Should I go to a new years party where I won't know anyone but my 3 who I'm going with who will ditch me for the first...

Should I go to a new years party where I won't know anyone but my 3 who I'm going with who will ditch me for the first 3 Stacys they like. I don't go to parties because I hate the type of people that go there but I have been felling pretty depressed lately. I'm a classic KHV 4channer.

We're all 18.

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you've said you hate hate your friends, women and parties, so I don't see any reason why you would want to go.

Because there may be someone who was invited and dragged there by their friends just like me who doesn't like parties.
And it may fix my social life and anxiety.



I say yes. You might have fun and meet someone likeminded. Or not, but at least you will probably learn something about yourself or others.

Staying home and rotting is the worst possible option.

lol just go nigga

I have been there. Not going is easier and you will have more fun watching Netflix by yourself.
But be careful to not do like me and spend the next decade of your life not talking to any girls just because you don't like to be uncomfortable.

you should go with realistic expectations. don't expect it to be something it won't be, but try to make it the best you can, and be comfortable even with the worst.

Yeah, I will probably go. Staying hope seems easier but worse in the long run

I'm trying to avoid that.

Misaki is a mega cute

The best would be finding someone who got dragged in just like me and who isn't in the whole gang rap shit culture like everyone my age is.

The worst would be getting ditched and then welcoming new years alone sitting there while everyone's having fun.

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Also bumping again.

If I could tell my 18 year old self, in the same position as you, what they should do, I would tell them to go to the damn party. Or if that party doesn't look so good to go to any damn party. Anything is better than staying at home. You're young now, but blink and you'll be late 20s wishing you hadn't wasted your youth doing NEET shit all day on your computer, stuff that you can do any time of your life when you're frail and wrinkled. But right now you're not. It might be scary going out and talking to people you don't know, but even if it turns out to be a shit party at least you *did something".

I agree with you, but I fear that I will be lonely there. I don't smoke / drink / drugs and I don't listen to rap shit music that will be played there.
It's a gamble and if I lose I will start my 2019 the shittiest way possible

Yeah just make sure you get drunk like an alcoholic would and you'll be OK.

If that doesn't sound appealing then idk what to say man. Maybe wait til you can get friends to hold a wine and cheese party and have sophisticated conversations with.

You may just be too good for your current crowd

It's a gamble but if you lose, you still win because you did something outside your comfort zone, and you grew. If you never do anything uncomfortable you never grow.

If you're worried about people getting on well with you, get a haircut and wear some non-autistic clothes.

I don't drink, I just don't like the taste of beet, wines, vodka and stuff like that.

>You may just be too good for your current crowd
Honestly I thought about this A LOT, it sounds pretentious but I do think that in a few years time I would have a better chance at getting a girlfriend because they, right now, are just immature and chase only Chads.

the tables definitely turn later mate

So, in your opinion, getting out of your comfort zone always results in a positive thing in the long run? Even when you do nothing?

I don't think hair is the problem, I have medium length wavy hair, I've been told it looks like Joker from Persona 5 and I'm proud of that fact.

About clothes, I thought about putting on a shirt from a band I like ( I have a Green Day and a Sabaton one ) in hopes that people who like the said band would find me interesting and talk to me. Music, where I'm from is just mainstream rap hip hop pure garbage so it's rare when you see someone with a rock / metal shirt. Is the shirt a good idea?

Also the only guy with a nice house that I know (27) is the guy that saved his V-Card for Marriage and married a Christian chick that ended up being successful and became his sugar momma kinda

Virginity means something wear it with honor not shame

I hope so.

That's the dream right there.

lurk /fa/ and go from there

/fa/ is a circlejerk

Virginity is not a badge of honor or something. It is irrelevant. In real life no one wants to date someone who does not want sex before marriage, only religious nuts do that.

You shouldn't be proud but not ashamed either.

I agree with a lot of what's been said here.
Sure, you and the crew at the party might be very different.
But.. you will meet a lot of people in life that are. In school, at work and in everyday life.

Learn how to enjoy it and try to understand where others are coming from. You'll find that deep down all of us are quite similar.

>I don't want it so no one wants it

Just the potential this party has for my social life is amazing.
That's the main reason I'm probably gonna go.

Not him. But I would suggest wearing something cleaner like a shirt with a breast pocket or maybe a polo. Just make sure it fits well. Trust me, Gorgoroth is one of my favorite bands, but wearing better clothes will ultimately make you seem approachable to more people.

I've a few shirts with breast pockets so maybe that'll do.
I've heard of Gorgoth but I think it doesn't compare to bands like Nirvana, Green Day and Sabaton. I'm not talking about the quality of music I'm talking about the brand.
What does Nirvana have? The smiley. Green Day? Album cover. Sabaton, cool war themed shirts.
Gorgoroth on the other hand has the crosses, the weird font and all around too hard metal looking stuff.

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>So, in your opinion, getting out of your comfort zone always results in a positive thing in the long run? Even when you do nothing?

Kind of. My opinion is that getting out of your comfort zone is an inherently good thing to do for a person's development, regardless of whether the outcome for that specific action is positive or negative. Staying completely within what you're already comfortable with closes so many doors in life, doors to things that can really make life better. Asking a girl on a date is scary, but it could be the first step to a long and happy relationship, and in fact a good relationship is impossible without that first step. Same with job applications. Same with travel. Same with meeting people and joining sports clubs. Same with spending the last few days of a dying relative's life visiting them in the hospital. All scary stuff, all worth doing. Hip hop might even be a good example, because yeah there's a lot of mumble rap and gangster shit, but have you given the genre a chance? You could try A Tribe Called Quest, maybe you won't like it which is fine, or maybe you will.

But going out of your comfort zone can also lead to disappointment at times. If I go and nothing happen, surely it is some kind of process in the long run, but to me at the moment it was a waste of time and could make me even worse depending on the situation.

It's not that I don't like hip hop, I don't like my countries modern hip hop, it's 15x worse than mumble shit.

Key to a good life is thinking long term instead of short term imo. Short term thinking is for kids and fools.

>But going out of your comfort zone can also lead to disappointment at times.

Yes, absolutely. That's ok. Being disappointed with something is fine, wasting your life is far worse.

You're right. A Nirvana smiley shirt will fare better than a UNDER THE SIGN OF HELL Gorgoroth album shirt. But you'll fare even better with simple colored clothes that blend well together. Ultimately, whatever you choose, it just has to fit well should not distract the person from the face, which is why I'm kinda against graphic band tees, unless they're low-key, in which case someone is bound to talk to you about it while at the same time giving you a clean look. Win-win.

>Short term thinking is for kids and fools
Short term thinking helps long term in some cases.

Well I'm in the process of wasting it so might as well try.

I mean, I didn't plan on it being that high key and that much prominent.
My thought process is that if I go to a place less people know about that stuff and someone who does know sees me they might start up a conversation or compliment you on your taste.
But you're probably right.

I'm in a similar position as OP but I want more replies, bump.

What exactly do you need to know?
There's not much more that needs be to added to this discussion

How do I approach people there? I'm going with 1 friend but he knows some people there so I will probably be left alone.
How do I approach guys/girls there without being creepy and annoying

"Hi my name is user."

"Hi I am Stacey."

"So who do you know here?"


Too upfront, we're on Jow Forums, we're introverts