I often wonder am I good looking, I often wonder how I can improve my face. Do I look good enough?...

I often wonder am I good looking, I often wonder how I can improve my face. Do I look good enough?, I want to be handsome enough for asian girls, also what do I look like?, my friend said I looked like a Nazi.

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You look like the kind of guy who walks in on his Asian import wife of 20 years getting anally rammed by two black guys. And enjoys it.

Sorry about the image being sideways, I’m a total fucking retard who never takes selfies.

I would probably go full dfens if that happened.

The answer is always...5 wanks MINIMUM!

Why dudes who want asian gfs look always so beta?

you're just average like the rest of us.

Because they believe Asian women are supposedly easy to score and are pure waifus.

You are average

I could recommend you to lose weight and check your salt intake, your face is bloated.
Maitaining a "7-10 day" beard could work if your job allows it.

Okay, I will try that, I often don’t have time to excersise at the gym, I also have only a taste for fast food or asian food

You look Asian to me so that shouldn't be a problem in dating them. Just hit the gym, learn social skills and talk to girls.

It’s because they are elegant and beautiful

I’m not asian btw, I’m Irish, people always ask if I’m an asian

No need to hit the gym, just eat better and you will see results in a 3 month window.

This will sound pathetic, but how do I start eating healthy?

Hey man I like Asian women too and I'm not Asian but don't put them in a pedestal, you treat all women the same. There's no secret way to date them, flirt with them like any other girl, just don't say racist shit to them. Eat healthy and go to the gym, you don't need to become Chad maximus, just be healthier. Learn social skills also, that's the most important part.

Ok couple of tips:
>Understand calories in and calories out
>DROP soft drinks (this is a 200-300 cals less per day and reduces bloat A LOT)
>drink 2 LTs of water everyday
>eat low sugar/nosugar cereal (good for heart)
>reduce salt intake
>don't eat potatoes everyday
>The food Pyramid is a lie, the top should be proteins

I usually drink Mountain Dew while writing code, it’s habit I have, this is going be challenging to break. I thanks, I will try this

Social skills are hard, I often stay in my apartment after work, should I drink with my colleagues to develop some social skills.

>salt intake
>face is bloated


Yeah stop drinking soda in general, drink iced tea, tea, coffee and water instead. What social skills help you need? Yes, go out with your colleagues instead of staying home all day, it's good in the long run

How to make conversation, my problem is I run out of things to talk about fast

Are you a real Irish or an American Irish

Because gym facilities are everywhere except for the bog

If you are from Dublin just talk about what schools you went to

You retain water

I’m from cork, I live in the city, it’s like New York from taxi driver except worse, gyms are found in the centre and in some of the suburbs

I’m from west cork, I don’t get it

Lad flye fit cork just opened

Fecking supergym

Also like Asians are a rare species in Ireland especially in cork

I’m thinking of emigrating to Japan or Australia, should I get an asian girl there?, btw I’m not in uni, but I will attend in a year, but I will be busy studying.

Ask open ended questions, keep asking about themselves, people like talking about themselves.

I see, I should try this, but I don’t want to sound like a interviewer

less attractive looking tobey

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Asian girls like boyish thin white men with their hair grown out

Just don't ask a million questions. Throw some info about yourself such as your hobbies and your passion.

Not really true, I'm short, a little fat and Hispanic and I dated an Asian. They're like all women, some don't mind dating different races.

Okay I will try that

How did you meet her?

>Dat haircut
>Dem clothes

Get a better haircut and more fashionable clothes, and you may probably get some pussy (better yet, the kind of pussy you choose to get).

no, you're not good looking. you look like a pussy. no woman will want to fuck you

School. Don't fall for the memes that all of them are pure and want to be housewives, the one I dated wasnt anything like that.

What do you recommend?

I see, I want someone who loves me and is willing to settle down with me, if we marry and have kids, I would prefer her to stay at home, so she educate my children before they go to school.

Is it true that many men want an asian?, it often depresses me, I just want to be happy

OP actually posted a picture of himself attached to an admission of yellow fever.
You are FUCKED. If just ONE Asian woman happens upon this thread you are going to be effectively blacklisted. Every internet using Asian woman on the planet will know your face and add it to their databank of creepy weirdos to avoid.
It's over for you bucko.

Oh no, I’ll get my dad who is an Israeli South African to deal with it

If you're dating an Asian for that then you most likely won't get them because they will sense how desperate you want them and you're fetishizing them. Treat them like any other girl, they won't like that.

That's probably true. Though I can tell you many men wouldn't mind dating one. Why does that depress you?

Well I know not to be open about it, it’s embarrassing, I feel ashamed for this, but it’s my dream, maybe I should emigrate to japan for a year, I wish I could just be normal and happy, but to be happy I must pursue my dream

I'm Asian but gay. Is it ok for u?

Because I feel I will never get a chance, unless I emigrate

Do you think I look good?

I think you look good. ^.^

Thanks I guess

They will sense it. Don't move to a country just to date women dude, that's weak.

Why do you think you don't stand a chance?