Should I join the military if can afford college?

I never had a male role model in my life, generally anti social, and introverted. I want to experience more things in life and ultimately have a career in network engineering. I have my family saying it will be good for me to learn decipline and respect authority (which I already do, I've always been a goodie two shoes). I have my friends saying it will further fuck up my already redpilled/incel tier view of women. What will ultimately make me a better well rounded person and put me in the path of my wanted career?

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If you can afford college just do it, you might save money for killing brown kids but your time is most valuable.

Yeah my sister is a vet whose now a waitress at olive garden yet she owns this massive luxury house through the veteran home loan program. Vets get a lot of advantages after their service, it’s ridiculous. Meanwhile I’m a civilian with 50k in student debt

Don't waste your time joining if you can afford college. It's a gamble joining anyway, you will either come out ahead or massively behind the people your age who didn't join. It's easy if you are already athletic, but don't bother if you cant pass PT standards or follow instructions clearly. I enlisted because I had no hopes of affording college and needed to GTFO of my hometown and that was the easiest route. I fractured my hips less than a month in and was discharged. To be honest, it made me completely disillusioned in regards to authority and hope for this country. I never really liked women anyway, so I can't speak for that. All joining did was make me completely lose any desire to be around other people. I'm saving money to move to some studio apartment where I can just fuck off and be alone.

If you are go ROTC once you enter college, quickly become an officer so you can get money and don't have to be a bullet stopper.

Either way it's going to be 4 years to finish a degree or do service, and I can go do college classes while in the military. I feel my social life (which I lack experience with) will suffer and I'll just end up lonely and more depressed than I already am.
50k isn't even that bad depending on your career and lifestyle. VA loan is just a loan man, she's still gotta pay for that house eventually. Plus you hear a lot of bad shit about va hospitals.

I wouldn't be a bullet stopper. Im smart enough for an office job

Uh dude, maybe a life coach or just go to school?

I had a friend who impulsively decided to join the Coast Guard and it was the worst decision He made. If you aren't willing to deal with a bunch of jack offs and wack jobs I wouldn't even bother. Learn how to like the military or find something else. Don't treat it as a crutch to further your goals or career. It aint worth it..

I also had a ex-girlfriend who was in the Navy for years who faced a MASSIVE amount of PTSD due to being sex abused NUMEROUS times and subjected to cruel behavior by her crewmates.

Former Armyfag here. If you can suck up a 3 year contract in the military you can set yourself up with some fantastic benefits and job skills. It isn't a bad option at all, but you have to be smart and realize that the government is trying to wring as much out of you, and that you should return that treatment in kind. Pro-tips incoming.

>By far the most valuable thing you'll get out of an enlistment is the G.I. Bill. Uncle Sam will front the bill on a bachelor's degree, plus most of a master's if you want it. He'll even give you a monthly living expenses stipend while you're in school. I'm getting college paid for and 2.2k a month funny money, and my living expenses aren't more than about 700 a month. Don't want college? You can use the G.I. Bill for trade schools, flight training, EMS programs, etc. It's versatile.

>Consider a branch and a job that gives you a high quality of life while you're in. Coast Guard and Air Force are top, then Navy, then Army and Marines. By all means you can be a fucking groundpounder in the Army like I was and kick doors down, or you can actually be smart and be an air traffic controller, or do network systems administration, or some other job that actually gives you marketable skills when you get out. I'm sure cryptolinguists didn't pick up cigarette butts outside the barracks like I did.

>Meticulously catalogue all your medical records, doctor's visits, and if you feel like you're sick or broken DO NOT let pride keep you from going to sick call. Keep copies of all that shit and when you get out you might be able to swing some sort of medical disability % for some more gibsmedats. I didn't do that because I was too fucking stubborn hooah but I KNOW I could've gotten even a nominal percentage from the tinnitus I got from firing all those mortars.

>Recruiters are salesmen and will ply you with honeyed words and half-truths. Play hardball with them. You want a specific job, you get it in writing. Not "open contract" or any of that bullshit, where they say "yeah you can go to basic and then after get the job you want" because then they'll make you a fucking cook. Get the job you want in writing, and if they don't have it, say you'll wait until a slot opens up for that job. You'll be amazed how quickly a slot magically opens up.

>If you want an easy 3 years, prioritize smart guy jobs in cushy branches. You'll basically qualify for anything if you score above a 75 on the ASVAB, and if you are like 1 standard deviation above average you'll have your pick of anything. Some smart guy jobs have pipelines that are rigorous scholastically. Cryptolinguists, Navy nukes, etc. If you don't think you can buckle down and work hard, don't go for one of those jobs because if you wash out they'll put you wherever and it might be a suck job you hate for 3 years. If you got the stones and you wanna be a Navy nuke, good for you, those guys make great money when they get out. Otherwise a middling technical job with computers or something will allow you to coast pretty nicely and pick up some experience and certs for when you return to the civilian world.

>If you can go to school without going into debt, your incentives to join the military decrease a lot. Enlisted military is basically a way for working class chumps to move up a rung or two on the class ladder, if you do it right.

>Don't fucking mess around with all those predatory thots in the military towns outside base. They can smell your benefits a mile away and these whores try to get pregnant and bag a hapless soldier/marine/airman/sailor and once you're forced to marry this chick you're fucking STUCK. Happened to a couple guys I knew.

Spent a few years in the Air Force. It was worth it.

Join up user! you will be a more focused person in every endeavor. You will have a life experience like no other. You will benefit from it for the rest of your life. There are a slew of benefits depending on a lot of things. You will be a part of a brotherhood in all your future interactions. You can choose to use that power or combine with existing connections. These fucks have a history of data and experience to fix whatever is broken about you. You can have more sex. You will retain full ability to think for yourself and gain the wisdom to tell your brain when to shut the hell up. If that spark is in you, light it up.

>As far as social life is concerned, your mileage may vary. Airmen I knew who were massive weebs found other massive weebs and had a gay old time. If you're the kinda guy that posts on Jow Forums and Jow Forums and you have a folder of sad Pepes, the smart guy jobs in the Air Force are probably gonna have the highest likelihood of other spergs you can actually get along with. You do a job that is, generally speaking, for dummy normies, and you might have a hard time. Either way, it'll be very hard for you to try to be a complete shut in once you're in, so if you're the kinda guy that craves solitude know that you'll get it sometimes, and then sometimes you'll be forced to socialize instead of staying in your room shitposting.

>I was an 11C in the Army, so I fucked around with mortars in Georgia for 3 years. Infantry is a mostly normals and dumb motherfuckers, and then some REALLY BRIGHT guys that are paradoxically the most retarded of all for going infantry. Most of the young guys, my peers, liked binge drinking and chewing tobacco and trucks and normieshit. It was difficult to connect with them. I was well-liked for being good at my job and dependable, and for a lot of my jokes, but I rarely went out with them to get smashed and smash bar thots because that wasn't really my scene. I was one of those retarded bright guys that went infantry, and they would rag on me all the time about it. I connected more with the older guys, your 10-year E-4s and junior NCOs. My staff sergeant and I talked about white genocide and race wars all the time. Good guy.

>I was an 11C
Do you still have cartilage in your knees?

Amazingly I didn't develop any problems with my knees, joints, etc. Like I said, some minor tinnitus and also a few sciatic flare-ups, but on the whole I made out a lot better than most. I remember a 21-year-old specialist, getting out as I was going in (and I was going in at 21, so I was a little older than the average boot) and his fucking joints creaked and groaned like a fucking grandpa's. It was sickening to hear. Another guy got med boarded because his knees got all blown out from the ruck marches, and after 2 surgeries they were STILL fucked. So he got that sweet disability money, but at great personal cost.

Alright lads thanks for the kick in the ass I needed. Im definitely planing for air force and am smart enough for a computer job. Here's to a better version of myself, cheers!

>go to college, get educated, learn something new

>become a jarhead, get blown up by a roadside bomb planted by some 3rd world savage

gee this is a really tough fuckin decision you goddamn idiot

join the military

Hey OP, it's the Armyfag from earlier. Don't rush headlong into anything. Definitely do your research before making the commitment. A contract for a couple years is a big deal. Having said that, I know about a half dozen Air Force guys and they all have had a good time with their enlistments. It can be an exciting period that offers a lot of change, opportunity, and growth. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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Thanks brother. Definitely want to change, better myself, and grow as a person. I'm pretty excited and nervous to see where the ride will take me. Again, thanks.

>>Jow Forums ask them

Yes, join the military. Look at what you want to do and join the branch which best fits your goals. Most of these people have no clue about the military. Most people in the military will never be in combat. Most get highly skilled jobs and an education to go with it.

There are good reasons to join the armed forces. MUH MASCULINITY is not one of them.

If the military relates to one of your career goals and you’re mentally fit and able bodied for service, go for it. If you think it’s the best way for you personally to serve your country as opposed to a civilian national service program, go for it. Maybe combine it with college and go through ROTC or your country’s version of that if not American

But “bawww I never had a father figure and I wanna be a REAL MAN” is a dumb motivation

A ship is like a floating prison. Don’t get on one for six months at a time expecting you won’t have a culture of shower sodomy.

Not OP, by I'm trying to do the AF route.
Problem is I'm already 2 years into uni.
Can I do both?