Does the Redpill actually mess up your view of women and relationships so much that you'd need therapy to recover?

Does the Redpill actually mess up your view of women and relationships so much that you'd need therapy to recover?

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Yes. It happened to me. I'm just glad I learned it was bullshit before it got even worse.

This is assuming you haven't talked to any girls(or made any new friends) in the last 5 years.

>Does the Redpill actually mess up your view of women and relationships so much that you'd need therapy to recover?
for me it made my experience with women easier. I can't get mad at them anymore. its actually a fun game now

Nice LARP.

no i'm serious. why would u get mad at somebody whos being themselves. it helps you avoid situation that can ruin your life

No, the redpill is just accepting the world for what it is. The truths are truly dark but here I am, 4 years into a loving relationship and engaged. I think being redpilled is the best way to be with women and have relationships. In my opinion, the difference between Chad and normies is that Chad is redpilled by instinct and that is how he does so well with women.

Not really. You're more likely to recognize women whom are going to screw you over, so it saves you in the long run. It's one of those things which it's easy to identify where it was a burden, but not where it was a boon, and thus it is seen as having a net negative effect.

You, also have to realize that when people have regrets about a decision, they seldom stop to consider the possibility that the un-selected action may have been far more regrettable.

Maybe not therapy but you need unbrainwashed

Hang around educated and emotionally mature women. It will completely debunk the red pill bullshit

What was the therapy like?

Except that's not how humans work

humans are complicated I agree. but there's certain things lots of ppl do male/female that are warning signs for you to leave them alone.
if somebody is being flaky with you when they used to be stable. it's time for you to let it go

How exactly does this "Redpill" affect your views on women and relationships? I keep hearing the term but only for Jow Forumsshit.

Where do I find those? Have only lived in ghetto neighborhoods and ghetto schools. Probably why I accepted the Redpill so easily.

I'm wondering too

Some redpill stuff helped me. In the best case you can take some things from it that will help you to deal with people easier. Like an older buddy telling you when to leave a woman alone because she doesn't want you, some ideas how to take the lead in certain situations with them where it's expected of you, how to deal with social pressure etc. In the worst case you just take the cynical and bitter worldview and justify being stuck instead of getting off your ass and doing stuff

The redpill makes you a white supremacist right?


You have to consider that a lot of guys already come with built in notions about women before they even get to the redpill. I think any incel stuff is awful for your self esteem and if taken personally enough will make you need therapy after yeah. As for the sexism and all that you don't need therapy to recover just a lot of reflection and critical thinking, and hearing other opinions and stuff. That's more of like how you change political views or opinions.

They like to be called ethno-nationalists now

Educated and "emotionally mature" women are used goods, feminists, etc.

You mean inteligent women with good values?

Housewives also understand that redpill is absolute bullshit

No I'm dealing with a lot a of repressed anger(which has given me bad insomnia/anxiety). But I know for a fact if I go see a psychiatrist their definitely gonna link some of the Redpill shit I read over the years to the state of my mind. Also when I tell them I haven't really had a friend who was a girl in the last 5 years.

Kinda messed me up and made me sad for a long time but also helped me have better results with girls and not be as shocked or upset by their thot behavior when it happens.

>Hang around educated and emotionally mature women.

You mean old women past their prime who are easier to sleep with because they have no bargaining chips?

I grew up in an uncucked culture and reading the redpill was literally common sense shit

Americans and Scandis are PC soft pussy worshipers now though, so it’s a bit shocking to them

the redpill absolutely helps you get women. What is wrong with it? it's common sense and only feminists and male-feminist think anything is wrong with it. But they don't get women, so why listen to them?

of course don't listen to incels but the redpill isn't the same as incel bullshit

ITT: Women, tradcucks, and “male feminists” trying to uphold the masquerade

The red pill is an exaggerated depiction of relationships that helps socially retarded people avoid being taken advantage of. Take it in moderation. Once you start having mature relationships, self-preservation becomes common sense and the pill's hyperboles become obsolete.

>Hang around educated and emotionally mature women

A diploma isn’t a magic wand that transforms a woman into a man. Even high IQ women have the same nature, they’re just better at rationalizing it to themselves.

>What is wrong with it?
Nothing. Just like how there’s nothing wrong with women teaching each other to dress up nice and use makeup to better attract the object of their carnal desire.

No, it’s a matter of risks. Women hate it when men teach each other about women because their entire reproductive strategy hinges on deception. So by telling another guy XYZ their entire cover is blown. On top of this, the entire network of subtle and seemingly bizarre socio-sexual behaviors they exhibit are fine tuned by millions of years of evolution to quickly weed out men not worth their time or fertility. Giving men a backdoor into this system is the genetic equivalent of fraud to them.

Now that I look back on my highschool years there were attractive girls who were interested in me. I doubt I'd have done anything due to my social anxiety but the red pill definitely fucked up my view of them too. I think I'm afraid to get intimate and develop relationships.

>Looking back on HS years realizing qts liked me but was awkward beta faggot at the time
Same... Feels bad man...

It makes women seem like heartless whores that will leave somebody as soon as they act like a beta.

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You mean brainwashing? What has been learned cannot be unlearned unless you deliberately ignore the facts. Even then you're at best lying to yourself.

>I can't get mad at them anymore
Tell me your secrets. I've found that I can't not get mad at them anymore.

>Housewives also understand that redpill is absolute bullshit
Great! When are they going to hand in their voting rights. They aren't? I wonder why...

there are people that actually believe that?
I thought it was just memes?

Yes, there are people who believe there are physical and mental differences between men and women. Is that controversial in current year?

There are physical ones
mental ones are more iffy (Jow Forums filled with guys being prissy that girls are being prissy)

>mental ones are more iffy
Because hormones don't affect the brain and there aren't structural differences between mail and female brains. Gotcha.

don't listen to him the mental differences are totally significant
like the difference between the female politician and you just posting shit on the internet, obviously the result of different brain chemistry

>As for the sexism and all that you don't need therapy to recover just a lot of reflection and critical thinking
Wrong, you need to think LESS. If you study actual facts and figures about women and relationships it will just leave you jaded and bitter, aka red pilled. In order to have a positive outlook on women and relationships you need to continually lie to yourself and have faith.

>I've found that I can't not get mad at them anymore

Theres two solutions for this:
Either dehumanise them until you see them as walking jokes (Redpill) Side effects are of course that you will also enjoy being around them a lot less
Start seeing them as human beings who are just as retarded as yourself, with some odd quirks that ultimately don't matter or can be brushed off with an "eh, women" while keeping in mind that those same quirks also make them endearing. And that ofc some of them are just shit people, which says nothing about the rest. Just like normal humans you sorround yourself with.


It's a contributing factor but you wouldn't have taken it and continued with it if not for the already existing predisposition to it. You're gonna subscribe to a belief system that agrees with your worldview already, or that goes smoothly with it.

OP was probably referring to the subreddit.

Yeah I remember getting friend zoned twice by two girls I liked. I was a typical nice guy type. Made sense to my 15 year old brain.

>if I go see a psychiatrist

A psychiatrist won't, becaus his job is only to give you pills.
A psychologist on the other hand probably would, because said redpill shit is pretty much tailored for people who have emotional problems, because it aims at having sex while also avoiding all emotions both good and bad) towards the women involved.
Avoidant behaviour always points to deeper problems - I'd recommend visiting a few therpaists until you find one that fits, and then work through your problems to permanently resolve them.

Please, help, What is the Redpill? Or what do you mean?

>seem heartless


It just did to me, id never heard of it before and now im questioning shit and agreeing with a lot of it. fuck me this is great ammo against SJWs.

If you mean redpill as in women preferring masculinity and confidence in a man, then no because it's the fucking truth. I've been told this by women themselves. Go back to being the beta bitch nice guy if you want. Less competition for me.

The right Red Pill ideology simply lays out the facts to you. It keeps it real. The Blue Pill is a fantasy that you internalize because it's pleasant and easy to swallow, thus it's utter bullshit. The Red Pill will tell you that you can't trust most women, whereas the Blue Pill exalts them into something pure and whole which they damn well aren't. And neither are men. Red Pilling means you are awake and not living in a fucking dream world. The wrong Red Pill is extremist, corrupt MGTOW misogyny and bedwetting, desperate loneliness. If you take the Red Pill like it is, then do so in gradual installments, not eat the whole bottle. A Blue Pill man who's had the truth revealed to him in full will either immediately reject it as a joke, or mentally collapse.

See, if you are a realist, then the Red Pill is your thing. If not, then keep the blindfold on and believe mindlessly as you always have, dumber than a bag of shit. Or, don't ingest any ideology and just learn from life, which trumps any preconceived set of views.

Why is it not enough to take away the romatisized bluepill bullshit and see women as people you can fuck?

I just dont get it. Leave all the crap about not trusting women, just remove the pedestal and you're good. Its that desire to go all the way in the other direction that makes redpillers appear as broken weirdoes who can't get along in the normal way people who are neither red-nor bluepilled do.

Most men who have success with women are red pilled, you just don't hear from them as much because they have lives unlike the red pillers who post on forums.
>trusting women
Nice one

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Don’t explain yourself to these faggots. Anti-redpillers are always emotional people with a dog in the fight. Tradcucks (how DARE you insult our innocent princesses!), women, and redditors ( galpals will NOT like type of talk...hee hee).

>Why is it not enough to take away the romatisized bluepill bullshit and see women as people you can fuck?
Why not view dogs as people you can pet?

>Leave all the crap about not trusting women, just remove the pedestal and you're good
You can’t trust a woman

But you can trust a woman to act like a woman

Based and redpilled

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If the redpill is so great how come it's only KHV incels who claim it's true?

Stfu incel

It really isn't, it's just that I have social anxiety and can't really put it in to practice. There are definitely dudes with less anxiety that have successfully utilized the teachings.

>Most men who have success with women are red pilled

Nah. I know plenty of those, and the vast majority sees women as what they are, neither put them onn a pedestal nor throw them inthe dirt. Simple as that.

On the other hand, is right in my experience, all redpillers I've ever met where either incels or creeps who specialized in fucking insecure insta thots and bipolar women with daddy issues. Self-fulfilling prophecies and all that.

Because you literally just made that up out of frustration that some people have the balls to do what you dream about?

Redpill is basically seeing a stereotype and accepting is as fact about 100% of women.
It stops you from meeting women that don't fit the stereotype. Also the stereotype is often inaccurate.

Redpillers don’t talk about the redpill, stupid

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Lol. I’m 65% sure you’re a woman because you all this same talking point.

>Y-You’re just talking to “bad” women!
>Pay no attention to the cunt behind the curtain!!

Well you're bluepilled and you're an incel, so isn't that proof that all bluepills are incels?

Yes, you're a really secret club no one knows about and who holds totally awesome secrets no one knows about.
I mean its not like it comes oozing out of a redpiller once you're among guys and start talking about women.

Nah, hes right.
You subsonsciously push away normal women and attract the broken ones since they are the only ones who behave in accordance to your fuckedup views.

You're just the male equivalent to feminists jabbering on about how all men are rapists, nothing more.

Idk I didn't start getting laid a decent amount until I started practicing it

Bluepill is basically denying all the objective research on female intelligence and behavior and instead putting faith in mainstream PC culture. It's like if you were to show someone a bear attack that was in the news and they reply with "that's just a stereotype, I saw a bear at a zoo once and it was nice"

>Nah, hes right.
Fuckoff white knight

>You subsonsciously push away normal women and attract the broken ones
I can clearly recognize actual sluts and crazies, I never get with them. I fuck smart women of good breeding and kind temperament. Women all have the same genetic tendencies.

What exactly do you practice? Not the same guy you're replying to but I don't apply any "redpill" stuff (at least not consciously) to getting laid and I yet I do fine.

Notice all the threads on Jow Forums with women complaining about these awful guys who took their virginity then ghosted them or made them their side chick? They're the trash left behind by redpilled alphas.

>Notice all the threads on Jow Forums with women complaining about these awful guys who took their virginity then ghosted them or made them their side chick?
So like. Do you just make up blatant bullshit and assume everyone else is an even bigger newfag than you? Did you seriously expect anyone to believe you?

What? I see them pretty regularly, you must not come here often. I also see it happen in real life pretty often as well, but you wouldn't know anything about that because you don't have friends.

Here's one

So you are so incredibly Beta that you seriously believe a guy needs to be "Alpha" to lose interest in a woman after having sex instead of straight marrying her like your mommies told you about.

Textbook overcompensating Beta/Nice Guy it is.

No need to be so upset buddy. Ya it is pretty beta to marry women, it's basically admitting you can't get women to fuck you outside of a relationship, that's why I refer to people who pump and dump as alphas. Sorry if that offends you and your christian values.

wow, one thread, you sure showed me

Ya, and if I spent a couple more minutes searching I would find more threads but then you'd say "wow, x threads, you sure showed me" and frankly I have better shit to do with my time. Fuck off incel.

Haven’t gotten therapy yet. I will soon.

user, when you’re in a difficult place, it’s easy for them to get to you.

>How exactly does this "Redpill" affect your views on women and relationships?

One thing I have come firmly to believe is how the more partners someone has(this goes for both men and women) the flakier they are in a relationship. I think it's true that we just have a bonding limit since just like drugs we can become increasingly tolerant to whatever chemicals that make love in your brain.

>Sorry if that offends you and your christian values.

What the fuck are you blabbing on about?
You have sex with some woman, then decide that you dont like her enough to take things further.
Thats conpletely normal, that is how yoz find women that actually suit you.
And only the ultimate Beta would believe that this conpletely normal procesd would make you auperior to anyone.... welk, except betas who dont get the most basic stuff in dealing with women.

The red pill is like wearing a seat belt, 99% of time you probably won't need it, but the one time it saves your life makes it all worth it. Pointing to woman who don't fit the stereotypes as a way to disprove red pill is like looking at all the times you didn't need a seat belt to justify not wearing one. As a man you have nothing to lose by living by the red pill, that's why woman hate it.

>has to wear a seatbelt to keep his feewees from getting hurt, and because he doesnt have the backbone requiredto keep bad women away from him
>real man

You make a typing error almost every sentence and have this weird formatting where you put every new sentence on a new line. Do you have autism or something?
>"conpletely normal procesd would make you auperior"
Am I chatting with someone with cerebral palsy? Lmao.

Normies don't have to have sex with a girl to know if they want to take things further, sex is something normies do after they already like the girl and want to move things further. If you have sex with a girl then leave her soon after, you're basically signalling to the girl that you only wanted to get your nut off and don't give a fuck about her emotionally. This is what alpha males do, compared to betas who take things further and try to form emotional bonds with women. Sounds to me like you have autism and never even had a girlfriend so I wouldn't expect you to know how it works. Keep lurking these threads though and maybe you can figure it out.

lol that reverse psychology bullshit won't work, that's the oldest trick in the book.

>real men throw caution to the wind and don't look out for their own self interest, you wanna be a REAL MAN dont'cha!?

I don't see what the big deal is, woman use the same strategy, they set up a filter or barrier to weed out men based on assumptions of male nature.

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Lol so fitting this board color scheme is default blue. Bunch of fucking faggots

the redpill makes more sense if you look at nature because their is no social construct or conspiracies in nature. hypergamy is not bullish because is naturally acquiring in nature. in nature females are trading up and reproducing with the best possible males.

>How exactly does this "Redpill" affect your views on women and relationships?

women can't be trusted because during ovulation they are attracted to the most masculine men. also all of them are gold diggers because of human reproduction. pregnancy and kids require vast amount of resources. also female love is very conditional and many will leave you if you lose your job.

just look at nature if you want to understand the redpill better. for example why do males in nature have dominance? why do females in nature have a hypergamous instinct? simple dominance allows males to acquire resources and hypergamy allows females to select the males with the most resources so they can provide for their offspring. also people can't attack you for being a conspiracist because it naturally occurring in nature and in humans.

this. red pill is occams razor. simple and best explanation of female behavior.

They took this from us.

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Gib happy famly

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>Even high IQ women have the same nature

Some of them recognize the behaviour if they happen to be high iq and lacking in ego, but that's like what 5% of the population at best?

>weed out men not worth their time or fertility

oh yeah that's why they like 'bad boys' right? despite wasting their time