still in love. That said the daily grind is hard to live with in a relationship, especially when you both work, get home and go "what's for supper."
I'm trying to bring romance back but I feel in a bit of a slump sometimes. That said, absolutely nothing compared to your shit. I still get laid a good amount and we genuinely care for each other.

I don't think she'll get better OP. Maybe a bit more mature, but its a longshot.

The longer you stay, the worse the divorce terms.

File for divorce and majority custody bc she's a lunatic.

Pay someone to seduce her away?

She only treats you that way? That tells you that you're allowing it. What do you think would happen if you stepped up and took control? Do you think maybe, deep down, that's what she really wants?

Why are almost all Asian girls like this? Disgusting reptile people.

He said as he stereotyped an entire race...

This is what happens when you marry people for their looks or based on a stereotype. Dont say you didnt cause it's obvious by the pictures of Asian models you are posting here. Sorry OP.

This is like poetry.

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He tells me every day
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She sits on her ass
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Well my friend
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