My girlfriend of three years recently came home from a business trip...

My girlfriend of three years recently came home from a business trip, confessing that she found a new guy from work who she had sex with "almost every night" of the trip. She said that she see's more in him that she does in me, even though i feel as if i always tried my best in the relationship. I'd ask her things like "Is there anything you dont love about me?", because i wanted to make myself better for her. Last night her and I met and I opened up to her about things that I have never talked about before, such as my chronic depression (towards the end of the relationship she was dealing with depression as well, but i was occupied with EMT schools and she was working a new job with long hours, i didnt want to lay that burden on her). Ever since she told me about the new guy, she claims that she still loves me. What the fuck do i do?

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Why haven't you dumped her
Don't tell me you actually put your dick inside it now that other men have spooged it up?

OP here, another thing relevant to the situation is that i've been suicidal and depressed ever since i was in middle school, the only time in my life i had true happiness is the 3 years i was with her, now i have nothing. even when i was with her my depression did not go away, it was only slightly more bearable (I was still on 100% absent of suicidal thoughts). I told this to her. It seems possible to win her back, but i dont know if that is such a good idea because the trust has been shattered. on the other hand, i feel like if i dont my life will end anyways.

I'm ignoring comments like this, and i wouldnt have sex with her if she begged me to. i would need more time

Your relationship is over man. The trust is gone. Telling her your feelings won't win her back. Women don't love way men do.

After last night, it didnt seem like it was impossible to win her back. she said herself that she didnt know if she should stay with him or come back to me, the only thing that she said deterred her from being with me is that the relationship likely wouldnt ever be the same. i agreed with this, but it didnt seem to be a dealbreaker for either of us.

Are you me? I went through my EMT, got a job, worked so I could afford things, and got my life together. My girlfriend of three years shacked up with a guy towards the end of it. I bought a condo and everything. Wanna know what I did? I got some experience in a level two trauma center for about three years. Worked my ass off. Got burnt out. Sold everything and moved to Colorado. Started skiing two months ago. Now I teach skiing and I've never been happier. Forget her. Move on. I still think of my ex, but then I remind myself how if I had left her sooner I'd been even happier. Go enjoy your life.

dont even be an option for her man. she betrayed you. i got a friend doing the same shit and hes paying for her to live and has been for years. its so frustrating to watch him not listen to reason and go deeper down that hole. get out man

I appreciate the advice, but i wasnt happy in life before i had this relationship. im sure if i never met her i would have ended myself long before today. Now that shes gone it seems like the only options are ending myself or winning her back

Dump her. She stopped respecting you the moment she spread her legs. Do it cold turkey, cut all ties with her, she’s on her own with her new man.

As for options, you made it this far with “major depression” might as well keep on, keeping on and just attempt to find something sparkly in this World that you can appreciate.

Just dump the bitch. If she's cheating on you, she doesn't really love you and you'll either end up hurt or cucked. Just throw her things out while she's away and change your locks.

Based on your replies to most of what other anons are suggesting, you’ve already made up your mind. Making an educated guess on what I’ve seen so far, you want to keep holding on to the little bit of what you have left of this relationship. Your best option would be to break things off completely from her and go your separate paths. But in the end, it’s entirely your choice what decision you make.

Thats the decision i made the day she told me, i thought i could do it. it wasnt long until i was making plans to kill myself.

Do you think that you would be happier becoming her "sister" instead of whatever you are right now?
Because maybe all that you want is to hold her hands while other guys are having their way.

Man I'm very sorry this happened to you but don't kill yourself or chase such a harmful relationship.

do yourself a favour, dont be a cuck and dump her

I don't care about this thread but I really like your map of Indonesia.

OP no offense but judging from your attitude you were doomed to fail from the start.

Hey man I don't know you or how your relationship has been, and I'm not trying to be mean, but it seems you only want to stay with her because she brought you happiness and a comfortable life, you don't really love her like you state. This is why get scared and depressed in a breakup, not only because you love the person, but you're scared of being alone and you're ego is hurt. I hope you're getting therapy and meds, you should never rely on a person for your own happiness, you're relationship will fail if you do that.

She will only hurt you in the long run. You're only deluding yourself my staying.

You're in denial right now, that shit would have hurt and I would have been fucking livid.

don't know how to feel right now......I knew you were hurting before you met me. But I never knew how much. I knew you were troubled but I didnt know that it was as bad as you said it is on this platform.
I never meant to hurt were so perfect.....I know you tried to "loosen the rains" on me before the 'thing' happened. But it felt like you were thinking so much about when I would do it, that you never believed I could be faithful from the very start of the relationship. I know that the way we got together doesn't help plead my case..
and yes. I do love you. But it just feels so much different than the way I felt it before...
Idk if you'll even read this comment.....
text me if you do end up reading this...

Tell her to fuck off and die. Never contact her again. It's going to hurt a lot but women are incapable of self-respect and desperately try to seek it in the men they see.

>What the fuck do i do?
End it, user. It was over as soon as she slept with somebody else.
If this was something she was confused about and gradually was led astray, did something about it one time and immediately realised:
>"Fuck, this isn't me, this isn't what I want, I can't believe I did something like this"
then MAYBE there'd be something to talk about and some way to move forward.
Dude, she admitted to doing this multiple times, basically every day she was away and is in love with this other person, it's fucking done.
It's absolutely fucking done.

As an aside:
>I'd ask her things like "Is there anything you dont love about me?", because i wanted to make myself better for her.
Nobody wants this. Nobody wants a partner like this, it's a total lack of confidence, it says "Tell me what to do and I'll do it."
I don't know any more about your situation, but it sounds like this attitude of yours is exactly the kind of reason why she was able to cheat multiple times and then come tell you all about it.

Just get out, dude. It's done. Work on your depression, learn to actually love yourself to not always assume there's some way you could improve in somebody else's eyes and find somebody who shares your values.
It's entirely possible she still loves you, and you might always love her but you can't ever be in love with each other again. It's not easy, user, but that's how it is.

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Okay, so I guess OP made up this whole fucking thing and is trying to craft some sort of narrative for everybody to follow.
Fuck off, OP, you irredeemable faggot, I wish I hadn't wasted any time replying to your make believe.

Dear rude anonymous person.
I am his ex. He and I talk. He showed me this forum. And I posted. Don't you dare talk to him like that. Ur so shallow. You don't know the whole fucking story. So don't act like you do.

Oh shut the fuck up, OP.
This is the least convincing womanposting I've ever seen.
Are you literally typing like this because the only adult woman you know is your mom?

Not even failed-doctor EMTs type like this.
On the miniscule chance any of this is true, you're both ridiculously pathetic people. The woman in this story is an irredeemable, soulless whore (which actually lines up with your style of typing I guess) and the guy is the kind of spineless retard who'd let this happen to him and then consider trying to win back the woman who betrayed him, what, because she made his self pity bearable for a couple of years?

Fuck off, OP, your pretend gf too.

I KNOW IM A WHORE! My dad practically tells me everyday. i am not OP. All I wanted to do was talk to him. You think its fake I can send you screenshots. I know what the fuck im talking about. Ur such a fucking douche for thinking OP is 'spineless'. I wish I could just not have posted..that way you wouldn't have looked like such a fucking prick rn.

>All I wanted to do was talk to him.
So you and OP are different people and friends, he sent you to this thread, yet you have no way of contacting him? How come?

Post screenshots if you'd like, I'm interested to see how much work you've put into fleshing out this fictional universe.

I'm sorry I look like a prick to you, I'll stop acting like one entirely if you can tell us more about it, prove it's not fake.
Tell us your side of the story if you've got time?

>i am not OP
>types the same way as OP with lowercase i, the same run-on sentences and lack of formatting.
Literally what is in this for you, OP? Are you literally 14? Is this like a really unimaginative creative writing outlet?

I see why OP's girl or any girl fucked the other guy. I also know how hard it is to get away from a guy like OP, afraid he'll kill himself and blame it all on me and then his parents will come asking what I did. Me, I'd move and ghost OP and never look back.

>The roastie cries out as she strikes you.

I love hearing immature women come up with every excuse in the book to not grow the fuck up, especially when it involves hypothetical malevolence on the male's part.
You'd move and ghost him because it's easier for a young woman to do. Show up in a small town tomorrow with your nicest skirts and you'll be able to lead 20 of them on for weeks until you figure out who the wildest fuck is.

Sure but why do you even start a relationship with a guy like that if you fell no love towards him? You are a piece of shit if you see no problem with expoiting his feelings. Filthy leech.

>i wanted to make myself better FOR her
This is like Jow Forums 101. Guys, don't do this.

If you love that guy then do him a big favour and never contact him again. You've shattered his heart and soul, and everything you do is just another punch in his face. He'll off himself or find another girl that will put the pieces back together and stay loyal. Anyway, you have no place by his side anymore

Dump her. Unless you'd be ok with an open relationship, which judging from this post, you wont.

Good luck

This thread took a hilarious turn

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Plot twist OP has a split personality. He is his own girlfriend and it was him in his alter ego that slept with that guy.

Leave her.
This isn't gonna work out.
She did something unforgivable.
If it was a one time thing maybe it could be excused after a redemption arc, but she was with that guy on multiple nights.
Forget it she's gone.

Also you told her you were suicidal at the worst time.
It almost seems like you're trying to manipulate her into staying.
The only reason she hasn't left you is probably the fact that she feels trapped since you told her about your suicidal tendencies.

Move on user, there's billions of others out there

Fake: OP has a girlfriend
Gay: OP slept with a guy

OP is also the other guy though.

It's over, move on.

Bump, is this bait or not?

Your hatred of women has blinded you to what a needy, undertowing piece of shit OP is.

>He'll [...] find another girl that will put the pieces back together and stay loyal.
He absolutely will not, and nobody should be expected to put him back together.
Women do not exist to fix broken men, just like investors do not exist to save companies failing due to mismanagement and no will to succeed.

You got cheated on and the relationship is now 100% over and you need to never speak to her again.

Why is this complicated for some people?

Get out. She doesn't love you. If she loved you, she wouldn't have cheated. She's just worried you'll kill yourself because you're depressed and she can't have that on her conscience.

It's Jow Forums, it's all bait.

Just let her go. It's over.


Have you been getting any treatment for your depression?
It sucks that this is happening to you, but you're probably holding onto her too hard as a life preserver if you really think she's the only piece of happiness in your life. That's not what a relationship should be, you should still both have your independence. Obviously a 3 year relationship falling apart like this will rip anyone's guts out, but don't let it be what breaks you. You probably shouldn't be in a relationship right now if you're going to put such life-or-death pressure onto it's success, that's not healthy for either of you as individuals or for the relationship itself.

keep taking notes boys this is your future. women are gold digging sluts that will repay your sacrifice with cheating.

Please remember that that person is not the only person in the world that will make you feel good. It’s hard not to depend on those people who make you feel that way but you will be able to feel that way again with someone else (if you don’t believe it’s possible, you won’t know unless you try). If you don’t have any long term commitments together, accept the fall. You both can do better for your selves.

You see her as a gift to your life, and appreciate what she may have done for you, but you don’t owe each other anything other than your commitment. It should be clear how much (or little) importance it meant to her.

This, you're better than this. She knows you're desperate and she wants to have her cake and eat it too. If she thought you'd leave she wouldn't have told you.

Human affection is fickle AF. Don’t take it so personally. People around the world get tired of each other and want something different every goddamn second. Humans have been changing their minds about each other for millions of years. You are not special, you are not flawed. If she wants someone else, then give it up and move on. Work on yourself or work on finding someone new. That’s literally all you can do.

this thread is either larp or turbo american retardation
either way, kys


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Different user, but she cheated on you for the majority of the trip just because there was distance. It wasn't a single event, it was the entire trip. Seems like a bit much to just forgive so easily

You're actually retarded. She's just going to cheat again. Don't make another thread when it happens fag.

I know it sucks, user. I've been in that situation before. And I tried to bargain too. In hindsight, I wish I hadn't.

Trust me, you have to let her go. Tell her she's a horrible person and just leave. If you were friends with her family, tell them thanks for everything and that you still would've wanted to keep in touch but the pain she caused you was just too immense.

I do believe people can change, but you can't change them, they have to actually believe in it for themselves. If she's serious about getting back with you, she'll crawl through hell to do it. If she doesn't, then she wasn't worth it.

For advice, just grieve. You'll heal in time but you can't rush anything right now. You'll probably still love her and think about her all the time. This is unavoidable. Rediscover yourself, do things you couldn't do while she was around, surround yourself with friends, just have some fun.

>this thread is still up
well shit son with all the money you put into her I'd get myself in therapy and move on to other things
which will be better, that much I can guarantee, only pain and suffering will follow you every time you see/talk to her again from here on out