At what age should you kys if you're a virgin/never had a gf? I'm most likely past it anyway

At what age should you kys if you're a virgin/never had a gf? I'm most likely past it anyway.

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Fuck I haven't reached it yet after all. Kinda hoped someone would just push me over the edge here.

If you base your self-worth and desire to live on whether your dick has been inside a woman, then hire a prostitute.

If you want additional cuddling, hire an escort.

If you still don't want to do it, sorry, but 10/10 cosplayers won't magically notice your "inner qualities" with your current life style.

Fucking pathetic.

I want love but ok

You should go to the gym, lose some weight and tone up. If you are introverted and gross then theres a reason you arent getting laid.

Virgin/never had a gf is okay probably up until your mid 20s

But if you're a total KHV, never been on a date, no experience at all... Then desu, Jow Forums will try to sugarcoat it, but you're hopeless. I don't know anyone past the age of 20 who hasn't at least been on a date and kissed someone.

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>At what age should you kys
Any. The sooner the better (less torturous years spent living).

>if you're a virgin/never had a gf?
This is irrelevant to the question at hand.

Actually, scratch that.
If you *think* this is relevant, then you should kys ASAP and stop polluting humanity with this retarded way of thinking.

Thanks in advance.

best time to be a virgin when the laws for men are shitty or do you wan the government to point a gun at you for not paying your child support? trust me you don't want to fuck with the government they will take your drivers license,your passport, you gun license or anything of value to make you pay for that shit.

You shouldn't kill yourself because of this. But you should try doing some self-improvement.

>I don't know anyone past the age of 20 who hasn't at least been on a date and kissed someone.
You've described me. I've never been on a date or kissed a girl.
t. 26 khv

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I am like you but 21.
How many girls have you ask out this year?

>How many girls have you ask out this year?
I've never asked a girl out. I dont know if i'm somekind of mentally ill voyeurist but i prefer observing my crushes from distance till lust vanishes. There were a few girls who were interested in me but i was interested in them.

Literally how? I had no friends in high school and I still got a gf...

I never were interested in girls or dating that much so i'd do something about it.

We're gonna make it. But you have to try.

My first high school gf approached me and im ugly...

Im guessing you were one of the people who was too outcast even for the outcasts. I had no friends but was cool with the nerds and emo kids and eventually one of their girls approached me

Honestly just fucking go outside, its easier than ever to get a gf these days. Girls have no standards

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'outside" where? the only places I go are the grocery store, work, and fast food places.

(not him)

Have you ever heard of making friends? Socializing?

Actually no, I had 0 friends in high school and never went to college.

You probably fucked up high school and made yourself into a freak that no one wanted to approach. You should have gone to college man, thats a chance to reinvent your life

oh yes, definitely fucked up. I was always paranoid that if someone was being nice to me it was because they were going to be mean to me later.

I can still go to community college but I'm 24 and time's running out.

I would go if I were you. Its only going to get harder and harder to make friends as an adult who only works.

dude i didnt get laid til i was 28, still never had a serious relationship. i was in a dark place there for a while but its getting a little better, hang in there.

I've been planning for like 1.5 years user. I don't know why I keep fucking it up.

I applied in like september of 2017, was accepted. never did anything. This year I applied for fafsa, only for them to come back saying I'm not registered to that school, probably because it was a year later.

I have such low confidence and self esteem im sabotaging myself.

>I'm 24 and time's running out.
Stop making excuses faggot. I'm 23 and about to graduate from college. I have friends at school that have fewer credits than me and they are in their late 20s, one guy is in his 30s. It is never too late to get an education.

If you're actually unhappy with your progress with women you are going to have to make changes in your life, whether that be diet and exercise or becoming more socially adept. If you're just trying to lose your virginity and you aren't some honest to god ugly mutant freak, make a tinder and swipe right on everyone. Even if you are autistic as fuck and can't woo a girl at all you will find SOME girl that will let you fuck them. They are on a hookup app after all.

I know this is a thread about virginity, but I'm personally not extremely obsessed by it. I'm the kind of person that needs a path or a track I can see in the future. I don't see that right now.

But I've said this a hundred times on Jow Forums in the past like 4+ years and I still haven't done much about it.

>Honestly just fucking go outside, its easier than ever to get a gf these days. Girls have no standards
I'm not even interested in those things otherwise i would've tried

imagine basing your entire self worth on whether parasites want to leech of you.

>denying yourself basic psychological need

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I didn't have my first kiss etc. til I was 21 and then I had a pretty normal sex life in my 20s.

I do still have a big shitty mental complex about it though. I could probably fuck 100 10/10 girls and still think of myself as hopeless.

>hates self
>wants love
Choose one. Nobody has time to love themselves AND you