The end

This is it boys on Christmas I leave this world what’s the best way to go?

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Drink yourself to death in a sants costume

How much would it take to drink ourself to death I’m roughly 6’2 and 200

Spend all your money in escorts. You wont regret.

That depends on the state of your liver. Do you drink often?

I’m from flint mi the escorts here look like Skyrim villains

I drink maybe once a month

I too decided to kill myself. But before doing it I'm going to do a bunch of stuff I'm scared/ashamed to do. If it goes like shit who cares? I'll die anyway, without regrets. It's been three years since my decision and I still haven't finished doing things. Maybe this is the secret?

I don’t really have much I wanna do and this is like the end point of my life I have cancer with no money which means no treatment and about to be homeless so I’m content with this

I think a combination of high percentage alcohol and cold should do it. Get started at a bar cou ter u til they close, buy a bottle from hin and wander through the city.

tell us moar user. What have you completed and what's left on the list?

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Dress up as santa, take muscle relaxants, wear a bullet proof vest under.
Obtain an ar15, paint it red and white like a candy cane.
Head to the mall and murder as many people as possible all while shouting MERRY CHRISTMAS, YOUVE ALL BEEN VERY BAD CHILDREN!

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That’s a good plan I hear people get shot outside my house almost every day that would be nice

If I had the money to be a punisher Santa I would

I lied on my resume a little bit but got the job, I left out my first organisation I worked for which I quit in 3weeks and I also lied about my salary (I added 12usd extra). I got the offer letter and I have to join on Monday. They told me to bring in my salary slips (which I don't get from my previous org.)and releiving letter ( also didn't receive)

Any advice? This job has very good salary for a third world nation

Take out a huge loan from a bank, buy gear and go out with a bang, fool.

Hilarious 2bh. Wouldn't want that to happen though.

I was thinking of cutting my wrist open maybe do a blood sacrifice just Incase it might be real cuz why not and try to put good fortune on my gf and my sister some shit like that

Go out in a blaze of glory

Climb to the top of a transmission tower and get shit faced drunk at the top.

Swear to god this image just needs to be stickied in its own thread. The number of threads it'd keep from being made would be totally worth it.

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Initiated a phd. Left because I actually hated my field. Started studying for something I actually feel drawn to (foreign service). Went to therapy. Got released from therapy. Ended a terrible relationship. Moved two times. Had some minor surgeries. Shaved my balding head and had my bald head fetishized. Sorted a bunch of documentation and bills (terrifying stuff). Got a low-paid translation job. Mended family relationships. Now I'm gonna get fit, get as close as possible to that dream job, and do whatever pops on my mind until I become a hero on a comfy european suicide clinic when I'm 65 or something.

My dad trained me for three years in how to fight and duel with a samurai sword I could buy one and go out with that

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Be me 16 get girl of my dream she comes over touched my dick and says I want to try it have sex two years later find out the bitch had herpes the price you pay for sex

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I just hope my sextapes is successful

Steal a plane, do a barrel roll and crash into the middle of the woods. Become an hero for all.

Do not kill yourself. Eternal suffering awaits. Forget the reasons behind a suicide and remember the good reasons for why you are still alive.

He got trips, you have to go full satan claus.

Please do not kill yourself, all of you. Whatever troubles you, it can be fixed or dealt with. Seek professional help. Please, I beg you.

I've checked. You need to come to know some argentinas girls. You wont regret it, after that you can do whateveer you want